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Chris -

Thank you for your kind words about Sirius 32!

"Sirius Disorder" was the old name of channel 32. There is some major system-wide thing that has to happen in order to get the name changed on the sets; I don't know when that's going to happen, but it will happen eventually.

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I love my Sirius

Greetings all!

I purchased a Sirius subscription shortly after the premier of The Dead Channel on Sirius. I can't think of the last time that I got as much enjoyment out of a toy purchase than my Sirius. We take it with us everywhere we go when we travel and have it installed in both our vehicles. My wife's family lives six hours from us and we no longer have to pack and unpack music for our trips.

From time to time I have to remind myself that there are some 180 other channels and I will play around with the news talk stations, Elvis, Frank and especially the 80's channel with the MTV VJ's!

I have hundreds of tapes and discs of Grateful Dead shows that I used to parade around with all over the place. Since I purchased my Sirius, they do little more than collect dust in my basement. It is very freshing to not have a half dozen random sets in the back seat of the vehicle at all times.

For me, Sirius has taken my radio listening experience to a new level and I hardly listen to FM radio anymore. I would not mind the merger with XM but for selfish reasons as I want the MLB package before the start of the baseball season.

I see that David Gans posts on this thread from time to time. A question for you David: I understand that Disorder was the name of the channel before The Dead took over. Do you think you can do anything to get the folks at Sirius to change the name of our channel from Disorder to The Grateful Dead Channel?

My wife and I enjoy listening to you and your input with the programming.

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just found out about

just found out about this!!

Bob Weir To Take Over Grateful Dead Channel

Grateful Dead band member Bob Weir will be taking over the Grateful Dead Channel 32 this coming Tuesday at 8:00 om ET. On past occasions Weir has done a Country flavored show as well as a show dedicated to Bob Dylan, but this time Jazz fans have something to cheer about.

Weir is slated to play about an hours worth of his favorite Jazz tunes, so get your Stilettos and S50’s ready in advance. If you miss the show on Tuesday, no worries. Sirius will replay it Weds., Jan. 16th @ 3 pm ET; Thurs., Jan. 17th @ 10 am ET; Fri., Jan. 18th @ 12 am ET; Fri., Jan. 18th @ 4 pm ET; Sat., Jan. 19th @ 4 pm ET; Sun., Jan. 20th @ 10 am ET.

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Political and social soapboxes aside, all the New Year's run show that were played on GD channel were a real treat. If I might make a suggestion, I look forward to hearing David Lemeiux's comments and intros to 'This Day In GD History', but we can barely hear him. Any chance he could get a better mic/mix and/or move closer to the mic? Great job.

His job is to shed light, not to master...

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GARC1A's Address?

Hey GARC1A, could you please provide your address so I can have the bill sent to you? I looked on your profile but didn't see it provided. Thanks!
I can't wait to get my own satellite radio business, then I can spend money I'm not making but instead of going broke and out of business, I'll cry "poor" to the commerce regulators who will assist me by creating a less competitive environment and then charge my customers whatever I want. I can see droves of deadheads signing up for the service when it's over $100 per month, which it could be after the merger due to the extraordinary spending habits of this group of business owners. They make NASA look like spinsters when comparing the costs of the now mundane task of launching a geo synced satellite, much less what Sirius spent to get Howard Stern, who's as stale as your aunt's fruit cake, imo. When no one can afford to "pay up and enjoy the ride" at that point, we won't have our own channel anymore. Oh and guess what else waits for everyone, once the merger is completed - ADVERTISING!
For the record, I've never been against the GD channel and for those that can afford such things, satellite radio, in general. "Wake up and find out that you are the eyes of the world..."

"If the forms of this world die, which is more real, the me that dies or the me that's infinite? Can I trust my habitual mind, or do I need to learn to look beneath those things?"

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sirius radio

Well you know son you just can't figure , finally we get our own channel yet still some people have to bitch . The $12.95 a month is a gift, the GD channel is a wonderful thing . I just 5 minutes ago heard Little Sadie from 10-30-80 and it was a treat. So people PLEASE stop overthinking this thing. In this case a monopoly in a land of only 2 businesses is needed because no merger could eventually bring both parties to a end. Then we,d have to listen to jerkoffs like Imus , Opie and Anthony , Cousin Brucie or whatever puppetheads are in your area. Id rather die before listening to traffic and weather with call letters every 6 minutes.And p.s it is unfortunatley for Rhino and the GD about $$$$ because with no $$$$ there is no GD channel - future releases etc ..... So pay up and enjoy the ride.

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From what I've heard, both xm and sirius are bleeding money at this point. They have to create their own programing, their own satellites, their own radios, and compete with regular radio, ipods, cds and countless other media. For me, it competes directly with TV because while I'm at home, it is a constant decision as to whether to listen to Sirius or watch the tube. Furthermore, it is the NAB (National Association of Brocasters) who represent regular radio, who are the ones contributing money to the politicians who are discussing the anti trust issues. To me, that makes it pretty clear that Satellite radio is competing with regular radio at least...
But what do I know, mostly I just fear that if the govt. continues to sit on this issue or disallows the merger entirely, the companies will go bankrupt. That would really bum me out since I enjoy this media more than I can believe... I probably listen 6 hours a day! So I say that if the government doesn't see a problem with FOX owning the Wall Street Journal - they should approve this merger already - especially considering it would affect less than 5% of the population at this point...

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I know for myself I am

I know for myself I am concern with which package to buy... Yearly or lifetime?

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Sirius Mistake

I still think creating a monopoly is a bad idea, in this situation. I'd much rather see the nuts and bolts of the industry merged and regulated as a necessary monopoly and it's costs (of the utility part of the business) passed along to consumers, in a timely manner through the spun off broadcasting companies themselves (I'd accept changes to those timelines as this new industry emerges and the facts are more available). This would allow for more access to the party for those interested in creating really competitive "stations" in this market. The reasoning, at this point, seems to be, "the business is ours, we paid for it, we want to do with it, as we please", which isn't wrong, just short sighted, imo. The owners are cool people, NOW. What about the future? That idea aside, what about the money these cats are losing? "The franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams" (Ghostbusters)
Why can't I get what I want, from any satellite supplier? I didn't buy an FM only radio for my car, in the past, why do I need to make that choice now? Interoperable Technologies already has a system that can play both providers signals. They claim the companies will exist seperately, once merged, so what gives? Spin off the burdensome utilities and move on! Sure, there needs to be a minimum or basic package I would buy from a company I would need to choose, but it doesn't seem capitalistic enough to me to rely on "exclusivity" alone to cover the prohibitive costs of this industry's startup and future. For that reason, millions of people are on the fence about buying satellite radio, NOW. Those are lost revenues, in a perishable sense. David Gans and company could make even more money and be more secure (more important than $$$ to me) in doing what they do, because they couldn't be kicked to the curb by individuals that control the entire market.
All in all, just something to think about, in the USA at this time. We sit strategically atop a new industry that will undoubtedly be improved upon by another country, like Japan. I say we make the task much more difficult by getting it "right" the first time.

"I tell you Max, I don't know why I ever leave this place. I've got all the company I need right here." - The Grinch

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Thanks David

It sounds like you guys have a pretty good staff over there at the GD Channel. I look forward to getting on that bus some time soon. Please let Rob know that he has done an outstanding job with the play list at Radiio. In all honesty, I probably don't want to know where his material comes long as there is music to rock my soul.

Peace -



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