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Joined: Mar 13 2008
GD Joint in Amman/Jordan

Hey now .. I hope you're all well and happy.
Last time I posted here I was living in Dubai, but now I moved to Amman/ Jordan.
I wanted to let everyone know that I have a cool & creative business center & Fine Art Gallery on the main rd. to the DEAD SEA (also the Amman airport rd.). I named it GD (Gallery Docart). If you happen to pass this way please come and visit me and as a member of the "clan" :) I'll make sure you have a good time and try and help with anything you need, beside, The Dead tunes are always playing in the background (i use gdradio). Coffee, Wi-Fi, laptop usage are on the house for Deadheads. In return, if you're coming from the states, please bring me a GD something! anything, a sticker for example ... that would be very kind of you. In addition, if you like to learn more about the place and investigate the potentials of trade for Tie Dye t's, tapestry, beads,..etc. drop me a line, maybe we can do something. You can find more details on Facebook: Smaik Design Center or Gallery Docart or even on my personal page: Nedal Smaik.
I really look forward to see you!! THX..

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Joined: Oct 11 2008
Kuwait dead head

sorry so long, in not getting into the group and discussion,
I am a universality deadhead, became a Muslim in the states about 1996, after Jerry death, when in 96 i had an accident and was at brown university hospital and was told by the Doc. if i did not quit drinking, i would be "locked up or covered up" this is what i did in my search for Serenity exploring many of man kinds sciences and paths i choose Islam as the religion that appealed to my intellect, (in a philosophical tree climbing way) to channel the good freethinking vibes, to constructive use after years of tour and travel of the globe I took bible study coursed from various sources , went to the oldest synagogue in america, studied, and studied more , on tour I have been to Naroopa, boulder, an ashram out side goose creek Colorado, Lindisfarne, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, in Marin, lived in Italy considered a heretic,(Masonic) i was not catholic but i took advantage of being near RoME, and studied art history, while there also, reading on the real history of the church, as depicted in paintings.

I was raised an American in Naples Italy, (origin of the Funiculì, Funiculà) lived there three different times, total of 13 years, between our trips around the globe, (father was Navy) we lived in mare island Vallejo, California, my great great grandfather is buried in Mount Tamalpais cemetery. so i was more local to the area I was about 1982. then stopped a few other places in the USA, between 1980 to 1984, my family did many road trips across the Usa, what i always could remembering all the cool folks on the roadways of America.
various tours;
been to the 25 reunion of woodstock in Bethel, New York 94, stayed two weeks and got in on the clean up of that site , the freedom fest and camp arrow head. 94 world unity fest in south rim of grand canyon, black mountain in Arizona, subsequent rainbow gatherings, from 92-96.
I was in palm springs, California area may to July 95 I greyhounded to Rhode island from California, stopped in Oklahoma city, two weeks before Jerry un timely death, I was in Newport, Rhode island, and was considering a road trip to NY for the annual gathering at woodstock, then catching the Newport folk fest, that years folk fest was; whew...

Now being here in Kuwait for 9 years where gas is cheaper than water per liter. I have the only cars in Kuwait with dead head stickers. 2004 Pajero , with 4 inch dancing bears across the rear bumper, and a titanium syf sticker, as well as a STF sticker on a 2003 honda civic 4 door. ,and a 1982 Maserati quattroporte,
If i can figure out how to post the photos here would be cool.
I married a wonder full Kuwaiti Woman, with whom i met when she was visiting for seminars at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, in 2001, we met through one of her Kuwaiti relatives I knew from the local mosque in fairfax, Virginia.we have 4 little boys and they demand Jerry in the morning, while driving I have raised them on the dead and may of the few "streams" to get them to listen with me. i wear tie dyes on a regular basis, (you cannot show up at a mosque in a tie-dye) I been to the hajj in mecca in 2002. I have taken my other wise conservative Muslim wife to the haight ashbury street fair in 2007, every place between Vallejo and Monterrey,

On 9/11, of which I was TWO KM as the crow flies from the pentagon, after all the interrogations from the secret service, I had a yacht repair business on the Potomac river, servicing the marinas, people threw all the work contracts out the window , because i did not keep it a secret that i was a Muslim long before 9/11, at my core i am an american, well I moved to Kuwait, and started supporting the US Army as a mechanic, body shop, As well as working my own angles with the boating and yachting industry in Kuwait.

this is a very conservative society so the only way i introduce musicians here about the dead i let them listen to Garcia/Grisman "Arabia" for some reason the song stirs the Arabian soul ; i try to bring out some musical awareness, so most Arabs think we (deadheads) are christian a cult of the dead in america, this is from from a religious point of view, and first impressions, then if you know names of popular Arabian musician, then they get the idea, the deal is to learn the language, and the society in which you live, they are all different in the gulf region, what goes for one does not for the other.
thanks for letting me introduce my self

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Grateful Dead at Red Rocks Colliseum Morrison Colorado 8/11/1987
lamagonzo (not verified)
Party tonight

govern tomorrow, before the army fills a vacuum.

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What a beautiful thing

happened in Egypt! I agree teller

I am not young enough to know everything.
Oscar Wilde

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Joined: Jan 8 2011
Congratulations sisters and brothers of Egypt !

We have just seen one of the most amazing non-violent freedom protests the world has ever witnessed. Many blessings to you all and may peace be with you.

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are you in the Middle East?

Joined: Jun 12 2010

My name is Lynda

I think the Grateful Dead They are the best band ever!

My mail is
and my Facebook :

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Deadheads in UAE (Dubai)

Hey Now,

I'm in the UAE for most of Feb and maybe into March, I'm looking for someone to clue me in to some kind of Jam Band scene if it exists. Bike Week(end) was fun. JazzFest is good for a few days but I want a place to hang out. I'm tired of the Philipino cover bands, etc. There has to be some good music in this town if I poke around.


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jeeeez, snag

keep yer head down, bro.........from an old squid


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