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where is Falafal Bill

I really did enjoy those for years and years.We used to vend kind beers with ketamine Craig Greg. also loved the PBJ's, The KVB's, and the stir fries. Oh, loved those french bread pizzas too.


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Falafal Bill

Theguy who led the Falafal Mafia was Falafal Bill. He was a guyof I would guess Lebanese descent that while not a deadhead was a major part of the lot scene. Alot of folks criticized him for being on tour but not a head. But let me tell you, he fed alot of heads for free, put alot of heads to work and was a real brother. He even bailed some other heads out at points. I actually miracled him once at a Jerry show in Hampton 91. (there was no one else to give the ticket to..) he at that point had been on tour for years but ad never been into a show...and I convinced himto give it a try. He went in for the first set and had a great time, of course he had to leave early and get back to work.
I have heard that he runs a falafal stand on Venice Beach now but have not confirmed it myself.
He was a true Road Dog.

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pad thai friend

my friend Julie would set up her pad thai stand next to my wares, she made veggie noodles, a heaping plate for $3. Her wok was huge! Always a line... Ami

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We ran outta t-shirts by the

We ran outta t-shirts by the time we hit Foxboro in '87 so we decided to give fruit cups a try. We had a hotel room full of scraps, seeds, and peels, and sold out so fast the next day, we kept on with em for the next few shows. I had to head back home before the WV show, but my friends still laugh 'bout seeing a pick ur own bluberry stand, and spending the day picking em to the point of being late : ) The cups never suffered though!

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Lot Cleanse?

kind phatty all organic rancid meat - 2 4 $5

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What about the

What about the Super yummy Falafel Sandwiches with Tahini, lettuce, tomato wraped in warm pita bread. I miss that dude! Man was that a munch after the shows! Haven't seen that since back in the day yo.

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Kind Veggie Burrito Cookbook

I just recently purchased the cookbook, and love it.

I remember getting to know the folks next to me in the parking lot and ended up helping them make veggie burritos for good part of the afternoon. After that ended up seeing them several shows later. Let the good times roll (no punn intended)

More recently I prepared the Shakedown Szechuan Noodles for a birthday cookout, and everyone loved the dish. I look forward to many more cookouts, camp trips, etc. with this cookbook.

If anyone cares to chime in, I am looking for help on page 107 of the cookbook. The Pear-Apple Chutney calls for "4 pears, peel and chopped", but the line is repeated. Is this a duplicate line, or should there be another fruit there? Thanks in advance for your help.

Many thanks to Beth and Dead Heads that contributed recipes.

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Picky Eater

I have to say that I never indulged on the veggie burrittos, banana PBJs and other vendor foods. I was always a little leery of buying the vendor foods. Getting ill from some bad food was not something I wanted to risk at a dead show. I am sure most vendors had some tasty stuff.

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Can't forget the falafel.....

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I dunno-- I ate alot of food on the road and nothing was more sketchy than burritos (ok maybe meat on a stick, but i was vegetarian) I found burritos to be a real mystery meal kinda like buying a hotdog in philly off a street vendor. One time I actually got saurkraut in my burrito and from then on decided to stick with grilled cheese or tempeh burgers.


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