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you'll probably do better in the Tickets Offered topic.

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Tickets for the April 28 Show

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Section 126
Row 26
Seats 15-18
I paid $430 for the set - That is face value and the fees

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War Stories from a youngin

Once upon a time at Oakland Coliseum, sometime in '94 I saw The Grateful Dead.

I always hung out in the parking lot DD (don't ask but that's how we did it) and even had tickets to the show....went up to "the gate" and they pulled me aside (outside of the venue) mind you and "searched" me. Ended up minus: 2 tix, 1 friend to the Bacon, 1 small 8th of Shomps, 14 hits of Pyramids, and $82 in cash....yet those fucks still let me in the show.....I was totally pissed, but at the same time, I loved that show with all my heart!
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

lamagonzo (not verified)
War Stories Forum under "The Scene"

If you missed it, like I did, GD War Stories live under the Topic "The Scene", first subtopic
"Really Bad Scenes".

Jeez, GOGD, you posted there, why didn't you tell me? You too Frankly! I wanna hear the one about the horse cop and the paper that messed you up! A lot of people seem to be afraid of those horse cops!

I think it is good to hear the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. It was part of the package! The scene has mellowed out considerably now, though. It ain't The Grateful Dead anymore, a living breathing thing that was more than the sum of it's parts.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Frankly, War stories may be to weird!

Hey Now Frankly!
Wondered if I knew you. Yeah, but probably not from this life. Really loved your art though. It is way out there, especially the lotus petals around '"The Wheel"! Hope others check your stuff out.
If you look, I did post on "Around the Fire". Check it out if you want, it's probably 2 or 3 pages back (or more) by now.
The thing I want (& GOGD too, apparently) is a place to tell "war stories". Given all the cautionary warnings about what to post I guess it may not be the best topic. I don't particularly care what I post, as long as it doesn't offend, but others -- well, let us just say Paranoia Strikes Deep.
Telling stories about the truly weird, strange, down & dirty & interfaces with the man might just overload the circuits. Maybe better to ask around the campfire at the actual campfire on this tour!
When the Dead are singing tales through live human beings you know it gonna' get stranger, so we'll get on with the show -- probably without this topic.
Hope to meet you round he campfire! We'll shoot the shit till the sun comes up and the angels and demons quit careening through the shadows!

Joined: Jan 11 2008
Hallo Lamagonzo,..

i see you are asking for a place to tell "cautionary tales"to other DHs.well,well,well....there is a place like is a topic called - "storytelling...The Tribe around the fire"and you can find it on the DHs site.Everybody is invited to tell whatever strange,wonderful or totally far-out experience that person wants to share with the rest of the bunch:-)Rock on..tell us all that you know!!!!!!!!!

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agreed gonzo, almost went to jail for 5 in Maryland. Mandatory for paper. But lucked out by getting kicked by a horse and hit with a club. Was pretty hurt and bleeding. Hooked with some kind people cleaned me up got me back on my feet.

lamagonzo (not verified)
It Wasn't All Roses & Patchouli

Might we beg a place to tell our cautionary tales of tours gone by?
It wasn't all roses and patchouli out there and nobody has to look at the topic if they don't want to. Just thought the yung'uns ought to know.

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you're rite, ya kno

Joined: Oct 4 2008
Brent & Merl are missed

Outside of that I'm bummed. I miss JG, Brent and so on. I am just about disgusted with the politics attached to this band now. Lets move on... Hopefully "Our Savior" will fix it all, but let us try to keep the ones who can't say how they feel because they are gone out of it. IE JG


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