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Joined: Jan 22 2011
On the Road

I'm listening to 1970-03-21 right now. Way more fun than last night in
Cary NC. They played real good. I was real bored. Jazzy jams are great and I love that to a point. WTF look at the closing songs and encore selection. How do you end a concert with "the days in-between" ? Oh no, they warmed up to it with that smoker, "a foolish heart" and encored with, Box of Rain.
I love Furthur. If I encountered many shows like i did last night in Cary, NC, I would just stop going. This 1970 show has so much soul and rock n' roll that I'm uplifted. Last night was a flat tire just lookin' for the offramp.

PS: great crowd, way fun

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Joined: May 26 2007

pretty great setlist!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Caught the Philly Show and
it was a Rockin' Time!
I find it amazing, the diligent care
each song finds in the hands of
these awesome musicians.
Hearing Phil and Bob masterfully
drive the music into the capable
hands of band-> it's remarkable.
The moments they let go to let
them ride musical heights then
jump back in like a whirl wind and
put in all back into context was
incredible, to me. The crowd was
a great heart of gold band, it reached
a favorite choir status several times;
and wow it was special to say the least!
Philly was present and accounted for!
It was so hot and even so they kept on
dancing. If there were a party to be at;
the Mann Center was IT on 7-7-2012!
Thank you for a real good time!
I do believe there is more in store, xo!

I love this band. Way to go!
May the road rise to meet you---------
and the wind be always at your backs.
All the best wishes are heading your way---

Love to You, All...ALL! Rock ON!
I Love You oh but Jesus Loves You the Best!

Set List 7/7/2012

Set 1

Nobody's Fault but Mine
Fire on the Mountain>
Peggy O
Tennessee Jed
My Brother Esau

Set 2

China Cat Sunflower>
I Know You Rider>
Dark Star> (v1)
Dark Star> (v2)
Caution Don't Step on the Tracks
Saint Stephen
Unbroken Chain
Dear Prudence
The Wheel>
We Bid You Goodnight

Donor Rap

E - One More Saturday Night

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Joined: May 26 2007
great report!

sounds like a lovely time.

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Joined: Feb 25 2012
Tour opener in Pawtucket

A hot (93 degrees) afternoon commenced at 3:30pm as about 1000 waiting people piled into the parking lot. Shakedown was in full growl in the dusty, unpaved parking lots in about fifteen minutes. Numerous vendors were happy, if not exactly busy despite the size of the crowd. There was very little hassle from McCoy Stadium security. The attitude was whimsical: "This is what it is these days, about 4 hours before the show and about a half hour after." Attitudes were as sunny as the sky as many old friends met up after the journey to the venerable triple A minor league baseball park. Furthur came out and did a sound check at about 4:30. Amazing how they can just launch into a jam at will...

The show was crowded, though not sold out. The stadium holds 10,000 and the grandstand was about half filled with the entire outfield almost packed from wall to wall for the general admission show with the band's stage set up in deep center field. If the paid attendance wasn't 10k it was damn near close for the GA event. Temps. came down significantly after twilight and settled into the high 70s for the rest of the show, with a decent breeze.

The boys came out at 7:15pm and launched into a nice Dancin' that segued cleverly into a spry Shakedown that was tasty and morphed into Jack Straw. All in all a nice way to open the tour. Bob did a nice job on BT Wind. JK shined on Reuben & Cherise. The Last Time had a nice beat to it reminiscent of All Over Now. 70 minutes of music for the 1st set ended with a passable Casey Jones that had all the flourishes but not the insanely fast ending Furthur is known for, though the pace did pick up.

The second set set was tasty with a Golden Road opener. That's It>Other One>That's It was very nice. Phil still gives a hint of the old days when he revs it up for the O1 intro. Bob throws a nice SOTM ballad and then Furthur does a great job of jamming Hey Pocky Way which to my ears was the highlight of the second set. Uncle John's Band was a sweet ending to the first show on the tour. 2nd set timed in at 90 minutes. The shows are 20-30 minutes shorter but it seemed to be about just right on this mid-summer eve.

