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Joined: Oct 3 2007
Love Sirius!

Man - the launch of the Dead Channel has been awesome! Great live shows and some really great stuff from Pig Pen.

This channel really kicks butt! They actually played a 95 show I was at and I remembered it being a crappy show. After listening to it on the channel I changed my mind. It was a pretty decent show.

Anyway -

One thing that annoyed me today was the 9AM Pacific show. The show was from Kansas in 85, I think. But - with access to the vault why play a master audience tape, that sounded like it was recored in a tin can? I have plenty of those shows in my collection :)

Oh yeah - i also like the little segment of This Day in Dead History, or something like that. He always plays good stuff. How come the show sounds crisp but his (I don't know who does it) voice sounds like it has been recorded using two cans and a piece of string?

I shouldn't complain - the channel rocks!

Just got finished a nice 60's Dark Star....they are definitely dishing up some good Dark Stars

Joined: Jul 11 2007
Sirius Rocks!!

This is a blessing. I am enjoying it!!

We've lost our way...but we are way ahead of schedule.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Wowie Zowie GD Channel

Wowie Zowie GD Channel 32

Thanks for the sound

We Love You

Joined: Sep 7 2007
Just get Sirius

I'm telling you all, between the Jam On station and the GD station, plus every major sport except just can't go wrong with Sirius. For those of you that are XM subscribers, you really have two choices: (1) get an online only subscription to Sirius (which does you no good in the car, but is cheaper than buying a radio and paying the subscription fee) or (2) cancel XM and get Sirius.....surely the marginal cost cannot be greater than the joy you'll get out of having an entire channel devoted to the greatest band of all-time right?

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
Sirius Resets to Disorder????

Wow! I loved listening to 4 hours of the crowd montage gearing up for the launch of the station and the sweet 74 show.

As time time approached, I made sure all my household chores were done, after being up for 17 hours in anticipation of the launch.

Here it comes!! Oh yeah! Promised Land!!!

Before the end of the first verse, my Sirious player had a Sirius Fit and switched it automatically over to what the station used to be. I looked at my player, and sure enough, it's on Channel 32, but now it says Sirius Disorder.... which is supposed to be Channel 70... WTF???

So after powering down my player 3 times, waiting for it to connect, and hitting 32 and still getting Disorder... It gets the idea that I'm highly pissed and finally reloads the channel list with 32 being the Dead channel. In the middle of Me & My Uncle.

Hopefully, that will be the one and only glitch. I subscribed to Sirius specifically for this channel (and maybe a bit of the comedy.)

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Sirius Mistake?

I was a bit unimpressed with the idea of the boys stopping by for the new radio show (on the basis that there is only so much time and energy to spare from touring) but after hearing Steve Parish field questions and give his view from back stage (streaming GDH # 796 on this site), I now believe I was wrong. I loved the story about Jerry singing/playing "to" the guy in the audience ;-) as well as the other stories.
Thanks again, DG.

The Dude Abides!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

I'll be grateful for whatever they contribute to the Sirius radio show but they can't be making music (touring) and be committed to everything else, from the vault to this new radio show, at the same time. I prefer to see them live, everything else is bonus.

The Dude Abides!

Joined: May 26 2007
Band members

The band members have said they will contribute from time to time. No one is expecting them to do regular features.

GD Hour blog
Station list

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
ummm yeah...

Well, read into Bob's statement about Sirius; "We, the guys in the band, get to be involved as much as we can" I love Bob, but that's a little ambiguous... Most of the guys in the band have much better stuff to do than hang out with some program directors at a radio station! And notice he didn't say that the guys in the band ARE GOING to be involved as much as they can... Sirius gave them an open invitation to come by when convenient... I presume that the band won't be super involved, but I think they will drop by from time to time for an interview or something.
Further, I don't need Bob to be the one sifting through the vault! Usually the artists aren't the best judge of their own work, in my opinion.
my 2 cents!

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

Compare and contrast.

1. Interview with Bob Weir re 3FTV on

Q. How involved are you in the archival releases? Do you actually participate in the process, or do you just sign off at the end?

A. The guys in the band really aren't all that involved. We all have different, ongoing projects that take up our time: I have my band Ratdog; Mickey and Phil have their own things going. So I think I can speak for everybody that we look at our archives as our past accomplishments -- we're happy with them, proud of them, but not really all that concerned about them. There's only so much I'm going to be able to enjoy going back to that stuff.

2. Quote from Bob Weir re launch of Sirius
"This is gonna be one fun channel," Weir said in a statement. "We, the guys in the band, get to be involved as much as we can, and we'll make sure it's fun. We want the fans to be involved as well."

Anyone care to comment?


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