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Got one we should know about? Tell us about it here!


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TipJar Mag

Just wanted to share my blog/site for anyone interested in reading about artists and subjects related to the Grateful Dead (and roots-related music in general). Feel free to contact me through the site!

here's a recent interview with Steve Kimock that might be of interest:

the site home page is


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Dear weirfreakin

Thank for the bobsessed list. It helps me a lot !

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TRUCKIN WITH THE DEAD - Radnomy Internet Radio

Unique mix spinning around the Music of the Grateful Dead in all its shades and incarnations along with other Jam Bands, Rock"n"Roll, Folk Rock, Electric Blues and other Music that fits into our universe. Mostly live Deadhead friendly this is NOT a "classic rock" station. No same old stuff or hairband noise anywhere.

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Furman Sound

Great Story Janet, successful company and time with my favorite band.

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Furman's a good story

Thanks Janet for sharing all that stuff about the beginnings of sound reinforcement and how you were involved in inventing and tweaking the various electronic gizmo's that musicians use to craft the art of music. I learned a ton about the history of sound and the Bay Area from your unique point of view and enjoyed all the details about the family way-back-when.

Best wishes for all good things!

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Thanks Janet Furman!!

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Furman Sound and its Grateful Dead roots

Read the story of how I founded pro audio company Furman Sound with a helping hand from the Grateful Dead. It all began in 1970 when I was hired by Alembic as a guitar amp tech. I was the person who modified Jerry's Twin Reverbs, and all kinds of other guitar and bass amps belonging to the Dead and other San Francisco musicians of that era. Later on, I went on the road with the Dead to do live recording, along with Betty Cantor-Jackson and Wizard (Dennis Leonard). You can find my name on the Europe 72 recordings, the Sunshine Daydream movie, and other stuff from that time. After that... well, you can read the rest at

Don't worry, it's not a book-length memoir. It's only got the good stuff. You can read the whole thing in 15 minutes.

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How to lose hours, weeks, months, or even years on the net.

After exploring the net since seriously discovering the Dead almost 4 years ago, here is a list of at least some of my favorite sites in the ether. Note that a couple entries may simply link to a relevant article on an otherwise nonexclusive Dead site or a page on an exclusive Dead site the link for which can be trimmed back to the root for access to the main page and more resources therein. Certainly many will be well known to most, but you may yet find a few undiscovered gems. Enjoy!/K

(sorry for the internal spacing, but in yet another flaw, these boards don't seem to recognize a hard "return" - thus, lists otherwise become a compressed mess)

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nedbase - live!

just an fyi... nedbase has gone live!

Annotated Nedbase 1970 - 1975

Below are listed the performances, rehearsals, and recording sessions where Ned Lagin is known to have performed with the Grateful Dead, or with Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, and others. These occurred in the years between 1970 to 1975. This list is thought to be accurate but remains incomplete.

I-) ihor

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A remarkably intuitive and helpful site; I just searched out one of my favourite unrealeased shows (RFK 6/10/73)and jumped immediately to a Miller/Tobin SBD on AO, thanks!/kate


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