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Joined: Sep 2 2008

No problem with people having opinions. I just don't think SHOWS should have agendas. That's all. It's a slippery slope. I love the guys, but think they're making a mistake that's all. And I have been a dead to the bone supporter. After all the shows and and time I've spent listening to their music, I feel oddly close enough to say "F*** you. I think what you're doing is stupid, though well intentioned, and it will come to bite you in the ass. But I still love you guys and am sorry I won't feel welcome at the gig. Maybe another time, I hope I will." You can say those sorts of things to people you care about, you know like family, without being meanspirited. Just honest. I just think shows had higher purpose and were all-inclusive and that politics is the mundane of the mundane and one of the two best dividing lines. BTW, they don't have to listen or give a shit what I say either. But, here's a forum and that's what forums are for.

As you said, I am bummed, though doubly, b/c I live in State College and would have been soooo excited if it was an old school type, everyone is welcome, thing.

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Hmmmm.....I know politics

Hmmmm.....I know politics can be a very touchy subject for a lot of people....BUT, are we - as DEADHEADS - going to fault our favorite musicians for having opinions and a sense of purpose? I mean, if they chose to become Britney Spears's backing band just for money, I might question their sense of kinship with their loyal fans. But to say that just because they feel like they want to back someone in politics and help get that person elected, you feel "duped" or say things like, "Jerry would never go for this," is wrong. It may be your opinion, but these guys are our musical heroes. If they were doing this same thing for McCain, I'd be bummed, but I wouldn't throw up a huge stink - I just wouldn't go. The rest of the tour (if there is one) will probably not be called "Tour For Barack Obama," so keep your fingers crossed, rather than your heart and hope to see an upcoming show.

I find it disheartening to hear people put these guys down for anything. They've done FAR too much for me, in my life, for me to ever put them down. I may disagree with some choices, but I'd never stoop to name-calling or anger. It's a complete waste of energy.

~ Pappy

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right."

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From Mickey's Site

Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart to play benefit for
Barak Obama on October 13th
Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart announced today that they will join together again on October 13th to perform a benefit concert for the Presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama, with the city, venue, special guests and other details to be determined pending further discussions with the Obama campaign.

Last February, Weir, Lesh and Hart performed together for the first time since 2004 at the hugely successful “Deadheads for Obama” show at The Warfield in San Francisco. Now founding Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann joins his musical brethren in service of this historic cause.

Stay tuned to for further details, ticket information, etc.

--Looks like we just need to wait for it all to be finalized. Keep your eyes peeled everyone! Regardless of your views, you can't deny this is going to be an amazing experience!

Joined: Feb 14 2008
Thanks will_tell

That is my sentiment as well and your eloquence in your prose was excellent....The shows and envrionments were always "..come as you are, you are welcome here." Now it's "come as you are, but only if you think like we do and if you don't then you are incompatible with being a deadhead."

Deadheads fighting, I never thought this day would come.

While some people are clamoring for tickets, I am clamoring to make sense of it all...I feel duped.

Some much for "Strangers stopping strangers, just to shake their hand."

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Joined: May 15 2008

i think there is no need to worry bro from all the info im gettin its just a matter of paper work now i mean i could b wrong but im confident bout bout this just keep an eye out for the ticket sales

Joined: Aug 30 2008
benifit for obama

wtf is going on ,first it was philly or pitt then penn state, now no news is this show every going to happen. I'm twisting in the wind over here,someone please tell me whats going on!

Joined: Sep 2 2008

First off, what happened to the first thread? I took time to write a post and now it's gone? What's the point of these forums if they're being edited and WHY are they being edited? Were there too many people pointing out that, to them, a Dead Show, didn't involve the boys using the stage to push anyone's agenda? Was it the person quoting Hunter's line "Don't lend your hand to raise no flag, atop no ship of fools"? Was it the comment wondering why the band didn't get together for US, you know, the DEADHEADS, but is getting together for OBAMA? I mean, that's a damn good question! Were people wondering if Jerry would have gone along with this scheme to introduce politics (I mean, aside from religion, what has a better potential for dividing the oneness?)?

My brothers always told me that to preserve harmony when we meet we should avoid talking politics and religion. They're right and I get it. How come Bobby, Phil, Mickey and Billy don't. C'mon guys, you have 20 years on me!

Second, I've lived in State College just about all my life and have always hoped to see the Dead here. I saw the Other Ones at the Bryce Jordan Center (awful venue acoustically, BTW) and I've seen Ratdog here as recently as November. Just saw them and Allman's at Hershey too. EXCELLENT show BTW. They were doing some type of get out the vote stuff around the parking lot, but the show wasn't billed as a fundraiser, etc. for anyone. I am SO sad to see them come here on the grounds of shilling for a politician. I'm not going to get into candidates and credentials, etc. That's the division part, and others invariably will. FWIW, I think both parties fall short of their promises, and in general, ream the population of the country and I'll leave it at that.

Next up, I think the band should decide what religion is best for everyone and do some fundraising for that. I don't care who they pick - Jesus, Budda, Mohammed, or Tom Cruise but now that they've gotten self-important and decided they should be making better use of their stage, they should get on with it and do it right. Deadheads for the Budda! They could also showcase soft drinks and other everyday items they believe are better than others, etc. You get the drift.

I couldn't care less whether the boys donate every red cent they made last year to Obama, McCain, or even extremist wackos (Actually, I think I'd prefer the wackos. It'd be more fitting to play prankster than establishment seeker). But to make the SHOW about it?

I have been to 50+ shows in my day (GD, Dog, Dead, etc.). I can't believe that I'm really struggling to decide whether or not to go to a show in my hometown. Is that really happening? "Just goes to show, you never can tell...."

Maybe this is the bands way of telling us to "move on" from their shows. There's nothing special about this scene anymore. If so, it's a damn good way of doing it and a damn sad way to end what started out as an experiment aimed at higher pursuits than politics. POLITICS! Sheesh! Jerry's rollin'.....

All that said, I'm grateful for all the good times I did get to experience. I'm sorry the students who go to this show will not have the same experience. It'll be a political 'thing' for them. Twenty years ago, Democrats, Repulican, Communists, and Anarchists could get together have a beer and boogie. Now, it can't help but be 'less' inclusive. And guess what, thoe students were going to vote Obama anyway, so all that's happened here is they've got a very fragile thing to start cracking.

Guys, when it comes to who to vote for, who to pray to, or what deodorant to buy, "Leave me alone, to find my own way home"!

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Joined: Dec 22 2007
Palin in the Band?

Oh, that's right, what's her name, Sarah. Thought for a sec you meant Michael.

In which case they they could also do Throwing Very Small Rocks...

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Grate Setlist badger...

Encore - "You Gotta Sever Somebody" - Dewey Cox (hehehehe)

"The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer." - Ken Kesey

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
setlist will include

Al-Obama Getaway (thanx Pid)
Cold MacCain and Snow (thanx TL)
Palin in the the Band and...
We Biden You Goodnight


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