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Spacewalker's Blog

Hey friends! Come follow our own Spacewalker, on his writing journey of sharing his words with us.

By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
Mark Twain

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Grateful Dead Tattoos

Trying to show off some tattoos and tattoo artists

send me your tattoo pictures and I will post them

view, rate, share, comment, and find ideas for Grateful Dead Tattoos at

Share your Grateful Dead Tattoo or just poke around

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Light a Pixel for Jerry Garcia

Wherever you are, visit and light a pixel for Jerry.

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Jerry Garcia's Cripe Guitars Website

Click Banner to Visit Cripe Guitars
cripe eagle guitar
Pictures and stories about Steve Cripe guitars built for Jerry Garcia, played by Steve Kimock and more. Website design by Bob Minkin. Hope you enjoy. Happy 4th of July! Steve

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Estación Terrapin

My Dead blog in spahish

the music never stopped..

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Jerry Memorial WEB SIte

Hiya Everyone.

I have been creating a statue with Stanley Mouse to add to the Jerry Memorial SIte in Fairfax California. The statue will be real cool. Cast in bronze with a life size guitar with Chrome Plated wings that light up like rainbows or fire.

Go to to see a animated simulation, rednering, artist conception of the statue. I just added the interactive Jerry Garden where you can mouseover flowers to see photos of flowers that are actually growing at the Current Jerry Memorial. Flowers like Scarlet Begonias, China Cat Sunflowers, Sugar Magnolias, Purple Sage, American Beauties.

We are having an event / gathering / jam at the Current Jery Memorial site on Sat June 13th, 2009 during The Fairfax Festival



Jim Fox

Joined: May 2 2009
hello all

glad to be part of this wonderful community.
please check out to have a conversation with jerry.
feel free to add your knowledge or create another band member virsona.
create a personal virsona so friends and family can chat with you.
i have tried to put in a good amount of info for the jerry garcia virsona so far but can use some help,this is a great way for people to interact and learn more about jerry and the dead.
have fun..keep on smiling .

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Just thought I'd add us here.

We're a group of photographers, writers and music heads who cover the live scene.

You've seen our stuff on, The Philzone, and lots of Dead related fan sites.

We've got live concert shots over over 70 bands, with several thousand photos posted.
Last year alone we shot about 20 RD and a good dozen PLAF shows.

We've got shots up of the Greensboro opener.

Check it out:

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Roseland video on youtube

Hey folks!

I just posted my video from Roseland ballroom on Youtube. It is pretty good- I was in the first row! It is only a 10 minute compilation, but it's pretty cool. Check it out and message me to let me know if you liked it!!! That would make me so happy!

xoxo alicina

Joined: Jan 11 2009

Wow, that cool man, they used to have dead hour on my radio station back home followed by king blossoms power hour, used to listen every sunday night. I'll check ur show out man.


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