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We ran outta t-shirts by the

We ran outta t-shirts by the time we hit Foxboro in '87 so we decided to give fruit cups a try. We had a hotel room full of scraps, seeds, and peels, and sold out so fast the next day, we kept on with em for the next few shows. I had to head back home before the WV show, but my friends still laugh 'bout seeing a pick ur own bluberry stand, and spending the day picking em to the point of being late : ) The cups never suffered though!

so I give you my eyes, and all of their lies
please help them to learn as well as to see
capture a glance and make it a dance
of looking at you looking at me.......

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Lot Cleanse?

kind phatty all organic rancid meat - 2 4 $5

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What about the

What about the Super yummy Falafel Sandwiches with Tahini, lettuce, tomato wraped in warm pita bread. I miss that dude! Man was that a munch after the shows! Haven't seen that since back in the day yo.

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Joined: Aug 21 2007
Kind Veggie Burrito Cookbook

I just recently purchased the cookbook, and love it.

I remember getting to know the folks next to me in the parking lot and ended up helping them make veggie burritos for good part of the afternoon. After that ended up seeing them several shows later. Let the good times roll (no punn intended)

More recently I prepared the Shakedown Szechuan Noodles for a birthday cookout, and everyone loved the dish. I look forward to many more cookouts, camp trips, etc. with this cookbook.

If anyone cares to chime in, I am looking for help on page 107 of the cookbook. The Pear-Apple Chutney calls for "4 pears, peel and chopped", but the line is repeated. Is this a duplicate line, or should there be another fruit there? Thanks in advance for your help.

Many thanks to Beth and Dead Heads that contributed recipes.

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Picky Eater

I have to say that I never indulged on the veggie burrittos, banana PBJs and other vendor foods. I was always a little leery of buying the vendor foods. Getting ill from some bad food was not something I wanted to risk at a dead show. I am sure most vendors had some tasty stuff.

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Can't forget the falafel.....

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I dunno-- I ate alot of food on the road and nothing was more sketchy than burritos (ok maybe meat on a stick, but i was vegetarian) I found burritos to be a real mystery meal kinda like buying a hotdog in philly off a street vendor. One time I actually got saurkraut in my burrito and from then on decided to stick with grilled cheese or tempeh burgers.

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I'll hook you up Josh

I need to have a word with my resident preparer of veggie burritos and will PM you a recipe --totally kickass and guaranteed not to disappoint, and I'm sure others will have ideas of their own. Just give me a few hours and keep an eye on your inbox...

As to tour food, some of my buddies had this whole veggie stirfry deal going --made an absolute fortune over the five days at Alpine in '88 and took the act down to St. Pete on fall tour, when I helped 'em out over in the camping area located in a residential area about a mile from the gig in those vacant lots with the alleys crisscrossing them.

They had a magnificent setup --off the beaten path, they'd boil up mountains of white rice out back of the car and then fill a gigantic cooler with it and another with chopped veggies (carrots, cabbage, onions, bean sprouts, pea pods and mushrooms), take it over Shakedown way and wok it up on a Coleman grill.

A dollar got you a snack-sized serving on a paper plate, and for two bucks you got a meal's worth. Quality eats, too --what a racket LOL!

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you could always buy the fine cookbook referenced above, but meanwhile, you might want to ask this question over in the Sat Down to My Supper topic. So far we've got pizza sauce, chili, masala, and various other delights, but no burritos, so you might as well try!

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veggie burritos?

What is the recepie for veggie burritos? I want to make them at home!


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