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Donna Jean's new, new Web site:


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i appreciate Donna. And i agree with you. whenshe was "on" it was beautiful.really awesome

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Dear Jerry and Fare Thee Well

Why no Donna? Surely they had to invite her to sing along with the kids this summer? Hopefully she will do a cameo or two with them - or at least go to MD for the Dear Jerry shows - I mean she was part of the dead for how long? And the JGB for how long?

DJ if you weren't invited, we're sorry for all of the bashing over the years! (We actually love you)



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I like her song From the

I like her song From the Heart of Me, off Shakedown Street

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Wow! Donna & Jeff on steroids!

After many years of doing a handful of dates once in a while they come out with this massive tour schedule: 52 dates from August 1st to Dec. 4th with one 4 week break!

I'll be catching them at Common Ground in VT.

Let's hear it for dedication!

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Happy birthday Donna

Enjoy many more, too. I'd like to see you join up with Furthur at Redrocks in Septemeber.
Grateful Dead after the 70's was never the same without your grace and beauty on stage.

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Appreciating Donna Jean fom Muscle Shoals

It seems that just about every release, since 1/2012, are Donna Jean shows '72 through '78?, there. The percentage of 70's shows has to be 90%. She added so much. Sunrise is a gem. She added to and reached places Bobby couldn't go. Brent added that, back. So, mad props and Birthday Blessings, Donna Jean Godchaux!

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Happy Birthday Donna Jean

We love you ! Have a great tour, looks like you're playin' some pretty cool places. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to see one.

jonapi (not verified)
plant the tree of life on our foreheads with water

I'm just going by what i've read, for what it's worth.
Sounds like Donna in particular could see that it was going to kill them both if they didn't get out; they had Zion to think of too of course. Reports of Keith and Donna repeatedly crashing their cars into each other in the parking lot of Front Street does not seem all that healthy.
I think it was on the cards and when the others called them for one of those classic "interventions", they felt, Donna especially, as that a huge weight had been lifted from their shoulders.
Maybe one of those classic self-destructive episodes that ultimately forces your hand in the best possible way. Me? I loved Donna. And i agree with you. When she was "on" it was beautiful.

lamagonzo (not verified)
More or less agree....

But I don't think two hard core heroin addicts would have given up $120,000 a year jobs. I doubt it was a "mutual" decision to part company". That sounds like a walk to the boss's office, coming out with a mutual decision to quit your job. And what about Jerry, same disease, seeing his future as two people walk out of his band because of that same disease.

DJG's vocals were mixed way down on most of the nights she was out there, to the point you could hardly hear her. That was during all the time she played in the band. KG got the life sucked out of him in his last year, and even that last year had bright spots.

Yeah, Jerry's voice was harsh at times, so were Bob and Phil's. You do have to wonder why they wouldn't keep her up in the mix even on a medium bad night.

I did lover her singing when she was on and I don't think she ruined every show between 72-79. DSO shows what a consistently good-to-very good Donna would have sounded like and that was very good indeed.

jonapi (not verified)
Let us all remember that it

Let us all remember that it was a mutual decision to part company.
Donna & Keith's lives were spiraling out of control together with their alcohol and heroin consumption. it was effecting the music (although disappointed to see a Mickey Hart interview where he denounced playing under the influence as disrespectful and "bad form"; what about Jerry and Phil in certain years? what about the in-ear monitor years where they purposely removed others' playing if they had annoyed them before the show?).

Sure, there were some intonation and tuning issues sometimes but those years produced some magical moments indeed. If everyone always overlooks Jerry's vocal problems and concentrates on the good times then i feel Donna should be accorded the same respect.
I wish more of the member's later projects had a female balance.


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Donna Jean fans, this is the place.