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Joined: May 3 2009
looking for 9/22/91 show at Boston Garden

does anyone have a recording of 9/22/91 at Boston Garden? i luv to have my daughter was born on that day, I know that there is 9/25/91 Dick's Pick but I heard on XM 9/21 show a few months ago and I'm trying to track it down.

Joined: Jan 12 2009
2/13/70 and 9/18/82

2/13 is a great show with a 30 min Dark Star and a 30 min Turn On Your Love Light. The other show from September is a great show all around but has a pretty humorous Truckin' thats worth checking out.

Hope yall enjoy

lamagonzo (not verified)
favorites from 72

Salt Palace: SB's beat DP -- The Other One is molecular!
Pitt Arena: Truckin'>Nobody's
Madison: Whole thing is supremely worthy

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73 Dead

I agree with Vault Archivist David Lemeiux and the editors of the Taping Compendium in their belief that just about everything from Nov and Dec '73 is essential listening. The Nov Winterland shows (available as a box set here), the SoCal and Denver run (11/14, 11/17, 11/20-21), the Boston shows (11/30 and 12/2 available as a Dick's Pick), Duke (12/8), Atlanta (12/12) and Florida (12/18-19). But the whole year is worth hearing, the solid spring, the September "horns" shows, 10/19/73 (another Dick's Pick) ...

Visit the vineyard and you can pick up some of these shows (Cream Filling vine has the 11/14-11/21 run). BUY the officially released ones.

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Looking for recommended shows from 73'

Hi all,

Lately I have been gravitating around 73' dead. They really seem to be playing quite generously with each other. The vibe is excellent.

Please share your favourite shows from 73'?

P.S. SmileSmileSmile420, I agree the field trip is amazing...I had a blast jamming along with that show last summer. Anyway , you may be interested to know that filmed performances of the field trip are on you-tube for your viewing/listening pleasure.


Joined: Feb 27 2009
8/27/72 The Field

8/27/72 The Field Trip
Veneta, OR

Joined: Jan 11 2009
From the '90s.....

I'd put out 4/1/91 Greensboro, NC as essential. Every song on both sets are just spot-on; the boys were on fire this night from the opening Jack Straw to the closing Baby Blue.

Highlights include a beautiful rendition of Birdsong to close out the first set, a China/Rider as tightly played and energetic as they come, and a 30+ minute Dark Star>Drum>Space>Dark Star reprise that could go head to head with any played.

Joined: Feb 8 2009
Song to Best Quality Concert Performance

Has anyone created a list of all the songs played throughout the years, and matched the songs to a specific concert, e.g., Althea -- gdyyyy-mm-dd.sbd.x.x.ogg, etc., by going through the concert archive? I started to do this, but I wonder if I'm re-inventing the wheel? There must be others who are trying to do it.

Using the Annotated Grateful Dead web site's list of songs, I'm listening to my concert archive, and attempting to find the ultimate, super quality song. I'm starting with "Alabama Getaway," and ending with "You Don't Have to Ask." I hope one day I'll have the songs followed by the concert that's the best quality.

Has anyone already started something like this?

lamagonzo (not verified)
Haight St., SF, CA 3/3/68

Show was played from a flat-bed tractor-trailer truck pulled accross Haight St.. I think this is the photograph from the inside cover of the LiveDead LP. Viola Lee Blues is smokin'. The whole show has that psychedelic monster edge to it. Really good recordings are exceedingly rare.

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Perter Green a guest guitarist with the Dead and what shows?

Was Peter Green a guest guitarist with the Dead for the Fox theatre show 2/2/70 and or other shows. Are their archivial recordings to be made available. Thank you Bob Roman


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