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Joined: Jun 8 2007
When I boarded the bus.

I'm French, 61 old, and I live near Paris.

Here are some memories of the day when I boarded the bus, May 4, 1972.

The atmosphere is warm tonight, Italians Boulevard in Paris: the Grateful Dead will give his second concert in Paris, as part of his European tour. But if the atmosphere is electric in the streets, it is mainly because several dozen youngs manifest and fight against the riot police to demand free rock concerts.

The Olympia Theater is a classic music hall, with its rows of seats pressed against each other, and the balcony overlooking the stage - and where I am settled tonight. Really uncomfortable to dance. But music, irresistible grabs the body and, like many others, I spend a good part of the concert gesticulating, standing, stuck between two chairs.

I dance like crazy on a Good Lovin' frenzied. The musicians have no look, there is no game scene, nothing to do except Pig Pen, his hat, his pace. But after a while I no longer listening, I wear all my attention on what the musicians behind him. They weave frames, they ornament, they open doors and closing them, they are discreet or roar, it seems endless, and rhythm, always the rhythm that catches the body makes them tick, music becomes colors, red sounds, purple sounds, and it spins, a feast for the head and body.

Both pieces played beautifully tonight! The first title of the concert, Greatest Story Ever Told (very energetic) through Chinatown Suffle, Playing In The Band, Big Railroad Blues (where Jerry starts riffs as rarely) and many others. Until Dark Star, I did not know and who appeared to me in all its magnificence, sound wave rippling and swirling. Never heard of!

Graceful acrobats, subtle tightrope walkers, the musicians, fire in the veins, give a magnificent concert, not like anything that I had listened to this day. Probably one of the best concerts of the best tours of the Dead. Personally, one of the three greatest concerts I attended in my life, and the greatest rock concert.

(Excuse my English).

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Joined: Jun 17 2008

Good morning rockers!!!!

As many of you may or may not know, I am a bit of a “1971 Dead fanatic”. I have taken on a slightly ambitious project, documenting all 1971 Dead shows, the end result of which I hope will combine numerous “facts/factoids” about shows with recollections of folks who actually attended Dead shows in 1971.

In order to accomplish this, I need the help of the Dead fan community.

ALL contributions will be properly and specifically credited.

If you attended ANY shows in 1971 and have ANY recollections to share, PLEASE consider participating. Please PM me for details.

While of course I’m happy to hear from anybody who attended “classic 71 shows” such as Port Chester, Fillmore East, Harding Theater, Felt Forum, etc., I’m particularly interested in hearing from folks who may have attended lesser known, “out of the way” shows, such as:
1/21/71 Davis
1/22/71 Lane Community College
3/5/71 Oakland
4/14/71 Bucknell
4/18/71 Cortland
6/21/71 Chateau d’Herouville
8/4/71 Terminal Island
10/19/71 Northrop Auditorium
11/11/71 Atlanta
11/17/71 Albuquerque

In addition, if ANYBODY out there has “paper ephemera” related to 1971 shows, Please consider participating. I’m looking especially for:
Newspaper/print media articles
Show posters/handbills
Ticket stubs

Thanks in advance to all who participate and contribute!

Rock on,
Doc Gillespie

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Joined: Mar 24 2009

there are these 2 gigs in London in the next month :-)

and these

The scottish band Workingman's Deed are now defunct but these guys formed in 2013

I'll also send this as a PM

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Joined: Jul 8 2015
Malta & France

Hello, i'm French, 24 years old, living between the small island Malta, and Paris !
I don't know what to say, so THE DEAD ROCKS !


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Joined: Sep 28 2008

Know of scotish cover band Gratful Deeds but can't find them now. Nor couldn't find UK cover bands on google. I'm in states and good luck to you.

Joined: Jun 28 2015
New member here

Hello all, Im located in the UK and was wondering who else is? Wondering if there are any bars or bands that cover the dead so I can get my live music fix. Thanks

Joined: Dec 29 2014
dayumm amazing

dayumm amazing

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Joined: May 24 2015
Hi ya all, this is Erik from

Hi ya all,
this is Erik from Austria. One of some Heads here in Austria - since the year of
1981 when i first hear Live/Dead. Unfortunately never made it to a show - so far
the boya never made it to my country too. But i`m on the 30 trips - really lookin
out to the July shows - great site here
Keep Truckin

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Joined: Nov 27 2013
The Last Concerts of GD

If in fact these will be the last shows of the GD I appeal to any Deadhead with influence...

1) There should be a fine & powerful & lengthy version of Terrapin Station backed up by genuine black gospel choir. That would be absolutely ethereal.

2) There should a good long version of Dark Star where there ought be several lead guitarists. I suggest inviting a whole host of musicians such as Steve Hillage, Al DiMeola, Santana,etc. There are are so many folks who have loved the GD that some talented folks will show up & do a monumental job.

Joined: Dec 3 2014
I thought that Tiger Lili

I thought that Tiger Lili shows up only in World of Warcraft


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