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One man gathers what another man spills

The comment on emailing Customer Services is spot on. However, I'm delighted the need to email customer services has dimished significantly now that the web site store works.

Happy Trails

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view from the vault vol 2

suggest you do not under any circumstances email customer services. i did last october and sent repeated reminders. their tactic is either to completely ignore the messages or refer you to the website which refers you to customer (dis) services, bit of a catch 22 me-thinks, i once got a reply to one of my enquiries to the effect that customer services were "taking up the issue with management". but pearls of wisdom were not forthcoming. christ on a bike. this is not rocket science. perhaps the more people who raise the enquiry the more chance of a proper reply but i would not bet on this.

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Now the Store is just being cruel...I click on the VFTV II item and it adds to my cart. I enter my info and when it processes my order, it says it isn't in stock! HELP!!!

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View From the Vault

Does anyone know when View from the Vault II CD will be back in stock? It is a shame to see out of print titles such as this one going on Ebay for major bucks. An auction just ended for VFTV II for over $140! I am trying to complete my collection and I simply can't afford to be paying these kinds of dollars.

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Download Series

For the life of me, I don't know why the Download Series shows have been pulled from the store. Sure, they probably don't get MUCH traffic, but there are some of us who either joined the site late or who are SLOWLY, album by album, picking up all of the stuff here as money becomes available. I've been grabbing all of the new releases for over a year now, and I've managed to snag a few of the Dick's Picks sets that I didn't already have; however, with the $100+ each for the two Winterland boxes and my decision to dl all of the 2009 The Dead shows as they came out, it's sometimes hard to anticipate what will and won't be available here from one day to the next. All I know for sure is that, after the most recent site redesign a couple of months ago, all of the Download Series shows disappeared.

My fervent hope is that they are being remastered for HDCD release. Sure, I know that the Download Series is still available on iTunes, but I want the high quality FLAC downloads, not the crappy MP3 versions. Additionally, I would vastly prefer to spend my money here rather than to purchase through a middle man or a retail outlet--support the music, support the musicians!

Finally, although it doesn't affect me in any way (since I've already got the complete run of official downloads), what's up with offering the different The Dead 2009 shows at different prices, ranging from $12.99 to $20.99? I burned every show from FLAC to CD and, without exception, they are all 3-CD sets, and from the shortest to the longest ones there are only a couple of minutes' difference in total show length.

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Is any of the video vault

Is any of the video vault shot in HD or suitable for conversion to HD/Blu-Ray? I'm watching Ticket to New Year's now as I normally do this time of year, and as with some of the other DVD's it is pretty blurry when not displaying close-up shots (especially on an HD TV).

I would probably upgrade to Blu-Ray on the DVD's I have and would be interested in new Blu-Ray releases more so than new DVD releases.

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View from the Vault 2 and Download Series

I'm also intereseted in when View from the Vault 2 will be back in print. I'd also like to know what happened to the digital download series. Are there any plans to bring them back?

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wolfgangs vault opens the doors

huge selection of Grateful Dead shows now for sale as downloads from Wolfgangs Vault. Many other bands too.

I am not sure how they squared this away with Rhino and the Band, but it all seems legit. Also I have no idea of the quality of the material or how it compares with the soundboards that already circulate. Not cheap either at $9.98 per set.

So much good stuff there....

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random thoughts..

i agree to a boxed set of 1971 April Fillmore run.
I love the Beach Boys segment of it, i don't think you can listen to it on, because it says this music is an Official Release...
Just go ahead and release the whole run, in the correct order please..Ha!!

One thought i have though is about the bonus disks....
I really wish they would be available for download for the unfortunate few of us that are poor.
If, later on down the road, i buy any of the older Road Trip releases, it says-sorry the bonus disk is no longer available.

I just wish that it you can pay a 4.99 fee or so, and download the disk.

Just my $.02 worth....
Can't really complain though..
No one is complaining, no, come in and shut the door.

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