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Go Ahead, Show Off a Little...

Here's the bulletin board/virtual refrigerator door/etc. for showing and telling about accomplishments you're proud of. Your art. Your graduation. Your promotion. The garden you just planted. Your kid's karate trophy. You get the idea...


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Joined: Mar 15 2010
New Bob Weir iPhone App!

Hey - We've been working with Bob Weir over the last few months to create an iPhone app. Today it launched.

Bob approached us about making and app featuring a twist on the classic kids songs. He recorded original music for some classic kids songs. His version of Old Mac Donald is wacky and crazy. The best part of this app is that 100% of the proceeds go to his charity The Further Foundation. So, check it out:

Bob would love to hear what you and your kids think! We've also set-up a Fan page so he can keep updated about Weir's World.

Thanks - the folks at Weir's World

Joined: Mar 5 2010
I kissed Vince Welnick!

Hi All!

I am a patient lady...couldn't find a man worthy to even date. So, I bought my (OUR, I'm married now) '74 VW Bus. I joined a VW camping club. At one gathering, Vince Welnick was present! He was playing keyboards for the band.

I chatted him up afterward, had several pics taken with him (this was when cameras had film), and asked for a kiss before I left. I wanted a peck, but he slipped me the tongue! hehehe.... Then again, I was pretty-little-VW-driving DeadHead.

hehehehe...I've been married almost 2 years, and the going joke is, "Now that i have the bus, I can get rid of the wife." He's had plenty of chances to kill me: snorkeling, SCUBA, on the back of his Ski-doo... I think DaMan loves his wife. ;-)

Joined: Nov 21 2007
wow Hozomeen

Very nice photo`s !! Best of luck to you on your new venture !!

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Joined: May 26 2007

good for you! all the best!

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
Stuck inside of Mobile

Hey everyone....I am flying down to Mobile, Alabama to work for the next couple of weeks as a photographer. Yep, I'm making a business trip in what will hopefully be my new business. If all goes well I may end up doing some fine art work down there...wish me luck. Also, check out my website, it is my online portfolio...

I'll keep you guys posted. This is a whole new adventure for me, and I am very excited.
Laters Gators...

Joined: Feb 1 2010
wouldn't you like to know..

..about this website my brother from a different mother sent me. He knows I'm a huge DEAD fan so he bought me a something called a MUSICSKIN. ... Here's the website. I'd link it but I don't know how.------>

There you can find a bunch of different GRATEFUL DEAD designs that cover cell phones, laptops, and mp3 players.


Joined: Dec 8 2009
Lost friend's

Very very new here. Trying to find where to post to find long lost friend's. Namely 1 Jim davis. Lived in Dothan,Alabama in mid 80's. ANY info would make my soul feel good. Mail me at And be sure to turn on ya love light.....

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
My grandson

will be 6, on 12/24....he wants a drum (more like bongos) & a harmonica......we'll go to the beach for drumming (where I told him all good drummers go)......

Joined: Jun 24 2008
Hey everybody! Sativa's here!!!!


Joined: Nov 10 2009
please check this out

Here is a short, mostly silent film inspired by the song Help On The Way. It is a social satire.

also here is the link to Althea the short film,,,
and west la fadeaway the movie...

thanks and please check out youtube channel: Hugo Hilarity for the latest in innovative entertainment. Kenny Tarr Studios. One man, one mission...make great entertainment.

More voice actors to come...this week's releases...Candyman - horror thriller based on the song starring an animated Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

My Brother Esau - starring Juaquin Phoenix and Charles Boyer.

As a HUGE dead fan I hope you all dig what I am doing and beyond this and can let me know what you think....the production value will be increasing all the time. thanks call anytime as well, I am open24/7 to talk the Dead, my work, the world and how it can be changed. Thanks!


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Go Ahead, Show Off a Little...