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php111 (not verified)
Where could I find the database for everything made?

Hey everyone,

I noticed that I'm not allowed to post threads. I'm not sure why. I'm hoping that I'll get a reply in this thread.

Where could I find the database that has every possible thing made by the Dead, and of course that it is always updated? The site I use is, but does anyone recommend using that site, or would you guys recommend using another database?

Thank you if someone could reply!

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Grateful Dead Links page

All updated and categorized for easy navigation. If you see a lite I missed please add it via the comment box

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mind left body jams
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Grateful Dead Blog

Hey everybody,

I started a blog a few months ago about the venues that the Grateful Dead had played over the years. I talk about venue, its relation to Grateful Dead touring history, and its current state of being (still there, demolished, converted, etc.). I visit the sites and take photos of the venues in their current state at that time. My first post is about Spectrum in Philadelphia, shot a few pics a few days before they began demolition. My latest post is about the Pauley Pavilion in LA. It would really add to the blog if folks would post their experiences/memories about these venues. Go to:

Hope to see you there! Thanks!!! : }

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Hey Now...Just a reminder

Hey Now...Just a reminder that is hosting another My First Grateful Dead Show this Wednesday evening from 9:00-11:30pm/ET. This will be our first in the series to showcase one of our "international" Deadheads so it's gonna be a really special show.

Please do join us in the Deadvids chat room ( to participate in the interview. We're bound to cover just a little more ground! Peace...

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Chronicles of Akasha

Heads might be interested in an online graphic novel called Chronicles of Akasha, which begins with Kesey and Cassady and the Merry Pranksters' bus ride across America in 1964. It's got a lot of other stuff as well, like time travel and alternate realities. The main heroes are a veteran of the MK-ULTRA experiments in Menlo Park and a Native American medicine man.

Check it out. Totally free with registration at our social-networking site dedicated to shifting consciousness...

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Big 'I' Group

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The best Rock songs of all times by Julian Jerman

Hi friends,

Julian Jerman ( one of most impartial experts in contemporary music ) has published ( on its website ) the best Rock songs of all times in a list named "Classic-ALL-Ynspired" accessible from the link "Jay Radio player" in the main page. He selected there 10 songs for our Dead!

His objectivity is exemplary considering that he admitted some sympathy for the Doors, Pink Floyd and Supertramp ( the songs included for these 3 bands are quantitatively lower than those of the Grateful Dead )

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New series from!

Hey kind folks!

I wanted to let you all know about a new series you might want to check out. Each month, hosts a series/show called My First Grateful Dead Show. I host the show and each month a member guest hosts with me and we listen to their very first Grateful Dead show that they attended, and I interview them with 20 questions. During the interview, others that are present can ask additional questions of the guest host. We've been doing this show since late July 2010, and it's been catching on as people get to understand what it's about. We've found it really interesting and inspiring to hear each person's unique journey into this community and how it has impacted their lives. The interview takes place in the chat room and anyone can sit in, member or not. You don't need to be a member to log in as a guest for that evenings show.

Since the series began in July, it's always been an American/US-based deadhead that is my guest host, but next month we will have our first "international" guest host - a deadhead from overseas. I can't tell you who, or what show (we try to keep those under wraps until show time), but I would like to invite all of you, US-based and those living outside the US, to please join us! FYI, our guest host will have to be up into the wee hours of their morning to do this show, so perhaps you guys overseas can make a party of it and get together and listen/participate in the discussion that evening, make an all-nighter of it...

If you cannot make it, we post an archive on of all the past shows so folks can see whose show it was and the link to for that show.

You are all most welcome! Please stop by the Deadvids chat room to fully participate in the interview discussion. For more information, please check out info on the next show here:

And info on past show archives here:

Hope to see you all on November 17th! Tell your friends... ;)

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Deadhook has been around since the end of February, 2002 and is perhaps the friendliest site I've been to on the Web. I joined in May of '02 and I've had a lot of fun trading music, swapping stories, meeting up with folks at concerts, and learning about my fellow posters over the past 7 years. Please, wander by when you have a few minutes. It's a very nice community of folks and I think you'll enjoy it!

You can access "The Dead Zone", which is Deadhook's most active forum by going to the URL listed here:

There are plenty of other forums to visit at Deadhook, like "Trees & Vines" and "Shakedown Street", where you can look for recordings of shows you need or gear you'd like to own. Or, hit the "Show Reviews" archive and read about concerts that you may not have know much about. The link for the reviews forum is here:

There are plenty of other forums at Deadhook, so I'm sure you'll find something there that'll interest you. See you at Deadhook!

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in europe

itsw not strictly dead but we have a pan-european site.

in german there are 2 sites:

also from france, but in english, check out blog "the modern deadhead"


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