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Why yes, we DID see this little item on Fox News.

We're in the process of gathering reliable information on the subject, and hope to have something official to announce soon. Thanks and stick around!


UPDATE 9/18/08: Official info now up here


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Take a deep breath

I didn't vote for him and I am not a left leaning democrat -however I say give the man a few years.
He has a nutso House of Reps to work with. The economy was far worse off than any of us imagined and everybody was expecting him to be a savior that would walk on water. At least he is optimistic and not some old fart right wing born-again. dDd I mention the nutso House of Reps?

And the road goes on forever....

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The BiPolar President

Can't blame him, really; he suffers terribly...

White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase "The unconscious democracy of America is a very fine thing. It is a true and deep and instinctive assumption of the equality of citizens, which even voting and elections have not destroyed."— GK Chesterton
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bama va buba

no job, no hope for job, no health care, no end to war, pot still illegal, massive spending, what's the difference again?
I concure with above posts, thanks for the change, you gave me change for a dollar when I gave you a 20, then you vanished in the air...

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Hey President Obama...

Your approval rating just dropped below 50%. What the hell is going on? Would you like to pay for healthcare and heal the economy? Just tell the people: Well,look, we're either going to raise taxes, or we are going to legalize marijauana and hemp all over the land and give people the healthcare they deserve. CAMP just took out a cartel growing operation in the Klamath National Forest of 205,000 plants, that's TWO HUNDRED AND FIVE THOUSAND! and that's just one operation.That is getting a little ridiculous. You would also be gaining the votes and support of tens of millions of people who are beginning to think we've been taken in again by a bunch of pathetic pea-brained losers. Have a nice day sir.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Obama to cut Medicaid

Obama has proposed to cut Medicaid by 1/3. I guess all his rhetoric about reforming health care is just bs. If this is the bone he has to throw to get publicly mandated health insurance, it ain't worth it. Today he is meeting with the AMA who I'm sure want to get paid less and help more.

This is the road to a government program for MANDATORY heath insurance. Don't buy health insurance? Go to jail. They'll make a lot of money with new jail housing of prisoners with that one.

Is this what the Dead campaigned for?
Massive inflation
Health insurance or jail
intensified war in Afghamistan

Maybe McCain/Palin would have been worse, but it's down to only maybe now.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Obama signs historic Credit Card Reform law

Any time the industry has to be dragged kicking and screaming to accept this sort of legislation it means that the little guy, the good guy and the honest guy just got a break.

Thanks Obama

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Just saw at Yahoo..

...they have up an article titled "Grateful Dead credit Obama with getting them back on the road".

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Thank you GOGD f'sharing...

Thanks from the heart. What answer, indeed, would ever tell the tale? None. The trauma of having to take another human being's life because.......? Would you ever? No, but I don't judge those who did.

Flash back to 2003 in the small northern Appalachian town where I used to live. A car pulls up on Main St.. Contains Mom, Pop, Sis and Bro. Bro looks like he just turned 18 and has on his dress uniform. Mom looks tense but has come to terms, pop looks like he's about to fall apart because he couldn't win the argument. Sis is to young to understand. All have on their best clothes and are going in to the photog's shop to get the group portrait. The look of innocence about this family was so poignant. Pop noticed my inquiring gaze and circled the wagons.

I could have cried an ocean of tears for each of them....

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he's our best hope right now

Why can't people give Obama a little time before they start rippin him a new one? Hell, I even gave Prez. Bush the benefit of the doubt for a while till I found out there were no WMD's.

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift

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I'll have to admit that I was no fan of Obama before the election, but the one thing I did agree with him on was that we needed to get the %#@& out of Iraq. I despise war, and was so horrified with George Bush for getting us into that mess. Now it seems that Obama is going to "slip" on his promise to start removing troops from the area, reneging on that promise. It also is apparent that he is going to take the scant number of troops we had in Afganinstan, and ramp that number up. It will in my opinion be nothing more than another Vietnam.

So as you can tell, I have little respect left for the man. He is turning out to be a plain old politician who says one thing, and does another.

The best I'll give him is an F+.

And yeah, where did that "S" come from?

Greg SC


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Dead Heads for Obama - Part 2?