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What we need is an HTML boot-camp topic.

marye? izzie? Anyone?

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Nurse! Nurse!

HTML Wizard needed in News and Talk stat!

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holy board glitch, sorry about that!

this space for rent

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let's try that again...

Gotta make Dr. Paul clickable.

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stem cells

I think that every politician who wants to support embryonic stem cell research, should get together with his or her own spouse, and then go down to the scientific research center. They should then jump up on the operating table and then have these "doctors" extract as many eggs as they can from the female's ovaries, then have the male discharge some of his sperm (I'll skip the visual). Then the two can flip a few hundred thousand from their campaign fund to the science center, and watch as their own kids are stuck with needles, and destroyed in the name of progress. Hey, that's what I call "taking one for the team."

It seems that these politicians are bold, brave, and outspoken with everyone else's children, but when it comes to their own, they never seem to be up to it. What gives with these slime balls?

Greg SC

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Supreme What?

The Dude Abides!

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You all owe it to yourselves to watch Keith Olbermann's Special Comment for the week:

I was a bit inspired and realized that one word says it all right now. So I am putting it on my car, and you should too (no profits here, just cafepress base price).

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What happened to Greatful Dead Radio? I'm perplexed, why is it..

that these days, all too often in the computer industry, 'progress' is defined as an actual lowering of the quality of experience in the technology? This 'progress' is actually progressing in the opposite direction of true evolution. Duh!!! Hello!!! Is there really anybody with a real pulse out there???!!! Sincerely, Francis James Roberts

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Stem Cells for Dummies

I thought I’d write about stem cells, a subject which I admittedly know little to nothing about. Yesterday, Mr. Shrub vetoed stem cell bill for the second time--no new federal dollars for stem cell research. It seems that when polled the majority of American people are in favor embryonic stem cell research. Then, I wondered how much our King George actually knows embryonic stem cells--or is he just shooting from his hip again? I mean the guy isn’t the Pope, a scientist, hardly a moral leader, and certainly not the American equivalent of Yoda.

And I know that federal funding for embryonic stem cell research is not that a flashy of a topic--unlike the Sopranos. These little buggers (stem cells) get pretty much swept under the carpet until someone like Michael J. Fox starts itching and twitching on TV. Then, Rush Limpballs tells Mr. Fox that with all his new moves, he should get a spot on Dancing with the Stars instead of whining about his silly-looking condition. Rush, what a man of compassion! And what chronic diarrhea of the mouth. There are millions of others wrldwide like MJ with various illnesses and injuries which embryonic stem cells offer a candle of hope as a possible therapy or even for a cure. Why shouldn’t we explore the possibilities? After all we are trying to find life on Mars, aren’t we?

The issue is so controversial because some people believe the destruction of any embryo is wrong. And the debate goes on about abortion and other forms of birth control like the day after pill. Should we leave this issue as well as other moral issues including goings on in the bedroom up to government? On the issue of embryonic stem cells, we let King George decide—decide about stem cells, and decide about a war. After all he is the self-proclaimed “Decider."

I suppose this is what happens when people are basically uninformed and powerless--but that's a topic for another day.

Stem cells are the body's master cells, the source of all cells and tissue, like brain, blood, heart, bones, muscles and skin. And these embryonic stem cells come from days-old embryos and can produce any type of cell in the body.

I wondered where these stem cells come from? I mean what kind of a dirty trailer-trash zygote would abandon her precious stem cells? I found out that scientists generally harvest embryonic stem cells from embryos left over after in vitro fertilization attempts at fertility clinics. They can also be produced using cloning technology.

So embryonic stem cell research isn’t like a bunch of mad scientists who are in the practice of fetus snatching, hacking the thing up, putting it in a juicer, then finding a dirty needle and injecting the stem cells in somebody’s arm. Phew…. Had me worried for a minute.

Is it better to help those living and suffering, OR to protect days-old embryos that are destined to be destroyed anyway?--never intended to be placed in a woman's womb. There is a choice here. What is the better choice? “Free will” as it says some where in the Bible.

Also, it seems that God just keeps on taking his hits. Vitro fertilization and cloning? Now, embryonic stem cells. First, we discovered the earth was round and now this? What next? Someday, will there be embryonic stem cells farms?

Indeed, it is a New World, but hardly a BRAVE new world—not brave enough to weigh the issues without emotion and religious dogma before deciding on what have a greater benefit to the 6.2 billion people on this planet, and then coming up with policies which best help us live together.

joe zanghi

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Ain't No Cure For the Summertime Blues

In response to Sweet William-O above -

You're right about the multiple city dates to follow one band this summer, but fortunately many opportunities still await. You have to pick and choose who to see in different cities. Bonnarroo is a great example though I couldn't make it this year (While more expensive and complicated to arrange, it always interesting to see who is going the extra mile to attend different shows around the country) For instance:

One of my friends is not using his ticket to the 2nd Clapton Crossroads Music Festival in Chicago on Saturday, July 28th. A little birdie let my wife know that this would be a great Fathers Day Gift for me. I had planned on missing this festival initially, but who am I to let one of my friends down?

I think this festival will be essential because several of the artists on the bill (BB and Buddy Guy) are not getting any younger and I don’t see their pairing with Clapton occurring many more times. Also the overall lineup is just one I can’t miss. A lot of heavyweights are playing and quite a few of the up and coming next generation of Blues guitarists (John Mayer, Robert Randolph, Derek Trucks, etc) will be playing with their idols. The possibilities are endless with Jimmie Vaughn playing with the crew that were with Stevie Rae on that fateful night up the road at Alpine, Steve Winwood will be reviving Blind Faith with Clapton, and Clapton should be popping in at Buddy Guy's Legends blues club during the week. The Lineup for the festival includes.

Jeff Beck
Doyle Bramhall II
Eric Clapton
Robert Cray
Sheryl Crow
Vince Gill
Buddy Guy
BB King
Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas
Sonny Landreth
Albert Lee
Los Lobos
John Mayer
John McLaughlin
Willie Nelson
Robbie Robertson
Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Hubert Sumlin
The Derek Trucks Band featuring Susan Tedeschi
Jimmie Vaughan
Steve Winwood

Shortly after making those arrangements, I was made aware that The Allman Brothers Band and Dave Matthews Band will be playing a benefit concert in Atlanta for Piedmont Park on 9/8. I quickly scored tickets for my wife and I to go (+ one miracle for my sister in law to fly in from Philly).

Of course, we will be making our annual pilgrimage to Asheville for the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. I don't know the lineup yet. (That's the way I like it)

Peace -


PS: Thank you Jerry for making my sense of adventure blossom and thrive. This is the gift that will keep giving for the rest of my life.


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