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I need a miracle! lol

Have a wonderful day! ;)

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i know my last post was a lil long....but i can pretty much promise wont get preached at, at this concert. they didnt at the other one in SF...they're all about everyone making up their own mind...they even said support who you feel would be best for our country. they just want us to vote.

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Obama is NOT the Rex Foundation


I hear you and, though I've never been to a Rex Benefit show, I fully realize it's importance to the band. Everyone should give back, and the causes you list that Rex was invovled in as examples are straightforward, pretty narrowly defined, and generally are not going to be as prone to major debate as who the leader of our country should be. You gotta admit ballet or Armenians aren't going to get very heated debate. I know I have definitely supported the band and their causes, usually without even knowing it. I've bought many tickets, for me and for friends, and sometimes just to miracle others. I've also bought more than a cd or two along the way, lord knows I have spent some coin - and gotten my money's worth too!

I guess when it comes down to it, I always felt the dead were above politics. Causes, those seem more ok for some odd reason. But, politics? That's the science of power over others right? I dunno, it just seems to bring the worst out in people. Read the message board in the State College paper to get a feel of it right here:

People calling each other war mongers and baby killers. I'd hate to see that inside or outside a show and me being who I am, it would be awfully hard to resist 'testing' the DeadheadsforObama just to see how they react to me voicing support for McCain, not that I do, but just for giggles, to get a rise and see if I'd be welcome if I wasn't 'on message' or to see if they would be as civil as they seem think. My guess is that sort of thing wouldn't go over too well, but hey, I could be wrong.

I do hope I'd be welcome after all, but I just don't feel like I would. I guess THAT'S what bothers me, b/c I always did feel welcome. I think if they did a Greenpeace benefit and I was there voicing that I didn't believe in Greenpeace, people would just let it slide. Not so sure here.

Speaking of bad vibes at a show, I was at deer creek the last summer. Fans were charging the venue through cops with batons tear gas and dogs. You could see the end coming. The harmony was broken. It's a fragile thing.

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I think way to many of your are being a lil over dramatic about them supporting obama. obama has been trying to bring about to weather he will or not who knows...but this country needs a drastic change and the dead have always been about making the world a better place...maybe they believe obama will deliver on his promise...either way i went to the deadheads for obama show in wasnt about obama so much as it was just go out and vote....phil got up and said some nice things about obama and why they were supporting them but they were in no way saying that us deadheads should support obama..instead they did the exact opposite...they just want us to go out and vote to make a difference regardless of who it is we vote for. I think thats very honorable...

as for the up coming show....can someone post the number of the penn state office so that when things do go through ill have the needed info to buy the tickets....also im going to try and buy as many as i can. if i get tickets ill be getting the most they allow a person. i would be willing to give someone a ticket or two for a place to crash from there as i live in oregon....

i dont understand posted the info to "stay tuned" and then took it off...seems kinda funky to me.

also i think that the fact that phils son is volunteering for the obama campain has a lil part to play in this. keep it about the music not the politics...our boys are getting together to play some magic for us. who cares if its for obama....i think they are seeing this world go to shit and obama seems to be the best person to help change the nation which is direly needed. politics aside....THE DEAD ARE GONNA PLAY TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!! happy and stop squabbling about the politics. i can pretty much gaurentee that its not gonna be all preachy about obama...the SF show wasn;t and that show was beyond favorite post jerry show by a million shots....wish they would put out a soundboard copy....suprised there isnt a bootleg soundboard floating around considering it was streaming live over the internet and all.....oh well.....if anyone gets info email me at i plan on taking some friends if i can and then giving away the rest of the tickets

I went to pretty much every single ratdog show on the west coast and all he ever said was register to vote. never said go support obama...

