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CD Inventory - Holiday season

I sent the following email to customer service, but thought I might get a more satisfactory answer here:

"I can't help but notice that a number of CDs are disappearing from the store on, especially some of the Dick's Picks series. With the holidays fast approaching does GDP plan to get more of these in stock? The problem is that many of these albums are still in high demand and their lack of availability at a fair price at creates an alternate economy that often results in price gouging - an aspect of capitalism that the Dead never supported (I think that's fair to say). Why not let the band/company get some of that money and keep their customers/fans happy at the same time? It's a win-win, no?"

This is especially true of the higher numbered DPs - with the extreme examples being Vols. 25, 28, 32, and 34. The re-sale prices for these are astronomical. I'll gladly give my money to GDP at the listed price. (And I realize that these are available in FLAC, but I prefer having the physical CD. I can make my own FLAC and mp3s, plus if something happens to them I can always just re-rip.)


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Thanks much GratefulTed!

Thanks much GratefulTed!

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Shakin' it down on You Tube

Alli: check this version out:

Also, there is a Grateful Dead Streaming Video website that offers many video clips to view.


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Shakedown Street

Hi, I am new to this forum.

I have a quick question for you folks. I am looking for a good youtube clip of the song Shakedown Street. I have listened through a few that come up & was hoping to hear a few of the fans faves too. Thanks in advance!

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Downloadable Dead including Download Series

Just about the entire GD catalogue including the Download Series and Rare Cuts and Oddities can be purchased online in FLAC or MP3 from:,461/Grateful-Dead-mp3-flac-dow...

why their catalogue is so much more complete than that from the store here beats me!

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Thanks for the news, Badger ...

made my day.

" Where does the time go? "

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Road Trips 3.2

will be

Recorded live at Municipal Auditorium Austin, TX (November 15, 1971)
> All selections are previously unissued recordings
> DISC 1
> 1. Truckin'
> 2. Bertha
> 3. Playing In The Band
> 4. Deal
> 5. Jack Straw
> 6. Loser
> 7. Beat It On Down The Line
> 8. Dark Star>
> 9. El Paso>
> 10. Dark Star
> 11. Casey Jones
> 12. One More Saturday Night
> DISC 2
> 1. Me And My Uncle
> 2. Ramble On Rose
> 3. Mexicali Blues
> 4. Brokedown Palace
> 5. Me And Bobby McGee
> 6. Cumberland Blues
> 7. Sugar Magnolia
> 8. You Win Again
> 9. Not Fade Away>
> 10. Jam>
> 11. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>
> 12. Not Fade Away
> 13. Johnny B. Goode
> FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY get the Road Trips Vol. 3 No. 2 bonus disc with your order. This offer is first come, first serve.
> The Road Trips Vol. 3 No 2. bonus disc was recorded live at Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, Texas (11/14/71).
> 1. China Cat Sunflower>
> 2. I Know You Rider
> 3. Sugaree
> 4. Truckin'>
> 5. Drums>
> 6. The Other One>
> 7. Me And My Uncle>
> 8. The Other One>
> 9. Wharf Rat>
> 10. Sugar Magnolia

from Eurotraders

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Road Trips 3.2

from Dancing Bear:
"- and it's high time for the announcement of Road Trips 3.2 !"

I was thinking that myself.

I'd also like to see a re-release of the Mother Mcree's - that was fun. I lent my copy to afriend and never got it back!

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Get some new DVD material

With the plethora of video from shows that has to be out there, why can't another DVD be released? I don't care what era or venue, I'll take anything!!! I'd like to do it before my kids get out of high school.'s picture
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Titles that need to be reprinted:

VFTV II soundtrack CD
Closing of Winterland DVD
Ticket to New Year's DVD (it was there for a week or so last fall)
GD Movie DVD
Rare Cuts and Oddities CD (best oldies set EVER!)

- and it's high time for the announcement of Road Trips 3.2 !


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