Grateful Dead

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lamagonzo (not verified)
Stuck inside of Nepal...

...With the Kathmandu Blues again!

It's been real folks. Really feeling my age at 51. I think I really tweaked my kneecap doing a 30 day Tibetan-style Buddhist retreat. Hurt like hell and the only pain meds "over" the counter are tramadol abd codeine and under the counter?? You don't want to know -- Jerry's favorite.

Guess I'll stick it out and home to the family for Chhristmas and the regular Doc for real advice and the legal shit! Ouchhhh, hurts like hell.


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hey bro have been here for sometime, Shanghai is my base. i always love the title "deadheads in china?" as i tend to write this pretty often. not too many so i hope our paths cross.

Joined: Aug 22 2009

Hey now, how is everyone doing during this wonderful holiday season. tela Tela jewel of Wilsons fowl domain. Lullaby the breezes whisper… Shanghai China

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Blessings and Prayers to all!

May the Creator be with all.
Smiley dave not so smiley with so many hurting.

Do For Other's You Will Feel Better.

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Grateful Dead at Red Rocks, COLO
lamagonzo (not verified)

The Chinese people are not to blame for what their unelected leaders are doing/did in Tibet. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. It may even be happening to people in the US right now.

Dead people rock in China, Korea, Japan!!

Joined: Aug 28 2010

Hi All,

From Pi here, the country probably rings a bell to you guys, coz of the news that had spread around the world, and literally about 'dead' people, may they Rest in Peace.

And hopefully no one will condemn people from my country because it's not our fault, and it could really happen to anyone anytime and anywhere.

Peace to all.

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Sunny Okinawa Japan

Motivated deadhead down here in Okinawa, Japan. Blessed being here, seen so many good bands, all kinds of different styles and players. Having said that, I'm missing the states and the summer festies, wishing I could be back now. Oh well... I never am to far from the dead with the net, archive or sugarmegs or podcasts like deadpod or through the years... Would love to find a dead cover band out here, would be some crazy dream come true...

What makes the grass grow?...

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deadheads in China?

anyone out there? I currently live in Qingdao....probably moving south to Fujian province later this summer. regards, will

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Has been a wonderful travel log! really really brilliant!
By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
Mark Twain


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Deadheads of Asia