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granfallooon had a darn good idea for a topic, so here  it is:

 I'm sure a lot of us would like to know more about the players and heroes from the Grateful Dead Movie. maybe some info on who they are, where are they now etc. a few folks come to mind: the "chicklets" guy that lip synched US Blues at the edge of the stage, the 2 guys that were discussing royalties for being filmed (in particular the guy that says "there is nothing like a GD concert"), the dancing cowboy/hippie at the start of SugMag and the space cadet that was "just getting my space together" after he "just came from a phone call" among other assorted characters. Just a thought.


 If you have any inside knowledge, or questions of your own, post here!


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Amazing story, granfalloon! I would love to help create a documentary with this topic. Anybody with mad filmmaking skills interested in assisting me in this endeavor? {~};=}

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I was there for the 2nd night in the Dean Dome that year. Yeah, so I missed the Here Comes Sunshine opener, but seem to recall hearing it played on the radio live? (Or did I make that up?)

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I want to meet chiclets guy

I want to meet chiclets guy and give him a high five and nom on some chiclets with him

all the colorful heads are always one of my favorite parts of the film

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"I'm just trying.... get my space together before I go to the show"

"they promised they'd"

coupla favorite quotes :)

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

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Good Luck

great idea for a topic, as an in the darkie, i was not on the scene before it was inundated with party revellers ( Hampton '86 gave me a taste of it, but alas no ticket, and 50 girls standing on the fountain with their finger in the air led me to dispair...not getting into this show) Good luck !

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i agree

i agree with that one-murray's character(s) reallly remind me of steve, or at least his voice

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile

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I always thought some of

I always thought some of Bill Murray's SNL characters (or even Carl Spackler) was based, in part, on that one scene of Parish onstage when they brought the crew up and he yelled out: "Yer the best damn audience ever!!"

I wonder what become of that little girl with the kaleidoscope eyes whose mother was spinning away nearby. She must be about my age (43).

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The dude rolling the joint

I remember seeing the dude who rolled the doobie in the movie at a show in Chapel Hill back in 1993 running around with an all access laminant. I was like "damn, I know that dude from somewhere" and then when I watched the VHS tape (back then) I remembered it was him.


If you get confused, listen to the music play.

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too realistic...

I just like the opening animation. In fact, I think I much prefer animation in general to realism. The motorcycling skeleton, all that good stuff. My friend's husband ran around outside of RFK in August '95 taping people and interviewing them for his own little GD movie. it really hadn't changed all that much in some respects, and the responses to his questions were hilarious. Characters everywhere, and he has great footage of the drum scene under the overpass. it was my next to last show : ( but he captured a bit of it. Ami

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The character I like is...

... the guy who did the Grateful Dead rap thing. Mama ate a diesel so bad.... Brings a smile to my face each and every time I hear that!


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Grateful Dead Movie Characters - Where Are They Now?