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3 of the 4 Swing Auditorium shows

They played a total of four shows in San Bernardino, CA, at the Swing Auditorium (3 of which I was fortunate enough to see--the other one, I was too young). Of the four, my favorite (probably because of the near-perfect "He's Gone" that was done to honor the memory of John Lennon) was December 12, 1980. Second to that was their tour-opening show on February 26, 1977 (when they premiered "Terrapin Station" and "Estimated Prophet," but not to be missed is their December 13, 1969 show, which I think is one of their best non-Bay Area shows of '69. Their tour opener at the Swing on January 6, 1978 COULD have been one of their best, too, but that was one of Jerry's legendary laryngitis shows (however, when he handed off all of the singing duties to Bobby for the second set and concentrated on his guitar, he played with incredible passion).

Hell, a box set of these four shows would be a killer combo. Until one comes out, though, hit the bit torrents at and make your own!

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handful of essential sets

How about :
3/1/69, 2/13/70, 2/23/74 II (awesome 'Row Jimmy->WRS), 6/18/74 II (WRS!!!), 5/8/77 II, 6/28/85 II, 10/4/87 just to name a few!

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these 8 dp's got me through

For about the past ten years, I had 8 Dick's
Pick's and a copy of Cats Under the Stars
as my Grateful Dead collection, so to
me , this will always be my essential Dead collection,
proven, tried and true.

Dick's Pick's v. 12 3 CD set from Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island on 6/26/74 and Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on 6/28/74.

v.18 3 CD set from Dane County Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin on 2/3/78 and the Uni-Dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa on 2/5/78.

v.19 3 CD set from the Fairgrounds Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on 10/19/73.
v.20 4 CD set with material from the 9/25/76 show at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland and the 9/28/76 show at the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, New York.

v.21 3 CD set with material from the 11/1/85 at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia plus some tunes from 9/2/80

v.31 4 CD set featuring performances from 8/4 and 8/5/1974 at the Philadelphia Civic Center in Philadelphia, PA and 8/6/1974 at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ

the other two were 11/8/69, and 2/11-14/70, but I don't
have the cases anymore to see the v. #'s

Also, I now have Nightfall of Diamonds, and would
reccomend that as a desrt island selection, also.

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opening acts

lookin for opening acts..circa 88-93

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Portland Memorial Stadium June 24 1973

I'm looking for this show (or as much is available). I'd prefer a lossless version. I'm new to trading, even though I've been on the bus since '69 (what can I say, I'm slow). If anyone can help, thanks in advance, and just let me know the drill.

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Binghamton and 2/13-14 '70

Hey All,

I am really wanting to get my hands on these shows. I love DP 4 but want to hear the rest, primarily the acoustic stuff. Anybody willing to make me copies. I can pay postage both ways and send back some blanks.


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3 day run- Las Vegas in late May 92

Id love to get this show recorded only because I attended it.
There's definitely some shows from the 70s that were epic and hard to match. Ive heard Cal Expo in 89 was the best show that some people have ever attended. For heads old and new.
I want to get a copy of Oregon State Prison. Was that 1982?? Ive seen it but have never had a chance to record it.

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Anyone up for some trading??

Id be up for trading various different bands from the dead to Marley or Led Zepplin. I mostly have dead but I do have one show from Marley when he played in Pittsburgh, then I also have one Zepplin show and a Garcia & John Kahn show as well. Id like to get some more Hendrix shows too. I had one show from 1968 I think it had an incredible version of 'machine gun' on it. Id like to replace that one.

Send me your lists or drop me a line at:

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hey now,

i've just recently discovered how cool 1980 is. Brent's still new and his voice sounds different than i've ever heard him, esp. on 9-6-80 (Lewiston, ME). many of the '80 shows have SICK Strangers, as well as UNBELIEVABLE Lost>Saints, and AWESOME Altheas. just three adjectives to describe some of the music. check out this show for Brent's voice, the three aforementioned songs, and the Alabama opener (which i absolutely love from 1980--anyone else think Alabama is one of the most underrated Dead songs of all-time?).

also, check out April Fool's 1980 (smokin' show), 1/13/80, and 5/7/80 (WOW--at Barton Hall, first and only Playin' in the Barn--check it out).

these are all just imho. ymmv, of course. peace.

I'm a Deadatarian; I don't eat Phish! (~):)

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MUST HAVE!!!!!!!

Could be the best show ever, also has a KILLER Dew and the "Sing me back Home" is one of the most tasteful and sweet songs I have heard by the Dead.

Words do not describe what is going on during the re-enter of "The Other One" out of "Dew", some of the most interesting stuff I have come across over my years of mining...YOU MUST HEAR THIS!!!!!! Bob Weir sounds like Kimock!!!!! I can see where Steve picked up some of his swirls...Keith and Pig were meant to play together, it's a shame that the Thunderbird got the best of him...

If you are a fan, this is one for the ages in my book.


05-26-72 The Strand Lyceum, London, England (Fri)

1: Promised, Sugaree, Mr. Charlie, B. T. Wind, Loser, Next Time, El Paso, Dire Wolf, Two Souls, Playin, He's Gone, Cumberland, Jack Straw, Chinatown Shuffle, China Cat> I Know You Rider, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA

2: Truckin> Other One> Drums> Other One> Morning Dew> Other One> Sing Me Back Home, Me & My Uncle, Ramble On, Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones E: Saturday Nigh

Dead to the Core


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