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essential Dead

..." one man gone and another to go..."

January 22, 1978 Eugene, OR 2nd set: find out for yourselves!!
June 16, 1974 Des Moines, IA
June 18, 1974 Louisville, KY
October 1, 1976 Indianapolis, IN Great audience tape is on LMA (thanks Jerry) No board?
November 6, 1977 Binghampton, NY Many groove on the 5th, but I like this one more
October 25, 1973 Madison, WI I can list just about any '73 show: They're all good.
July 2, 1971 San Francisco, CA 2nd set is extraordinary (Closing of the Fillmore)
I'll 2nd that emotion on previous pix from Veneta OR '72, adding 4/8/72 from England
May 1977 and June 1976 offer great sounding Betty Cantor recordings.

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help w/a dark star recording,..

speaking of great shows.,.. there was a show that i previously had a tape of (the date escapes me now), but it had an amazing dark star... it was a '70s recording i'm almost positive... one of those dark stars that was around 30 or so minutes and had (i think) two specific parts (one around 8 min maybe, the other later in the song) that crescendo to the point where it makes you drive faster and you have to keep yr cool. very jammy stuff.

any help would be appreciated in tracking this show date down again. i misplaced the recording i had.

feel free to email me at my username at hotmail.

thanks guys!

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Jerry and Phil Trippin in the park......?

Ok here is my problem.... (like we all don't have plenty of those) Years ago I had a show that i traded for, ummm well, not sure what it was now that i gave up, but i do know it was a smoking Laguna soundboard that i got. While the show was awesome the real gem on the tape was the filler. It was a skit done by Jerry and Phil set in the future in Golden Gate Park. Nearest i can figure it must have been from a FM broadcast made for a New Years Show maybe. But who knows?..... Well that is what I'm Any help would be ..ahh... well helpful..... lol

thanx folks and Stay Kind

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The Last Show

I have just a handful of tapes. I recall one recording from April 85' at the Philadelphia Spectrum. I think it was April. Jerry's vocals sounded like Kermit the Frog. Have a few 76' sets and I think a complete 77 winterland show--complete 91' June Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC shows. Complete 90' July Raleigh, NC show. The jam after "Uncle John's Band" was great at this show.

I am disappointed in the lack of anything past 92' on the Dick's Pick Series. I would have thought the last GD show at Soldier Field would have been preserved on CD for the ages. I want to have more 93-95 stuff.

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Probably mentioned already, but worthwhile for any collector.

Being a "mostly seen em' in the 80's" head who likes to get the shows he was at plus all the other "recommended" ones....I'll chime in with one's I have and would gladly copy for anybody who needs or desires.

8/19/80 Uptown Theatre Chicago I and II. (let's do a mind melt....first "Rooster")
9/15/82 Capital Center, Landover, MD I and II (nice audience tape, uptempo show...First "Touch of Grey")
4/9/85 Philly Spectrum I & II SB w/ audience mix. CRISP...The first set is any collector's "MUST" with a "Midnight hour-Walkin the Dog-Big Boss Man opening 3 songs! Not to mention the rest of this HIGH ENERGY affair cooks. Get it for the 1st set alone!
6/30/85 Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD I & II (Good time show with what myself (and a lot of others) consider to be the best Shakedown ever...what a "all one mind" jam it has...low Gen SBs)
7/1/85 Merriweather Post Pavillion I & II (Just a pickup of what they started the night before) and you can't beat the quaility of these SBs.
11/1/85 Richmond, VA Coliseum I & II...(Killer low gen boards and arguably (though no argument in my eyes) the best show of 1985...probably one of the best shows of the 80's.
3/19/86 Hampton, VA Coilseum - I & II Low Gen Audience (overall great show, first of the few "Visions of Johanna")
3/20/86 Hampton I & II...low gen aud. (everybody's gotta have the first Box of Rain in 13 years, even though the Althea beforehand is torturous with Jerry's fumbling of the lyrics.
12/27/86 Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium Oakland CA I & II. (low gen audience). Trippy show. Great "Dancin" and just overall nice performance. Those early "jerry's back shows really are worth having. next 3 I have both sets of each show.
12/28/86 (as above...)
12/30/86 (as above PLUS this show just was spectacularly played)
12/31/86 (well, it's NYE, show was "OK" but was nice quality tapes and worth any collection.
3/22/87 Hampton I & II - Board with audience mix.(NICE) Back on the east coast again after a long hiatus for Jer & the boys. Just the shear ENERGY is worth having this gem.
3/23/87 Hampton I & II - Board w/ aud mix low gen. If you don't have this show. YOU NEED IT. I prefer the 1st set with a SWEET "Stranger" and it just gets better.
3/24/87 Hampton II - Board/aud mix...the TERRAPIN for the ages. The band plays the audience, the audience plays the band, the energy BLEW THE ROOF OFF the coliseum on this night. Still sends shivers when I think about what we were all part of. ; )

I could go on, and have SO many more great tapes that are low gen SB's. I had/have a very good source close to Healy so that helped. (as well as lots of backstage visits : ) but just to name a few more off the top of my head, here are more without details, but WORTH the have. Contact me if you need something and I'll let you know if I have it, k. ; )

87/ Laguna Seca both shows..Roanoke both shows...Red Rocks all 3 shows both sets..MSG a mix of them but 9/18 for sure. New Years 12/30-31/87....
88/ Hampton all 3 nights (boards), Buckeye Lake (both sets, NICE CRISP audience), Greek Theatre all 3 nights both sets all boards. (that first night first set was insane and the Shakedown and Friend of the Devil are outstanding.....not to mention.....) : ) , Laguna Seca (CRISPYYYY! audience low gen), and if you don't have the "Playin in the Band" from this show, email me NOW!! ; )

And the list goes on. I have so many. just ask....but those were all shows I attended that are very much worth having for your collection.

peace out,

~Tom ( The AllTomMitt Drawing Machine)

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I need a miracle. . .

Maybe not a miracle, but still. . .

Looking for Garcia on the S. S. President (New Orleans) 11/3/82. Incredible night on the Mississippi. Just a few feet away from him. I have a partial that I picked up somewhere, but I'm hoping some kind soul has the full show.

Also, hoping and praying that a soundboard appears from somewhere of the 10/18 and 10/19/80 shows at the Saenger in New Orleans. I have aud recordings (for which I am enternally grateful) but would love to hear them again clear. From what I've heard/read even the band thought these shows were incredible. . .

Figured if there was a place that these could be found, this would be it.

Peace y'all.

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anyone have 7/17/94 RFK

anyone have 7/17/94 RFK stadium
3/5/92 hampton VA

my tapes are about shot, much thanks.

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Live Dead Record

I recently purchased a Grateful dead record off of ebay. It has a blank sleeve and that says nothing except "Grateful Dead Live" handwriten. The record only has the track listing Side 1 - Know you Rider, Casey Jones, Uncle John's Band Side 2 - Sugar Magnolia, Good Lovin. It also says MEL - 77 on the record. It sounds like an early 70's recording. Just wondering if anyone knew exactly what this is, who made it, where it came from?. Just curious and thought it was interesting. Take Care everyone.

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."

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here`s your sing
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...without a net...

...anyone help me out with a 3/29/90...


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