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By suggestion: so, the surviving members reunite. Who should be on lead guitar and why?


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about a year gone by

since the last remarks on the subject--how are folks feeling about John K's work and how he's settling in (and/or shaking things up)?

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So long, Bear.

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Merle would be interesting!

I actually hope to see him later this year! Anyway, as to the question. I have two personal faves over the years. I have reluctantly gotten on the John bandwagon. He has impressed the hell out of me both with Furthur and with DSO. I thought I wouldn't want to hear an "impersonator" but he loves and knows the music and I hear his own ideas coming through while being reminiscent of Jerry. My other fave was Steve Kimock (of course with him you're only talking about guitar and not vocals). I saw him with the Other Ones years ago and also saw him twice with Ratdog. I love his guitar and he brings a somewhat more "original" sound. That said I've enjoyed all the various incarnations and appreciate the contributions of all the guitarists who've filled in. There will never be another Jerry, but I decided sometime ago to enjoy the music and stop being overly critical. Life's too short! Peace.

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Merle Haggard

Go ahead, make fun of me.

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John Kadlecik's efforts

I feel the boys made a good choice with John for Furthur. Him and DSO have been playing these songs for many years and I feel he knows how to simulate a Jerry lead. Even though it is just a simulation it is still very special. What an honor to be asked to play with actual members after playing in a cover band. I read an interview with John and he said the first song he jammed with them was Playing in the Band... how appropriate! I feel him and the boys are enjoying the situation as well as the fans. So dont be castin stones for playin in the band!

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saw with P&F few years back

CHRIS ROBINSON did a great job in my opinion saw bout six shows wit Chris singing all smokin shows

Joined: Apr 6 2008
easy choice.....

Stu Allen of The Schwag (GD Tribute) and JGB w/Melvin Seals.....he nails the Jerry vocals while still making them his own and has both the JGB and GD song catalog down....I feel like he would be the one to truly take it "Furthur" into uncharted territory all the while maintaining what has started all of this in the first place.

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Jerry Impersonator?

This topic actually inspired me to sign up, just so I could ask this question.

Why would anyone want to listen to The Grateful Dead with a Jerry Impersonator?

I mean, I love the man as much as anyone, and for this reason I know that a "replacement" who simply aped his style and approach would be more of an insult to his memory than an homage.

The guitarists mentioned are all capable musicians who love the music and seem to jell well with the rest of the group. What more could we ask for? Isn't THAT the spirit of this band? A group of fine musicians playing great music and connecting both with each other and with the audience through the music? And if so, can a member of the group be too "Bluesy" or too "Technical" or "Tweaky" if they're playing WITH the band, FOR the audience, and FROM the heart?

That being said, I don't think I honestly want an all out Grateful Dead reunion. It wouldn't be the same...even if it sounded it.

Just my (not so?) humble opinion.

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i only know the Grateful Dead not the Dead or P&F or Ratdog, am looking forward to a couple shows this spring and will hear it then. i saw the GD after Brent and something to me was missing, there must be a reason the core four have warren again for this tour. . Like the comment on how they are calling them elves the Dead and Not GD totally agree i kinda liked the name the Other ones too was kinda cool, subliminal in a way. I do like the set lists I see from P&F and RD some Good Ole GD in there stuff the GD hadn't played for years and great lin up too. Well as for me as long as I walk away with my head blown off saying to myself that was fucking awesome and singning to myself "think i come back here every now and then time to time" BUZZ.

Ever notice Deadheads always look like they always have this tune playing in thier heads just walking around smilin. oh yea I can't turn off my head show either. going home people going home. can't wait. Wonder if some of these venues security and towns are thinking "O fuck thier back here they come again to empty the liquor stores and reign a somewhat controlled madness upon the the masses. The circus is back in town yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa.

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Right you are bout one thing dire wolf

You're certainly entitled to an opinion, and it is also worth saying!!!!!!!! :-D Think ALL opinions worth saying out loud here, as long as they're not said in a mean and insulting way bout anybody.
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Filling the Big Shoes...