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25th anniversary of 83 shows

I hope the folks at Sirius will play a lot of the 1983 Grateful Dead shows this year!

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Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with the Grateful Dead and SIRIUS

Enjoy back-to-back outdoor Grateful Dead concerts all weekend long on The Dead Outdoors! Whether they were performed at a racetrack, an outdoor stadium or a sports arena, these concerts are sure to rock your Memorial Day weekend and help get you ready for a summer of outdoor shows. Beginning Friday, May 23rd at 9 pm ET through Memorial Day at 12 am ET.

Not a SIRIUS subscriber? Go to and sign up for our FREE 3-DAY ONLINE TRIAL to start listening today!

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I agree!

Dan Haugh is the guy who did the work.

He is a vendor of recording media and other stuff for people like us, btw:

Gans/GD Hour blog
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The sound is excellent on 4-27-85 Frost Amp.

The guy who blended, or mixed, the tapes did a grate job. Thanks for the interview at the beginning also, you both explained the process very clearly. The musicians all sound excellent, but Phil really sounds extra crispy. A super show from an incredible venue, what's not to love? I got it cranked to 11 right now. So if ya got the time, can you please do the rest of the tapes like this one? Thank you...

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I'm seriously thinking about getting sirius after this wonderful news.....

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Chris -

Thank you for your kind words about Sirius 32!

"Sirius Disorder" was the old name of channel 32. There is some major system-wide thing that has to happen in order to get the name changed on the sets; I don't know when that's going to happen, but it will happen eventually.

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I love my Sirius

Greetings all!

I purchased a Sirius subscription shortly after the premier of The Dead Channel on Sirius. I can't think of the last time that I got as much enjoyment out of a toy purchase than my Sirius. We take it with us everywhere we go when we travel and have it installed in both our vehicles. My wife's family lives six hours from us and we no longer have to pack and unpack music for our trips.

From time to time I have to remind myself that there are some 180 other channels and I will play around with the news talk stations, Elvis, Frank and especially the 80's channel with the MTV VJ's!

I have hundreds of tapes and discs of Grateful Dead shows that I used to parade around with all over the place. Since I purchased my Sirius, they do little more than collect dust in my basement. It is very freshing to not have a half dozen random sets in the back seat of the vehicle at all times.

For me, Sirius has taken my radio listening experience to a new level and I hardly listen to FM radio anymore. I would not mind the merger with XM but for selfish reasons as I want the MLB package before the start of the baseball season.

I see that David Gans posts on this thread from time to time. A question for you David: I understand that Disorder was the name of the channel before The Dead took over. Do you think you can do anything to get the folks at Sirius to change the name of our channel from Disorder to The Grateful Dead Channel?

My wife and I enjoy listening to you and your input with the programming.

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just found out about

just found out about this!!

Bob Weir To Take Over Grateful Dead Channel

Grateful Dead band member Bob Weir will be taking over the Grateful Dead Channel 32 this coming Tuesday at 8:00 om ET. On past occasions Weir has done a Country flavored show as well as a show dedicated to Bob Dylan, but this time Jazz fans have something to cheer about.

Weir is slated to play about an hours worth of his favorite Jazz tunes, so get your Stilettos and S50’s ready in advance. If you miss the show on Tuesday, no worries. Sirius will replay it Weds., Jan. 16th @ 3 pm ET; Thurs., Jan. 17th @ 10 am ET; Fri., Jan. 18th @ 12 am ET; Fri., Jan. 18th @ 4 pm ET; Sat., Jan. 19th @ 4 pm ET; Sun., Jan. 20th @ 10 am ET.

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Political and social soapboxes aside, all the New Year's run show that were played on GD channel were a real treat. If I might make a suggestion, I look forward to hearing David Lemeiux's comments and intros to 'This Day In GD History', but we can barely hear him. Any chance he could get a better mic/mix and/or move closer to the mic? Great job.

His job is to shed light, not to master...

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GARC1A's Address?

Hey GARC1A, could you please provide your address so I can have the bill sent to you? I looked on your profile but didn't see it provided. Thanks!
I can't wait to get my own satellite radio business, then I can spend money I'm not making but instead of going broke and out of business, I'll cry "poor" to the commerce regulators who will assist me by creating a less competitive environment and then charge my customers whatever I want. I can see droves of deadheads signing up for the service when it's over $100 per month, which it could be after the merger due to the extraordinary spending habits of this group of business owners. They make NASA look like spinsters when comparing the costs of the now mundane task of launching a geo synced satellite, much less what Sirius spent to get Howard Stern, who's as stale as your aunt's fruit cake, imo. When no one can afford to "pay up and enjoy the ride" at that point, we won't have our own channel anymore. Oh and guess what else waits for everyone, once the merger is completed - ADVERTISING!
For the record, I've never been against the GD channel and for those that can afford such things, satellite radio, in general. "Wake up and find out that you are the eyes of the world..."

"If the forms of this world die, which is more real, the me that dies or the me that's infinite? Can I trust my habitual mind, or do I need to learn to look beneath those things?"


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