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Joined: Aug 20 2010
Grateful Dead News channel on Mattters

Just want to point out that we have a Grateful Dead News channel on Mattters.

The full address is:

This is our site. I've only been to a measly 9 shows or so [but I got plenty of olde bootleg LPs! Now you know how old I am :-)], but my wife/partner has been to several hundred - so hopefully we won't do anything too awfully stupid [I mean, more stupid than is normal fare for us, which, however, gives us really quite an amazing amount of lee way these days :-)].

If you feel motivated, stop by some time!

Joined: Apr 11 2009
getting Saint Misbehavin': The Wavy Gravy Movie into theater

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to get wavys gravys movie off the ground and on the track to theaters around the country and eventually onto DVD.
wavy gravy has the hog farm and has been helping inner city youth get their lives on track,
totally a saint and his inspiring story should be shared with every american.
make dreams come true.
MAKE A PLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!.. click on this link to the kickstarter site linked with amazon
here is his facebook link:
and the movie website:

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Northwest / Oregon Dead

I haven't updated this site in quite awhile. However, there are a number of archive items that some folks might be interested in - scans of Oregon Dead pictures & collectibles, newspaper clippings from way back when, etc.

Some nostalgia in the sense that it's a holdover from the days of tape trading when we had to find trading partners through the ads in Golden Road and Relix.

Joined: Jan 16 2010
New Dead Blog

I'd like to mention a blog I've been working on, called the Grateful Dead Guide, which is a series of (mostly long) articles about the early pre-'75 Dead.... There's different kinds of articles, analyzing songs or performances. For instance, in the last three articles:

The Dead's 1966 Songs - a discussion of all the songs played in 1966.
Early Thematic Jams - or, "Where Did I Hear That Before?" - a listing of the themed jams the Dead played in the early years (this one's been quite popular)
December 1972 - a review of the shows played in Dec '72.

Older articles include a breakdown of the 1975 Studio Rehearsals, listings of First Times Played and guest appearances, very long essays on the beginnings of Dark Star and the early acoustic sets, show reviews, song histories, and various topics, all packed with links so you can listen while you read.
I can't post very frequently, but I think you'll find this is one of the most informative sites around. Take a look!

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Spacewalker's Blog

Hey friends! Come follow our own Spacewalker, on his writing journey of sharing his words with us.

By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
Mark Twain

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Grateful Dead Tattoos

Trying to show off some tattoos and tattoo artists

send me your tattoo pictures and I will post them

view, rate, share, comment, and find ideas for Grateful Dead Tattoos at

Share your Grateful Dead Tattoo or just poke around

Joined: Jul 30 2009
Light a Pixel for Jerry Garcia

Wherever you are, visit and light a pixel for Jerry.

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Joined: Jul 4 2009
Jerry Garcia's Cripe Guitars Website

Click Banner to Visit Cripe Guitars
cripe eagle guitar
Pictures and stories about Steve Cripe guitars built for Jerry Garcia, played by Steve Kimock and more. Website design by Bob Minkin. Hope you enjoy. Happy 4th of July! Steve

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Estación Terrapin

My Dead blog in spahish

the music never stopped..

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Jerry Memorial WEB SIte

Hiya Everyone.

I have been creating a statue with Stanley Mouse to add to the Jerry Memorial SIte in Fairfax California. The statue will be real cool. Cast in bronze with a life size guitar with Chrome Plated wings that light up like rainbows or fire.

Go to to see a animated simulation, rednering, artist conception of the statue. I just added the interactive Jerry Garden where you can mouseover flowers to see photos of flowers that are actually growing at the Current Jerry Memorial. Flowers like Scarlet Begonias, China Cat Sunflowers, Sugar Magnolias, Purple Sage, American Beauties.

We are having an event / gathering / jam at the Current Jery Memorial site on Sat June 13th, 2009 during The Fairfax Festival



Jim Fox


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