Grateful Dead

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Surreal show of the year:

Surreal show of the year: Wilfred.

Starring Elijah Wood, a twenty-something loser who's next-door neighbor's dog is a guy in a dog suit who talks and smokes weed- but only Elijah sees the guy. Everyone else sees a real dog. Why this happens is NEVER explained which is part of the genius of this show. A must see.

J.T. Gossard

lamagonzo (not verified)
Breaking Bad premier Season 4..

...much anticipated and short on dialog. I think this is a great series and the characters comments during lead-up to series premiere really shows where the show is headed.

Great panoramas and and scenes, cameras work edited, in New Mexico.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Daily Show hosts Sen. Bernie Sandrers 4/27/11

Bernie Sanders laid it on the line. Extending Bush's tax cuts for the rich by Congress while cutting programs for the poor by the Republicans now in power.
Now these inane assholes like Boehner and Cantor (R) majority leaders in the house and Senate, want to do away with:

Social Security
Minimum Wage
Collective Bargaining

And much, much more that effects your children now.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention (or are one of the rich people making more than a 100 million a year that we should lynch in the public square.)

Hey folks! 3 years past on this Wall St scam pulled off by Goldman and not one person has gone to trial, never mind to jail. Bernie Madhoff wasn't guilty of mortgage-backed securities being hedged (all dogs have their day)

I am proud that the only independent socialist senator comes from the state where I live. The great State of Vermont where Democracy is real. I know reading these pages not many people care, but I do.

See the extended version at www.theDaily

lamagonzo (not verified)
Breaking Bad 4th season premiere in July

AMC has announced a 4th season of "Breaking Bad" They will rerun the last three seasons in hour segments before then.

I urge people to watch this show unless you're not into quality everything about the production values and acting. The plot-line may not appeal to some but you can't say it isn't filled with real pathos.

I think it's the best thing on TV.

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30 Rock...

Did anyone catch Tina Fey's "shout-out" to johnman and myself on the last episode? Hahahaha! Very kewl...!

lamagonzo (not verified)
PBS: McCartney Jam @ the Whitehouse

Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello & others jam out with Paul on Beatles tunes. Pretty cool and packed one hour special.

lamagonzo (not verified)
lol Mr. Pid!

Yeahhh, Miller is a serious griping sourpuss. Guess he missed out on the big money during his career, huh?

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Finchy et al

anything, ANYTHING to spare us from the inane blather of Johnny Miller...

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

lamagonzo (not verified)
ESPN all purpose announcers...

...really sucked for the US Open at Pebble Beach this year. Give me Ian Baker-Finch and the team from the Golf Channel anyday.

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It only lasted two seasons...

but Carnivale did it for me. Simply a beautiful show. Oh how I wish HBO would bring it back :(


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