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Joined: Jan 11 2009

This is an almost must have show, it has everything on it, wished I could of been there, unfortunately i'd of been 3 yrs. old.

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in dire need

of 6/27/83.. my overplayed legg now sounds like jerry and the chipmunks :)

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ISO of The Dead playing the Obama Inauguration

hey now. word has it...this was a warm-up type performance. the guys will pull it together after a bit more practice. the first show is always a treat (greensboro). a big crowd is expected with a high level of spirit and anticipation. make it if you can or look for the show on

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mid-atlantic ball :D
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ISO of The Dead playing the Obama Inauguration

Hey now!

Is there any word on a possible taper at the Obama inaugural ball set?


~Forever Grateful to be High on the Hill

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Truckin' up to Buffalo 7/4/89

I'm a big fan of this show...Brent and Jerry are on-point all night...seeing them on the DVD grinning back and forth and trading licks brings a tear to my eyes every single time...Ship of Fools...Morning Dew...ahhhhh....pure soul...oh yeah, and Women are Smarter is smokin' :)
"Let there be fill the air"

lamagonzo (not verified)
Meadowlands 11/10/85

Boys were hittin' on all cylinders. Jerry took the stage, plugged in, threw the strap over his shoulder and launched with Touch. Both sets sizzled. Highlights: Half Step>Rider>Playin'>UJB>Supp. Jam; Comes A Time

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The Greek 7-15-88

this show from the greek is just smoking. i have an audience recording that not only perfectly captures all of the bands playing perfectly, but, has the right levels of the audience at the right times. the post space tunes are in excellent contrast to each other culminating with a morning dew that is so beautiful it will bring you to tears. the gimme some lovin has some fun jamming and tight playing with all especially phil and brent. this is a top notch 80's show featuring my favorite dead keyboardist, brent

Greek Theater

Shakedown Street
Walkin' Blues
Friend of the Devil
Queen Jane Approximately
Dire Wolf
Good Time Blues
Turn on Your Love Light

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Ship of Fools
Estimated Prophet
I Need a Miracle
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
Morning Dew
Turn on Your Love Light

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Geez, Brick--you sure know how to choose tough shows...

I did a quick surf of etree and found two downloads for the Portland 6/24/73 show, both of which appear to be the same source and length, and both of which are VERY partial (best guess is about 60% of the show).

Both can be downloaded using a bit torrent program at, and both are approximately 661 megabytes (but since neither of them is a recent post, they will both probably take a fairly long time to complete).

If there IS a complete show out there, it probably just hasn't surfaced online yet (not all tapers joined the Internet bandwagon, and a LOT of tapes are lying in boxes, unseen for years).

Now, if you needed the previous night's show from Vancouver, BC, instead, that one is fairly easy to get (in fact, I was listening to it in my car today).


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