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I would like to add a short ;o} list

of benefit concerts that the Grateful Dead played over the years:

12-10-65 MIME Troupe Benefit concert
1-14-66 Appeal 3-benefit for S.F Mime Troupe concert
5-28-66 LEMAR Benefit "Aid the end of Marijuana Prohibition concert
11-13-66 A Zenefit Zen Mountain Center Benefit concert
1-29-67 Mantra-Rock Dance- Krishna Consiousness-S.F. Krishna Temple Benefit concert
2-12-67 "Abe Lincoln's Birthday" Council for Civic Unity benefit concert
4-9-67 "Week of the Angry Arts-West Mobilization" Sping to end the war in Vietnam concert
5-30-67 HALO-Haight Asbury Legal Orgainsization Fund concert
10-1-67 "Potpouri" Benefit for the Economic Opportunity Program concert
10-22-67 Marijuana Defense Fundconcert
3-20-68 KMPX-FM Strike Benefit concert
6-19-68 Black Man's Free Store Benefit concert
9-1-68 Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic Benefit concert
11-17-68 Native American Fund Benefit concert
3-15-69 San Fran Symphony Benefit concert
4-11-69 Student Peace Association concert
5-28-69 Peoples Park Bail Ball Benefit concert
11-15-69 Moratorium Day benefit concert
2-1-70 Bust Fund Benefit concert
2-20-70 War is Over Peace at Last concert
3-13-70 Buffalo Philharmonic Benefit concert
5-6-70 free concert nationwide campus strikes to protest Kent State and Jackson State killings
6-21-70 American Indian Benefit concert
11-23-70 $2 benefit for the NYC Hells Angels concert
12-23-70 Benefit for the Montessori School and Bear concert
3-5-71 Black Panther Benefit concert
3-24-71 Sufi Benefit concert
3-5-72 American Indian Benefit concert
3-25-72 Hell's Angels Pary/benefit concert
8-27-72 Springfield Creamery Benefit concert
10-9-72 Road Crew benefit concert
3-23-75 Students Need Athletics, Culture & Kicks Benefit concert
6-17-75 Bob Fried Memorial Boogie concert
1-13-78 Pacific Alliance Benefit "Stop Nuclear Power" concert
9-14/15/16 $ from concerts donated to a childrens hospital in Egypt
11-17-78 Hunger Week Benefit concert
2-17-79 Rock for Life Benefit to end environmental cancer concert
12-26-80 SEVA Benefit concert
4-25-81 Sing Out for Sight Benefit concert
5-6-81 **"He's Gone" dedicated to Bobby Sands (a political statement!)
5-22-81 Nuclear Diarmament Benefit concert
12-12-81 Dance for Diarmament concert
2-16/17-82 Benefit concert
5-28-82 Vietnam Vets Benefit concert
3-29/30/31-83 Benefit concert
3-28/29/31 & 4-1-84 Rex Benefit concert
6-21-84 SEVA Benefit concert
3-9/10-85 Rex Benefit concert
3-12/13/14-85 Rex Benefit concert
4-18/19/21/22-86 Rex Benefit concert
9-19-87 broadcast for Farm Aid III
11-6/7/8-87 Rex Foundation benefit concert
7-16/17-88 Rex Foundation benefit concert
9-24-88 Benefit for the Rainforests: Cultural Survival, Greenpeace & Rainforest Action Network
12-4-88 Benefit for the Bridge School concert
3-22-89 Artist Rights Today benefit concert
4-6/7/-89 Rex Foundation benefit concert
5-27-89 Concert Against AIDS
8-17/18/19-89 Rex Foundation benefit concert
12-6-89 Earthquake relief Fund concert
6-8/9/10-90 Rex Foundation benefit concert
5-3/4/5-91 Rex Foundation benefit concert
11-03-91 Benefit for Laugher, Love, and Music memorial for Bill Graham
5-19/20/21-92 Rex Foundation benefit concert
5-25/26/27-93 Rex Foundation benefit concert
9-18-93 Rex Foundation benefit concert
9-25-93 Rex Foundation benefit concert
6-9/10-94 Rex Foundation benefit concert
9-24-94 Benefit for Music programs in Berkeley schools

And you can say that many of these benefits had nothing to do with politics, but some sure did.
And that the Dead took chances in supporting some stances/causes that were NOT popular.

