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jonapi (not verified)
Colour Sound Oblivion

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as previously noted more than once, you are free to post your political views in the current events topic and such topics as may be started in the future where they are explicitly relevant (as, in this case, should there ever be an Eric Holder topic).

This, however, is the TV topic, with no relevant connection whatever.

Any future such posts here or in other inappropriate threads will be summarily deleted.


Mod hat off.

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Not that it is relevant to this thread

But I think you know what happened to Terry, Dewlover. He was shot by a weapon that was from the US government's "Fast & Furious" operation that was badly bungled (see my post in the Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind thread).

I haven't read comments by any Deadheads who feel "Brian Terrys' parents have no right to know exactly what happened to their son". Could you please point out some evidence for that assertion? We know where the guns came from. It wasn't a plot to kill Bill Terry. I think the bad guys have access to guns without the US Government's help.

Why don't you admit that you just hate Obama and are chewing on this particular bone because it is an election year and this administration has been so free of scandal this is the only thing you have to go on? Nobody on this site cares about this, Dewlover. Nobody. Get help for your hate before it's too late! There are many good, free programs available to help with this tendency.

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So Sad...

I've been following this story about the murder of Brian Terry and find it sickening that Holder thinks it's more important to keep his secrets, save face and cover up the facts of the case than it is to be open and transparent and release the documents requested by the Congressional investigative team...I wonder why the incredibly embarrasing "Deadheads for Oblamer" agree that Brian Terrys' parents have no right to know exactly what happened to their son...???

jonapi (not verified)
operatic orchids and sand

South Bank Show documentary on the novelist, journalist, short story writer and willing participant in psychogeography, Will Self.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

jonapi (not verified)
metaphysical transporters

Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany.

excellent documentary on some of the most transcendent music ever produced. featuring Can, Amon Düül II, Popol Vuh, Cluster, Neu!, Faust and more.

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Trailer Park Boys

About a trailer park in Nova Scotia. Its rather campy with a story line about a couple of losers in a trailer park who just got out of jail and their adventures. They like to shoot of guns but they are just white trash hosers who don't mean to harm anyone as they drink and attempt to grow dope.

My favorite character is Bubbles who wears inch thick glasses backwards that make his eyes look huge. It's a good show to watch when you're trashed. The episode where one of them is offered $160 to buy hydroponics if he acts in a porno movie is especially hilarious.

Leahy, as the ex-cop trailer park security is especially funny.

jonapi (not verified)

wonderful series by Simon Reeve.

Africa -

Asia -

South America -

please visit and enjoy more about Simon Reeve, broadcaster, author, tv presenter -

recent series, Indian Ocean should be available on BBC America. better still, purchase his DVDs.

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Breaking Bad returns for 5th season

on July 15th. The show has lost some of it's better production values and nice time lapse of New Mexico's landscapes and skys but the story is still relatively fresh after five years, which is hard to do.

Starting this Sunday at midnight you can watch/tivo the entire series. Amazingly, the commercial encourages people to record! The AMC channel has consistently provided some of the best new content starting with Mad Men and Breaking Bad about 6 years ago.

Amazing. Who is reponsible for turning around this sleepy cable channel known for John Wayne and old Westerns?

jonapi (not verified)
"damn it, can't a man have a biscuit?"

Destination Titan.

true British ingenuity at it's best.
brings a tear to the eye.


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