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whats about

were wolves of london wembley halloween 90 or anything from rockpalast essen oh oh shakedown st essen.

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radio program dead in europe

i have a small radio program here in valencia spain one hour twice a month. i was thinking of doing a show composed of grateful dead performances in europe. anybody want to help me out with suggestions? ideally, there would be something from each tour, and spread out from different venues adn different countries. obviously there need to be high qualtiy recordings easily accesible. ratdog also counts, i think. remember it's only an hour long show, so "the entire second set from wembley" is not going to fit. let's hear your opinions on the best performances, single song or song sequence (china cat > rider, etc.) from europe. BTW sorry this isn't a contest, no one will be sending you a free copy of road trips vol. 1 2 or 3, but you'll make my life easier and my listeners happier.

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close but no cigar

if that is as close as it gets, i guess the answer is no. i'll even concede the 2nd sets as identical and even the 1st encore is the same. but the first sets only have some similarities. i'll admit i'm surprised. i would have thought that it had to happen at least once, the truth is i'm surprised that that is offered up as the only time a second set was repeated. with far less songs, the probability would be much higher

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identical setlists Gonzo's answer

In August Lamagonzo posted this on another forum

this is what he said.


'The question of 2 identical show lists is a factoid I obsessed on for some time until satisfying myself that I had the definitive answer. The answer is never, but almost. The entire 2nd set is virtually identical except for a Nobody's jam.

The dates are, drum roll please,

Prov. 5/14/78 and and UCSB 6/4/78

Read'em and weep.'



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I'd check with the DeadBase folks (who are in any case putting together a new edition). I vaguely recall hearing that there were something like one or two instances of duplicate setlists over the band's entire career, but the discussion in question was many years ago so I'm not sure the recollection should be trusted!

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curiosity gets the better of me
peace esau.

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i certainly wouldn't bother

i certainly wouldn't bother researching it. just curious.

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repeat shows brother esau

This has come up in forums before esau and some one said gonzo i think that no two shows have ever been the same now i could research this but aint got the time maybe some one else knows more........

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before anyone points it out i want to apologize to Workingman's Deed from Scotland! I also read a post at eurotraders that suggested that laffin bones might get together again. any word on that?

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european dead tribute bands

here is a list of what i believe to be all the dead tribute bands currently active in europe or at least still maintain a web presence. can anyone think of any others? please send me the contact information if you do.

Bardo Thödol
Seven'th Heaven
Cosmic Finger
Dead Again
OE Kapelle
Schluff Jull
That's Wooden Music
Mushroom Pickers
Uncle John's Band
Fresh Kneedrops
Cosmic Charlies


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