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cool let me know when you are playing, i have a place down on koh chang island and i am through BKK often. Yes in Shanghai but these days spending more time in South Florida. I have tickets to DSO in Fort Lauderdale in March, i have not seen them since 99 or 2000, looking forward to hearing some GD.

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Playin in the Band

Greetings from HK! Jodester - I get to BKK now and again. Tell me more about your band. I do my own Dead and Jerry routine with musicians in Beijing mainly. Recently played with Melvin in SF. Guitar, bass, vocals and some keys. Happy to fill in if there's a need in Thailand. And let me know if you ever come to hk or Beijing.

Ps : though about playing the Phuket blues festival in the spring?

lamagonzo (not verified)
Bangkok --

More like Venice these days with the floods.

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I miss my jam friends back in

I miss my jam friends back in Canada and while I have lots of friends here I dont have anyone to jam with, especially meandering-song-linking style we all know n Love.

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Hey Trifecta!

I'm in Bangkok these days bro. Got a Dead cover band started up here. Things are going well. Decided it was time to bust out of the European scene for a change. I'll be knocking around in Asia for quite a while I reckon. I think u said u are based in China if I remember correctly, or?

"Are you kind?"

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rainbow_trout with early rock + roll

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hey friends how as everyone been! jodester where in thailand are you? Today was a wonderful day and i am so happy to be listening to the dead right now and just feeling at peace.

lamagonzo (not verified)

Haven't seen any Koreans posting here. I was in Korea 3x but never did the club scene. If no one helps you out here, assuming you speak Korean, get on the internet and start looking or if in Seoul get out to the bigger colleges and U's and have a look around, ask around.

Seoul is huge. Don't tell me that town ain't got no heart!

~ Just got to play your part! ~

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I saw that on the big screen back in the day. HIghly recommended!

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The Concert for Bangladesh

watch the show on iTunes

40th anniversary special (free)

between midnight tonight and August 1


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