Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jul 29 2009
All Hail...

...The Walking Dead.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
still my face

i freckin can't figer frickin out how to put my picture on these thing it don't even have a freckin tape deck whats happen to us if wanted some cool hippi gear you went to cool hippi gear place and hung out as a real true hippi communitie were papa dancin bear made sure that sister dancin bear was'int bein hassled by the monster rat and made to turn the gratefuldead up so loud that only the bears would be happy come on don't everybody forget about what the music was way before letting the monster rat deskies it's money hungery untrue uglyhate in clouned hippi gear.please set a better example in the many generations of trueness in the deadheads ways and please don't desrespect were we came from and the excitement those dudes up by hieght street gave to us for free the music brothers and sisters please don't let the monster get the baby dancin bears us old time deadheads hippi gear was what ever we found crusin down billboard avenue alagateralagateralagater!!!!!!!!! come on don't be yes a phil and be true peace & rockon righton and livelong hippies becouse the wizard is very sleepy and is missin to much untrueness can't keep up with the swepin up with the not forgotten

jonapi (not verified)

a beautiful adaption of Nigel Slater's autobiography; wonderful cook, inspirational human being, let food come to LIFE!

ignite your culinary tender fireworks and seek out his books and programmes.
gentle explosions on the tongue, fizz and effervescence, sticky and sweet, soft and crisp, sweet and sour, sugar and all things spice.

lamagonzo (not verified)

have a haunting beauty.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Thanks GDean

I do have Commcast on demand but this must be a premium, pay per view series.

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Gonz -- Breaking Bad

Bad break. I'm guessing by the question that you don't have any AMC On Demand options on your cable/satellite?

I think that you can pay $2 an episode to watch on amazon instant video. There also seemed to be an indication that AMC will show something on Dec 5...but what I saw didn't have a lot of detail, no episode listing just a date and time (12 am EST).

jonapi (not verified)
proof if proof were needed...

it isn't just humans.

comic timing on a level the genius of Chaplin.

lamagonzo (not verified)
so bummed....

....I was on tour and missed the last three (or four) episodes of Breaking Bad.

Anybody know where to find it on the net?

jonapi (not verified)
Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet - the new David Attenborough series. absolutely astonishing.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

jonapi (not verified)
i reclaim it

Mark Lawson interviews Gilbert & George.

Wonderful to them on television again. Beautiful artists.


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Fifty-seven channels....