Grateful Dead

Going Furthur...

Whatever the current version of Furthur is up to, discuss it here!


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Joined: Jan 2 2009
Furthur and John

I've seen Bobby hit the stage 13 times (Phil 11x) in the last 10 months (5x The Dead, 2x Ratdog, 6x Furthur) and to me the most magical part of those 13 shows has been Furthur, maybe not necessarily the "best" line-up but certainly the most magical. Why? Well it has to be John. Then add in that Phil and Bob are sounding and looking grate, playing loose and happy and with purpose it feels like. Add Jeff who very well may be the best Dead piano/keyboardist and Joe Russo who I thought was just such a strong drummer in the shows I caught and last but not least the ladies background voices = a super tight band radiating energy, love and just a real good time. We'll miss you Jay - good luck man! Finally my favorite part about Furthur is that they are full of surprises, one after another. They are just so much fun to see live...

Mountain AIre would be so much fun ... man ... hmm..
Really hope to be able to catch some shows this summer. Come on guys - still plenty of slots open for a late summer 2 night (at least) run at Red Rocks ( ~ ) : }

"Here's my half a dollar if you dare .. double twist when you hit the air. Look at Julie down below .. the levee doing the dopaso"

Joined: Jan 4 2009
Furthur to Lowell........

Im lucky enough to have the summer tour roll right through my backyard this year!!! The boys are playing at the beautiful Lalaucher ballpark,(Where the triple A Red-Sox/Lowell Spinners) play -Right up the street from my house..WOO-HOO!!!
Ive already designed some sweet Lowell Spinners/Dead themed stickers for the occasion...Hope to see you there...All General Admission...Ball-Park...Furthur....I'LL TAKE IT!!!! (~);} peace

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Joined: Nov 23 2007
Thanks for the Furthur thread, Mary!

We were fortunate enough to see Furthur in Manchester, Amherst, and at Mohegan Sun, and we love this band! John K is a great addition - he brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm along with his talent. I'm sorry we're losing Jay Lane, but I think the band will still go on strong.
Looking forward to seeing them again in Lowell this summer!

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
Finally, a Furthur Discussion!

Thanks Marye,

I love it. I saw the band grow all this year. First with the 2 shows at the Hammerstein in New York....I hadn't felt that good about a post Jerry band since the older Phil and Friends LIneUps. I remember the amazing feeling of the "It" factor in the music at those shows and every show they've had since the band just grew tighter and tighter. I was supposed to go to the NYE shows, but due to Mom's sickness, I was unable to go, and boy did I miss a doozy. The best part about it, is I rode the "Couch Tour" and listened over the internet. Every show it seemed the band was melding into what they are now....A really tight and amazingly powerful musical entity. As for the neigh sayers of John Kadlecik from DSO, something about a "fake Jerry", are now silent because they understand that he really is a true musician and is channeling Jerry (not being a fake one). No matter who you put in that slot there will always be someone who will say something negative, which is understandable, because we can't replace ((((Jerry)))) ever.

SO basically after riding the "Couch Tour" and listening to the band grow, I was able to experience one of the best performances I've seen since 1993 Grateful Dead regarding our family. Chicago March 2nd, and 3rd blew my mind, it was an absolutely epic time. Not only did the band smoke the shows musically, the vibe, the feeling, the energy, and the feeling of being back with the family again was intensely pure. The difference between CHI/NY is astronomical in terms of tightness, which is to be expected with a newly formed band.

All I can say is, I haven't felt this way about a band in a long time. And from here they can only get better!

Great job Furthur! I can't wait to see yo again @ Mountain Aire!
Will you come with me? Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
Saw Furthur on 2/12/10 at Hampton Coliseum

Which is where I saw several killer Grateful Dead shows. The show was the best I've attended in years. Got to go with both my sons and it was a great experience. Really loved the "We Bid you Goodnight" encore. First time I've heard it live! I love this band. Hope to see some of you in Philadelphia on 7/11.

Joined: Feb 21 2009

Also hittin' Highland bowl and Artpark... welcome Deadheads from near and far!! We are so lucky to be still able to chase the magic after all these years!!

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Joined: Mar 25 2009

Thank you Mary E!

I've been looking for some Furthur discussion, not limited only to news announcements - the talk tends to get a bit fractured and forgotten that way. There are several threads at Phil Zone, &, no discussions on, but it seems natural for there to be a forum here.

Caught my only Furthur show at Cornell. What a beauty. Mellow like the town of Ithaca. The love vibe was ripe that night for v-day. They Love Each Other and Unbroken Chain were my highlights. John was great... still enjoyed the Dead with Warren @ MSG more cuz it was such a killer show.

So, who's going on Summer Tour? Guess you Mountain Aire folks will have lots to talk about first. It's Highland Bowl and ArtPark for me =) See you on the road!

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Bayfront Miami

I got on the bus about 5 years ago and I am a Dead Head. I spend way too much time reading about them or making lists of my favorite cuts to make a "Best of Brent" era show, best of Keith era etc. Lately it is the Wall of Sound shows that is my new obsession. I post here a lot and feel that this group of people are truly friends.

The Further show Feb 4th changed my life. The vibe was strong even my wife and daughter spoke about it. The band was so tight. I was close to the stage-- my heroes Phil and Bob were less than 30 feet away and they were rockin. I danced and sang and felt connected with everyone there. I couldn't believe I could dance for 2 hours but I did and laughed and talked with so many great people. It was a very unique feeling.

When the first chords of Terrapin Station were played my wife and I looked at each other smiled and hugged- she was so happy they were playing our song. The guy playing lead and singing Jerry is the best .
I left there with such a feeling of happiness that I finally know what the Grateful Dead are all about.
Thanks Phil and Bobby!

And the road goes on forever....


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Going Furthur...