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DICK'S PICKS ON VINYL - Just Announced


Brookvale Records just announced the release of the Dick's Picks Series on VINYL for the first time.

These releases are an official release between Brookvale Records and The Dead.

You can read the whole story at:

Please help spread the word.


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I'm sorry if this has been

I'm sorry if this has been discussed at length in these forums (I'm sure it has somewhere) but why is it necessary for all the Dick's Picks/Road Trips/Dave's Picks to be limited edition and, at least for Dick's Picks at this point, largely out of print? It's frustrating considering that we can't all afford to buy every release. If it's about the music, which it is to me, then why not just have these shows available forever? While it's nice to have the occasional numbered set of something I'd still be perfectly happy to just be able to acquire releases when I either can afford them or when I'm in the mood for some Dead I do not yet have. Just my opinion...

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I recall the '69 Fillmore West box being about $70 total with shipping. Like the Europe '72 box, the cost per disc was pretty cheap.

Like you, I have found the sound quality of almost every official release to be stellar.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the box (all 6 shows are Very Good in my book)!

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I think on the Rhino site it says why it's the theme...i bought it hook line and sinker they said only 9,000 copies and didn't want to not order and pay over 200$...i think the book and memobilia shoot up the price and let's face it it's for the rich or the very much was the 1st limited box set? the 1969 box set? Originally...but the 1990 box set is incomplete and there's already been 3 shows at least released from that tour...dozin at the knicks, Nassau 90, the cardboard one with the turtles on 3 right there...i guess it was a good tour even the dead thought so many years ago...lot of passion and energy in those shows...i think they will be released eventually as seperate show all 6 is what the box set will include, so 6 more shows that are not the previously released shows, the 1972 box set did dupe 2 or 3 shows but it would've left holes if they didn't as the promise was every show in the tour, this is just 6 shows with a good rounded out set list to include as many different songs as possible with great quality as well and i'm sure it was as they were professionally recorded...almost all of the dicks picks sound professional except some really early one's like 1968 and 1970...anyway no notice on here thankfully i got an e-mail and i'm out of 200$ but i made this commitment in 1997 or so...i still say the grateful dead is the best live band ever...maybe there were better bands overall but none were better live at least not on a coutinous basis.

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anyone know why the spring

anyone know why the spring 1990 box has an Indian theme?

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New Box Set anounced on 08/01/12

Mark Pincus announced today live from GOTV at Bridgeport, CT on The GD Channel / Sirius Radio that a new GD box set will be anounced on Jerrys Birthday.

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From the Vault

When I bought The Vault box set, all three of them were in HDCD.

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from the vault

sweet deal right now on the originals

The Vault Box for $52 - price goes back up after the 8th of July...

I've never seen a remastered From the Vault #1
but I assume it exist (anyone have a HDCD copy?)

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dp 25 is great.

25 is a classic. get it for sure. good luck finding these.

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I'll bite...

With an unexpected windfall I'd probably go with: 10 (12/29/77), 14 (11/30-12/2/73), 15 (9/3/77), 25 (5/10-5-11-78), 28 (2-26-2-28/73). There you go...ask me tomorrow ya might get 5 different choices...haha!


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