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ummm yeah...

Well, read into Bob's statement about Sirius; "We, the guys in the band, get to be involved as much as we can" I love Bob, but that's a little ambiguous... Most of the guys in the band have much better stuff to do than hang out with some program directors at a radio station! And notice he didn't say that the guys in the band ARE GOING to be involved as much as they can... Sirius gave them an open invitation to come by when convenient... I presume that the band won't be super involved, but I think they will drop by from time to time for an interview or something.
Further, I don't need Bob to be the one sifting through the vault! Usually the artists aren't the best judge of their own work, in my opinion.
my 2 cents!

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Compare and contrast.

1. Interview with Bob Weir re 3FTV on

Q. How involved are you in the archival releases? Do you actually participate in the process, or do you just sign off at the end?

A. The guys in the band really aren't all that involved. We all have different, ongoing projects that take up our time: I have my band Ratdog; Mickey and Phil have their own things going. So I think I can speak for everybody that we look at our archives as our past accomplishments -- we're happy with them, proud of them, but not really all that concerned about them. There's only so much I'm going to be able to enjoy going back to that stuff.

2. Quote from Bob Weir re launch of Sirius
"This is gonna be one fun channel," Weir said in a statement. "We, the guys in the band, get to be involved as much as we can, and we'll make sure it's fun. We want the fans to be involved as well."

Anyone care to comment?

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Heard the NPR plug

This morning on NPR's Markplace USA there was a spot for the show with 'Box' playing in the backround. Very cool.... Cant wait...


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Tiger Lilly

Sirius is available on an internet stream around the globe, but the receivers only work in North America.

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Seems that

we are deprived of this whole phenomena. Is a U.S. only thing, from what I can tell. Is this correct-Sirius is only available in America?

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that rocks!!can't wait 4 the

that rocks!!can't wait 4 the dead channel 2 start on sept 7. listened to the preview of the dead channel. was totally cool. changing speed a little bit. i did hear that if sirius and xm r allowed to merge there will be best of xm or sirius available 2 both services. so it is possible that an xm subscriber could get the dead channel if it is offered in the best of sirius on xm

cool dead channel promo on sirius website

if u want sirius and xm 2 merge take the time to voice you're opinion. only takes a minute

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Thank you for posting that link! I'm so stoked for this channel to get going already - I can finally stop listening to those surreptitiously downloaded Taper's section mp3's... ;^)

And to answer another post, there is definitely a difference in the audio quality of the stations. I am a Stern fan myself and I'm able to keep 48 min 34 sec of his channel in pause on my little starmate receiver. But when I pause Jam On (for instance), I'm only able to keep 42 min. or so... And when I wrote to ask about this incongruity, the answer I received was that the bandwidth is higher on music stations than talk radio... seems reasonable... I think the Sirius suits are just spreading the bandwidth where they need to... and hopefully they understand that The Grateful Dead Channel needs lots of bandwidth!!!

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Official Launch Date For GD Channel On Sirus

Go here:

For the 'official' press release regarding the launch of the channel. It's about time, eh? Have fun, kids!!

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Audio quality and...

I have been pretty impressed with the sound quality. When the "sneak preview" started on August 1 I was listening via the Dish network, and it sounded fine. Then my receiver arrived and it sounded just as good.

I don't know if there are differences in the quality of the audio transmission on different channels, but Sirius seems committed to the success of this one, and I can personally account for the high quality of the material they're broadcasting because I prepared several of the complete concerts personally.

As got Jerry Band shows, we're hoping to have all the band members' other projects represented in the flow of things.

GD Hour blog
Station list

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Quality of Sirius Radio

Hey there,
Am I the only one that feels this way or is the sound quality of Sirius way below FM quality? I got Sirius for Howard Stern and I am very excited about the dead channel. For talk radio I don't really care about quality but some stations the treble has a tinny sound that feels a little "audiostreamy" if you know what I mean. I have been in rental cars with Sirius installed and it doesn't sound any better than my system with either the radio transmitter or hooked in to the little ipod jack. I have also wondered if some stations get more bandwidth than others because some music stations sound good some of the time but other times I feel that the listening experience is watered down. Now that everyone is moving on to mp3's in seems that in general standards and expectations for sound quality have just gone down. Am I nuts?
Also, are we going to hear Jerry live or is all that stuff protected. More than anything I am frustrated that I can't find good recordings of early 80's Jerry when he had alot of energy in the shows. I hope to hear more of that on Sirius. It seems like there are whole swaths of Jerry band where there are no master soundboards at all and only some fairly scratchy audience recordings.


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