Grateful Dead

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Way Cool.... see fans from the Middle East!


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Israeli Heads

I know that there are quite a few dead heads in Israel, scattered all around.
Some of them are americans that moved here, or people that lived in the states for a while, and some are the kids of those people. But there are also many of us that discovered the dead one bright morning on our endless quest for good music. - At least that was the case for me.
I was 15 when Jerry died, and discovered the magic only a few years later during my military service, so unfortunately I never had the chance to see the guys live.

It would be interesting to see people from neighboring countries in here. I have no doubt that had everybody in the middle east listened to the dead, it would've been a lot more peaceful here...

And it's too bad that the dead never came to Israel, especially since they were already so close when they came to Egypt.

rawsh-mett (that's dead-head in hebrew).

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Middle East

I am not too sure if there would be too many Heads in the Middle East. Maybe in Dubai but for the rest of the Middle East I would not think so as it too conservative. If there are please let me know and prove me wrong. I was in Saudi Arabia (Jedi) and I was scared shitless and as soon as the flight landed they made the announcement to discard of all magazines and papers with the pictures of women without veils etc. The military guys came on the plan and I was the only one pretty much not wearing a Thobe! I had my U.S. passport tucked in my shoe and when I was in customs I took it out of my shoe and after the customs agent stamped it I put it back in my shoe. I have been to many places but this is a place that I felt very uncomfortable in. Jedi is very close to Mecca so you have some hardcore fanatics in the area. I look forward to my trip to Algeria in the fall!!! Man why do i do this to myself. It is too bad that secularism has not been embraced more in Middle Eastern countries as I hear there are many very nice places to visit. Anyway I was listening to the radio the other day in Shanghai and they played an American Rap song called "my hump" or something like that and I thought that this is the American Culture that probably scares the hell out of people and this is the culture that they relate to American culture. Wow I thought as I rebelled and fought this type of garbage most of my life. Baggy pants acting like you’re from the hood and the horrible slang. Maybe this is the American culture they are not accepting and I don’t blame them.


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Deadheads of the Middle East