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Joined: Aug 14 2007
Hey now

Congrats to your Canadian Olympic Hockey team for winning gold!

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Hey Now :)

hope you all are doing grate !!!

Made it safe and sound to Buffalo and back. Parking lot was fun but snowy, If you stood in one place for too long you would look like a snowman after a while. There was a campfire in the lot, met some good people and scored what we wanted with ease. The theatre is really neat and fancy, I saw Bob and Rob here in 1995. We went in a bit early and had some drinks, then headed to 3rd row right of center. 20 min to show time we both 8 a dose. I really enjoyed this show even though I did not care for the setlist, the playing was just amazing. At times I was dancing my face off and other times I just had to stand there in pure amazement of what I was hearing. Set break OUTSIDE !!!! really fun. Second set, chris is now in skypilot mode, great times and lots of smiles :) loved the shakedown near the end. Left the place in peace and after a quick bite walked back to the hotel for more festivities..

And today........I got tix to Rochester in June :):):)...............the shows are close and reasonable in price.

ALSO.... KRS......listened to your show on the sat radio that night, sounded great and was so cool to have at home. I bet it was cool just being at the venue and hanging out !!!

We are all so lucky to have this so available right now, cheap tix, close to home, band is amazing...............I love it

Most recordings are available on soon after the show.

Talk to you guys later, I tried uploading fan photos ??(we will see)

Also..... new "Canadian Dead Songs" soon hahahahahahahah


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Joined: Mar 25 2009
Oh boy, here it comes again...

Furthur Summer 2010 Tour!!!

Fri-Jun-25 Rochester, NY Highland Bowl
Thu-Jul-08 Buffalo, NY ArtPark

Both look good to me! Might have to hit the Highland Bowl for a change. Dancing in the great (if urban) outdoors! Come on, Playin... there's got to be a summer date you can make it to... =)


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Joined: Mar 25 2009
Hi Chris & Co

Heard that Buffalo show was lots of fun. Our friend Corrina was there for her first Dead show - guess what they played? =) Did you enjoy Hard To Handle? I heard it was smokin.

Cornell was really fun. I got my wish: They Love Each Other. That and Unbroken Chain were highlights for me. We could have boogied a little harder if they hadn't mellowed out in the 2nd set, but that was okay. It kind of fit the mellow vibe of Ithaca. What a great town. Gorgeous NY mountains. And Barton Hall was superb - acoustics were unbelievable and with a springy dancefloor. Just great to hear these guys still kickin it out. Especially Phil - holy crap, you wouldn't know he's a month away from 70. Geez, he is on his game - better than ever - that man is dangerous. Missed the drummers, though. They really contribute the foundation of the sound. I'd say that even with John K, I still enjoyed the Dead at MSG more. Just a mindblowing show in terms of material and so well played, especially by Warren. He and John each have their strong points. It just goes to show that no one can replace the amazing Mr. Garcia.

Here's one of many links to Cornell:

Love you Can heads. Peace, K

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

also how was your show KRS ????

I listened on the radio !!!


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
hey now

just getting packed for buffalo.......east coast >>><<

I got 3rd row seats in front of John from GDTS. I know my way around the city pretty good and hotel is within walk !!!!!!!!!!! love you guys :)

I have a facebook that I usually keep updated more where I will post some pictures. Send ya's the link later



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Joined: Jun 8 2007
The West Coast

Hey it is cool to see the Canadian's have a forum eh! It has been neat reading about "you all" traveling and following the shows! Here on Saltspring Island it hard to get the shows but I'm still trying! Missed the "Dead" tour last year, but was able to download some great shows (legally)! To keep the dream alive I host a Grateful Dead radio show here on Saltspring Island Community Radio! It is called "Attics Of My Life" on Thursdays 5-6pm PST. It is live streamed at Let me know what you think and I can take requests and dedications as well! In the summer (I'm in education) when I have the time I hope to run some full shows!

Keep on Truckin'

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

L'Opéra de Mtl présente la Tosca présentement. Il reste 3 représentations.
Notre hiver se passe bien, il n'y a pas beaucoup de neige ici cette année.
Et nous préparons notre voyage à San Francisco début mai.
J'espère que tout va bien pour toi à la maison et au travail.
A la prochaine, Richard.

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Joined: Mar 25 2009
Salut les Francos

Ça fait bien trop longtemps qu'on parle en français ici... Richard, comment ça va? Tes nouvelles au monde du spectacle? J'espère que toi et Marjelaine passent un bel hiver.

Aux autres francophones: n'ayez pas peur de vous exprimer en langue première ici... c'est un bon défi pour la majorité qui aiment le décodage. C'est ici un des seuls forums bilingues alors profitons-en!

Y-a-t'il certains d'entre vous qui irez voir Furthur? Si oui, discutons un peu...

À la prochaine,


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Can heads !!!

As with all things USA we must convert to Canadian !!!
Km/Hr = Kanadian miles per hour
Maple Sugar Magnolia>
Mississauga 1/2 Step>
Traffic Jam>
Alaberta Getaway>
Help On The Way > Slipknot > CN Tower
Jaques Straw from Ottawa>
Snow Many Roads>
(Stephen) Harpers Farm>
Beat It On Down 7th Line>
Freezy Fingers>
Diavik Diamond Blues>
Athabaska Getaway>
Hosers on the Way >Slip Ice > CN Tower>
Loon Song>
PEI's of the Potatoes>
Tar Sands in a Bucket>
Dire Moose>
Box of Snow>
Brokedown Parliament>
Trans Canada Railway Boogie>
Snowforts of My Life>
When The Goalie Gets Saved By The Puck>
Napanee Ned>
Must Have Been the Hoseheads>
West .ca Fadeaway>
Weather Report... Sweet! : Let it Snow>
We Can Skate>
Long, Long, Long, Long, LONG, LOONNNGG Way to Go Home>
Quinn The Inuit>

I am going to edit this some time for clarity. And some I have no idea what yous are talkin bout.

but it is quite original.

thanks again timhortonhashsmokincanheads.



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