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90.7 KSER - Independent Public Radio in Everett, Washington

Check out 90.7 KSER in Everett, Washington.
I am the DJ for ONE MORE SATURDAY NIGHT heard every Saturday night at 9PM, pst.
Hope you all can check it out.

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Dark Star

I just want to second nycityjeff's posting from September 24, 2008 - 11:21pm
about the Grateful Dead sims in Second Life. Dark Star is truly a wonderful place to visit and hang with fellow dead heads and make new friends. It is the best thing I have found on the net, next to this group and You don't need to be a techie or gamer to enjoy this scene, and it doesn't have to cost anything but time.
Imagine living on a 3D version of the Shakedown Street album cover. There are always new old things to see, many of them activating synapses that have been dormant for decades. And Dark Star, while the most developed, isn't the only GD sim there. You will also find Aoxomoxoa and Ripple. The Mars Hotel parking lot is my favorite spot to hang.
And, if you do visit and happen to run into the lovely starling glitterbock, tell her that ew beck sent you and sends his regards. She is the creative force behind much of what you'll find in Dark Star, and is a very talented soul. You can also meet many other talented artists and musicians who often wander by.

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Hi Everyone! Check out Dr.Trip...Seriously, really....He's a tremendously cool person, a bona fide Deadhead--and what's more his site is amazing....You'll enjoy the videos the psychedelic info and everything else on it...HAVE FUN

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I run is your premier source for toys, kind threads, jewelry and other handmade items for when you are just chilling, going to a show or festival and will be experiencing that mindful playtime. I have a blog section that I review all the shows I go too, about 2-4 a week depending on the schedule in my radius. Hope you guys like it, you can follow the link in my name.

Peace Love & Light

Making Your Journey A Little More Fun~

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There are 2 I'm crazy about

and mine...just click my name!!

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Grisman's CBGB Festival

What's up guys, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the inaugural Chicago Bluegrass & Blues festival, this 11/22 at the historic Congress Theater, all benefiting the Saving Tiny Hearts Societies fight against the country's most common birth defect.

The first 10 folks that hit me up at will get a pair of tickets mailed to them. We're excited for you to help us spread the word about this righteous endeavor

Michael Raspatello

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I've just launched a new comedy story website

2 Deadheads go on a quest to rid the world of evil and find comfortable footwear... But mainly to find comfortable footwear.
On the way they take on psychotic moustaches, shape-shifting polar bears, Swiss killer gnomes, evil children’s entertainers and surveillance pigeons.

And don't worry, this isn't a bit of clever corporate viral marketing, just me and my illustrator, so if you want trippy laughs, go to

Hope to see you there... And if you like it, tell everyone you know!! Please.

Pigeons work in pairs!

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The Dead Live in Second Life..The Music Really Never Stops..ever

You should check out the wonderful 3-D simulated shrine to Everything Dead in Second Life (

There is a sim called Darkstar, a loving tribute to the Grateful Dead that features an amphitheater complete with the "wall of sound", a parking lot with Further style buses, surrounding the Mars Hotel.

There is also the beautiful Terrapin Station dancehall, modeled after the building from the Terrapin Station Limited Edition release.

The island streams GDRadio 24/7 except during events such as special archival streams and live streaming performances by many of the musically talented residents.

It is the most loving tribute to the legacy of the Grateful Dead I have ever seen.

With Darkstar Deadheads have an opportunity to spend time in a virtual 3-D universe where the tour never ends and the lot never closes, where there is always another show, another drum circle, where the music TRULY never stops. Ever!

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