That said I want to repeat my quote from Steven Peters' book THE STORIES BEHIND EVERY GRATEFUL DEAD SONG 1965-1995 "What a Long Strange Trip". (pg. 8) About historian, mythologist, and writer Joseph Campell at his first Grateful Dead show.

"World renowned scholar Joseph Campbell stood transfixed, a bemused look stealing across his aged face as he soaked in the improbable scene that was evolving-nay exploding around him...Yet for all of Campbell's past dalliances with demons and deiites, heretics and heros, nothing could have prepared him for this- a true gathering of clans, engaged in a primal ritual that combined the traditions of the ancients with new tools of communication to bring unexplored vistas of consciousness to the fore with a crackling swell of electric amplification. It was as if some long lost civilazation hd suddently re-emerged, its populace adapting to the modern age while cautiously keeping the sacredness of its purpose intact. In an instant, Campbell learned what the richly varied throng of nomads, sinners, and saints had apparently known for some time now- there is nothing like a Grateful dead concert.
"It turns on something in here," he later enthused, pointing to his heart. "What it turns on is the life energy, This is Dionysus talking through these kids. I have seen similar manifestations, but nothing as innocent as what I saw with this bunch.. this is a wonderful, fervent loss of self in the larger self of a homogneous community. That is what it's all about."

We may have different opinions on this current planned benefit, and it is OK for everyone to have their own opinions about it, but everyone doesn't get to make their opinions into facts.

'Comes a time when the blind man takes you hand, and says don't you see,...."

Or maybe I'm wrong.

Take care, Tim

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Rex Foundation

I would just add to the above, seeing as I actually work for those folks sometimes, that the Rex Foundation is nonpartisan and isn't endorsing anybody!

I'd also add that my views are all over the map, and in many years of attending Rex shows, I can probably count on half a hand the things they funded with which I would take serious issue. Which is a darn good track record.

They were also an early funder of the Innocence Project and Greenpeace. They helped build a church roof and buy musical instruments for schoolkids. All kinds of cool stuff.

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IS it true, The Dead and ABB for Obama in State College, PA?

Is it true, The Dead and ABB for Obama in State College, PA Oct. 13, 2008? I heard this on the news as a fund raiser for the Obama Campaine but can't find anything anywhere on this World Wide Web about it and nothing on when tix go on sale! Does anyone have a clue? If anyone has info on this please email me about it at:

Peace and Happiness Always,
Doogie's Tye-Dyez

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UGH!! will they please

UGH!! will they please re-post the message ?!!!!

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Extention of The Rex Foundation

As old as the Rex Foundation is demonstrates the band's preference to support certain agendas.
If you, william_tell have patronized the shows that you say including the Jerry years, then you have contributed to Native Americans, poets, free clinics, Armenians, ballet dancers, Tibetans, poets, Greenpeace, musicians, and the ACLU.
The grantees of Rex over the years can be found at
As a group or movement, it is possible to quietly agree on certain ideals and principles while supporting diversity and open-mindedness.
The nod has always been there even when Jerry was alive. As a collective; maybe we have never felt strongly enough about a politician as to speak openly about it.

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Two views...

That's where we disagree. I think a musician has the same right to express themselves as they see fit. If there is a political cause or candidate out there that they readily agree with, there is nothing wrong with them using their art or craft to help speak their mind. Being at CSNY on their Freedom of Speech tour was amazing. Watching Roger Waters bash Bush over and over again when he come through performing Dark Side was a highlight of my life. To me, when they are in that position of limelight and have their leverage, if they believe the same was whatever candidate and cause, what is wrong with them coming out and speaking about it?

You're right. It might divide the fan base, but only on political bounds. I'm not going to hate any because they're not voting for Obama. And I hope everyone else feels the same way.

And, you're right about another thing... It's a shame it took a politician to get the boys back playing together. I could see maybe if Phil went out, or Bobby did with with Ratdog, but the actual Dead? Even though I like it, it makes me even prouder to bear the Stealey, it does seem to go against Dead history.

But then again.. Change is usually for the better.

- delaney

"Don't be afraid to try something new.
Remember, a lone ameuter built the Arc.
A group of professionals built the Titanic."


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