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Blues about the news


You want me to do WHAT?
Support this God damn war?
Watch brothers and sisters of the world
aiming guns at each other
instead of pointing out the insanity
the sheer insanity of it all.

And our troops are dodging roadside bombs
Above vast oil reserves
Excuse me, but if I may be so bold to ask?
So who really stands to benefit
benefit from it all?

And if I'm so addicted to oil
then I need a psychiatrist for the cure
Don't call a politician
not the Commander in Chief
not a General
not a General Motors
not a hybrid Toyota
not a man wearing a white hat
riding into Washington
on his white horse in 2008
(only 500 plus days away!)

You want me to do WHAT?
Go shopping?
take out my credit card at the mall again?
My patriotic duty to keep the economy
our economy humming along
So CEOs can get their stock options and mulitillion dollar salaries
and send our jobs overseas
Look, I'm up to my eyeballs in all this plastic crap
I've got no place . . .
I've got no place to put it any more

You want me to do WHAT?
Fill out these forms?
More forms . . .
That I can't understand at all
And I need a lawyer just to own my own home
Hey, aren't these the same forms
the same forms I've filled out before?

You want me to do WHAT?
You want me to pay and pay and pay
pay with my wallet
pay with mind
pay with my heart

You want me to do WHAT?
Believe in your God?
Believe in your brand of Freedom

And WHAT did you say?
That you've got Liberty on sale

joe zanghi

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Where have summer tours gone?

OK- no more summer tours from The Dead, Phil, Phish, and probably the last one for String Cheese. That leaves only Ratdog and WSP to carry the torch for now? The jamband festivals are all good, but whatever happened to travelin for the summer to follow your fave band? I feel like a big piece of that is now missing, whatever "that" was. I miss seeing people that you met the night before, in a new town 350 miles from last night's show. I miss vending in the lot, and shopping in the lot. I miss the smell of patchouli, sage, a stir-fry, and a fatty all mixed together as you're walking toward the venue. I miss everything about it! Who can step up, and take the summer tour torch now?

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Bonnaroo Report

Well we just got back from Bonnaroo and my annual Sickest Psychedelic Jam award will be shared by two bands, this year. I thought right away there was a Led Zeppelin theme when Rodrigo Y Gabriella finished their set with "Stairway to Heaven" on Thursday night but I had no idea what I'd be in for until the next night.
Super Jam, for the second year in a row gets top honors. Consisting of John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin on bass, Ques Love of The Roots on drums and Ben Harper on guitar, this year's band exploded with a 3 hour, mind melting trip that featured many great Zeppelin songs, including "Dazed and Confused" and was one of the sickest most ridiculous shows I've ever seen! What a great show, and thank God because I sacrificed seeing String Cheese Incident ('cause they played at the exact same time), which is also an unavoidable aspect of being at Bonnaroo.

Sharing the honor this year was the show put on by The Flaming Lips. Now that these guys have a full time drummer, they have really taken off musically. Coming out early for their Saturday night show (about 11 pm), they performed a "sound check" which was a full blown sensory assault of the cover "War Pigs". We were ecstatic and there was almost an hour to go before the show actually "started". Not only musically great, these guys put on an act that was second to none. There were space ships, balloons, confetti and laser pointers (thousands were tossed out before the show by Flash the superhero) all adding to their music in an interactive way that even I don't find superficial or intrusive. Wayne Coyne is probably the most personable rock star in history. It was a psychedelic hoot!

Honorable mentions go to Ziggy Marley's show at the main stage. I also saw Tea Leaf Green*, Hot Tuna *, Richard Thompson *, Rodrigo Y Gabriella*, Gov' Mule*$, North Mississippi All Stars*, The Police*, Tool*, Widespread*@, White Stripes, Rat Dog and Ben Harper.

As for the "Dead" scene, well this just wasn't our year (in that regard) but know that we are always represented.

* = Incomplete show (for me, for one reason or other);
@ = Best audience induced light show (glow stick fights, glowing beach balls, etc.)
$ = Best Grateful Dead moment - Bob joins in for "Sugaree".

"This aggression will not stand, man....."

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the travis bean

this guitar was used at cornell '77.


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I turn on Channel Six, the President comes on the news...