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Man, am I dumb!

So I go and examine the first disk of the Festival Express DVD and what do I find but a "Special Features" segment. I click on that and what do you know, but "Bonus Performances" shows up! I've had this DVD for about 8 months and never looked past the main feature.

OK - so "Hard to Handle" and "Easy Wind" are there after all (but just not in the "official movie").

Just to correct a previous error - in the pic of the band on stage, that is from Toronto, 6/27/70. The "Hard to Handle" vid is from Calgary, 7/03/70, and the "Easy Wind" vid description is correct.

The pic of the group on the train is most likely from the evening of 7/02/70, just before they arrive at Calgary.

All I can say, is that the whole DVD is priceless!

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Date confusion?

Some of my dates may be off. I'm going by what Deadbase tells me, and what I see on the DVD, and what the setlist off of the Festival Express website says.

Oh, it's soooo confusing! :-P

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I like the tie-dye speakers, purple shirts, cowboy hats and acoustic guitars from the Calgary, 7-03-70 photo. Nice visual. Jerry, Bob and Billy look good. Thanks Ed.

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Easy Wind - Winnipeg, 7/01/70

Here' another rare goody from the Wiinipeg concert. This one is also missing from the official DVD.

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that would be

John "Marmaduke" Dawson of the New Riders next to Janis above.

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Never had such a good time....

I was always happy these guys got to do this.

As Bob said, "That train was buzzin down the tracks".

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Excellent stuff Ed!

Love the pics and trivia...

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Some pictures...

Most likely Calgary, 7-03-70

Jamming on the train. Rick Danko, Janis, ?, Jerry, Bob Weir.

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More trivia...
  • Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter wrote the song "Might As Well" about the Festival Express train trip. This song, performed over the years by The Grateful Dead, has lots of lyrics referencing this trip: "Long train running from coast to coast/bringing long the party where they need it the most" and "Never had such a good time/in my life before/I'd like to have it one time more/One good ride from start to end/I'd like to take that ride again."
  • There were two bands, Traffic and Ten Years After, that were on the Festival Express tour but are not seen in the movie. The producers of the film could not get the musical rights.
  • In the "C.C. Rider" jam scene, Jerry Garcia can be seen playing the famous rosewood Fender Telecaster played by George Harrison in the last public performance of The Beatles, on the roof of Apple Headquarters. It was loaned to Garcia by Delaney Bramlett; the two can be seen on-stage together during the jam. Harrison had given it to Bramlett after they toured together briefly.
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    Hard to handle

    Apparently, this song was not in the Festival Express DVD.



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