I had a great time seeing old friends drop in from out of the woodwork and hanging with "T-Shirt Tommy" who was hawking beer and soda and water and woman's t-shirts under a canopy.

It is not the same as a Grateful Dead show. Nothing ever can be, but it definitely has all the elements of "Grateful Dead Liite" and you have to love the band for that.

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Joined: Feb 25 2012

I feel now, more than ever, after reading about how Bralove, by Jerry's order, collared Welnick by not allowing him to have the instrument of his choice on tour that Bob & Phil have collared John Kadlicek. Not by not allowing him to have the guitar of his choice, but by making him play a subservient role to them in the band. They will not allow him to get in front of them in any meaningful way with creative soloing. JK is more than capable, as he showed in the first dozen or so shows after Furthur kicked off.

I blame Bob more than anybody for this, as he seems to have control of things on stage. But, fairly, Jerry set the precedent with Welnick. It seems to be a highly personal thing. It's not necessarily that you have to preserve a memory.

I think a commitment to excellence in the genre of music you are playing is more important than building memorial shrines. I certainly feel that way as a ticket holder. Whatever, they certainly have the right to do what they want and I have the right to choose if I will go to a show. I'll do one more this summer and then done. I think what Bill & Micky are doing with disposable line-ups is more honorable and transparent than the kind of aping Furthur is doing.

It's just sad. They have all the machinery there to give us a fantastically good time.

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Joined: Feb 28 2009
thank you

the best comment ever!
Are you on the Furthur forum?
Thanks again. very nice

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Joined: Jan 29 2012
Shakedown Street?

Is there a shakedown street near the Beacon? I remember at the MSG shows they were in the Parking Garages, anyone see anything?

Joined: Jun 13 2007

I couldn't wait to get done working
today...I said couldn't wait- right.
Well, I finally got to end the day and
head home, wondering if a stream
would be still flowing or not.
Well, get this>
I fired up the computer, asap and
got online, found Taper Rob's Stream
and heard exactly ONE SECOND of the
I rejoiced of course, because I thought
I may have missed it.
The Universe was looking out for me.
What a deal. Never, I tell you never
before have I ever caught only ONE
SECOND of a show before.
Well, kudos to my karma looking out
for me. Ahhhhh I am in awe at this
experience. I'm going to find a set list.
Goes like that> ONCE.

I Love You, All, xo

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Joined: Feb 25 2012
Critical Analysis: Furthur 2009-2012

It's hard to believe that Furthur has been around since 9/18/09. That would be 2 1/2 years now. Though there was a lot of comparing and moaning and general reviewing in the first six months to a year, all of that has died down now. It seems like you're either on board with Furthur or in the "Hate'm. Don't want to have anything to do with'm." camp.

As I'm not a musician I can't really say about the quality of the music. All I can say is about how it makes me feel, after seeing about 15 shows. It makes me feel old. I hear the music fading away like an echo. I find it easy to fall asleep at Furthur shows. That doesn't mean I don't like them. Rather, I accept the band for who they are with their present capabilities at their ages.

In the first dozen Furthur shows, JK showed brilliant propensities to jam out in front of Bob & Phil, but he has been reigned in by ego or age or both (not his). Chimenti seems to get more freedom to jam than JK. I feel like this is a waste and it would certainly liven the proceedings up more than a notch or two if he be given the room. I think it's OK to acknowledge that other guitarists can solo in Jerry's style and may even be comparable. Not equal, or even in the same league, but comparable.

I'll still go to one-off shows and generally beam and have a good time hanging out and telling war stories about back in the day, but there is very little itch to do any ecstatic dancing inside the show -- it's more like -- "Lay me down, my dear brothers. Lay down and take your rest."

I'm not as old as Bob & Phil so it's hard to say how they feel about upbeat tempos and following behind somebody who solos like Jerry, IMHO. What is yours if you have the shows under your belt to have one?


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Going Furthur...