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Joined: Jan 29 2008

all of you brits got a treat coming your way.
The New Mastersounds are playing a one off gig at Band on the Wall in Manchester on December 18th. It's nothing like the dead, but a lot like the Meters (in fact they are playing Halloween in NOLA as the backing band for Art Neville). Although they're from Leeds, they almost never play in Europe, too busy playing just about every club and every major jamband festival in the u.s. (in fact the guitarist apparently has relocated to the U.S.). They played JITD here last year and in January they're playing i think their third JamCruise.


Joined: Jan 29 2008
more ravings about my website

sorry to keep plugging my website but ...
i invite anyone interested to sign up for our email newsletter the monthly jam. basically at the beginning of each month i send out an email with as complete a list as possible fo relevant shows here in europe for the coming month, both european bands and american bands. i also include links to all the free downloads i have culled through other websites and/or newsletters.

at the same time, please let me know if there are jamband radio programs, websites/blogs, and or jambands/dead cover bands here in europe that i have missed and need to be on the site. finally, feel free to send me anything that you think should be or would like to have posted, announcements about upcoming deadhead gatherings, reviews of concerts or CDs, etc..

thanks a lot.

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love to see DBT but don't

love to see DBT but don't think it will happen this year. plans are for JITD if it happens and also The Grateful Dread in april

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thanks Esau

see you at Drive By Truckers in Toulouse??

Joined: Aug 17 2010
ty esau

i will definatly lookin into this.

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just this year we have started up a new site for deadheads/jamband fans in europe.
it's at
we try to have all the information on tour dates for bands coming to europe as well as gig dates by local european jambands and dead cover bands. some interviews, reveiws, etc. right now it's more of a resource tool, but hopefully a new version will be up by the beginning of the year with discussion groups, etc. to make it more community oriented
please take a look. send us your suggestions, your contributions, etc. and please tell everybody about it!

thanks a lot and keep on truckin'

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Won't you come see me Phil Lesh

Stuck inside of Vienna with the San Francisco Blues again!
I miss SF, My sister just saw Neil Young play a little solo show in oakland and then hung out with his son Ben. I got to see him play 14 shows straight warming up for a Europe tour before I left SF in a little bar where I used to play, It was really low pro, he used a fake band name, and only about 100 tix were sold for each show.
I miss seeing phil and friends and the new tour they did with everybody, I guess as the dead.
Do they ever plan on coming back out to Europe?????
They really should, I agree with the last post, It would for sure be worth it for them, and I am SURE they would enjoy their time here.
Let's bring em back!!!!

Hand me my old guitar and pass the whiskey 'round.

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Cosmic Charlies

Good GD tribute band is playing their annual 'Jerry Fest' this Saturday evening at a bar near Marylebone Station, London NW1...worth checking out if you're around! Scroll down this page for venue info:

Can check the band out at:

Nardy (not verified)
I am positive if there were

I am positive if there were any promoter types close to who could locate out precisely how the band would settle concerning revenue for doing, say eleven, shows on the European tour. Then it's just a matter of booking the proper venues within the time they could tour. Obviously a lot of Americans would arrive more than. I'd expect a good interest here from Europeans also. It would definitely be financially viable. Who can discover out what the bands needs will be? Surely they'd be up for that tour of the lifetime, specifically as there's the opportunity today to hit up Eastern Europe. I'd undoubtedly recommend Prague, Budapest, Gdansk and Tallinn at the same time since the clear Western European spots.

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Calling from Sylt/Salt

Hi dead friends,
see you on tour. Caught some of you at Antaris.


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