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Joined: Dec 26 2007

captive audience, so to speak?...sounds like the u.s.,..........get 'em in the door....then tax the hell out of 'em

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Joined: Feb 23 2008
If Deadheads ruled the world . . .

If Deadheads ruled the world, Mr. Pid (posted on previous page here) would teach me how to embed Youtube videos in these posts so that I could put, "Flight of the Valkeryes" from the movie "Apocalypse Now" right in one of my posts. I'd love to do that so that Deadheads could see that the American government was doing crazy things back in the 60s when Jerry was boss of the Dead. Deadheads need to see that this crazyness goes back far before Bush. Basically, if they want to blame ME for Bush . . . they gotta blame Jerry for Vietnam . . . and Jerry HATED Vietnam just like I hate the war in the Middle East so . . . maybe it's time to stop blaming the people who are trying to keep the music alive and blame the flatheads in the government instead.

If Deadheads ruled the world . . . the Deadhead community would work to get me away from these meth heads in the South so that I could be among stoners (probably in Oregon) where I belong. That way my Grateful Dead Anthology book would not have gotten stolen like it was yesterday. So . . . now before I go on tour I'll have to buy another one. You have to have one of those if you're playing for people on tour. Every night, the dedicated guitarist can be found looking up some wierd chords for a song he's planning to play the next day. While everyone else is sleeping or smoking, the guitar wizard takes an hour or so to be totally prepared for the morning's musical adventure . . .

If Deadheads ruled the world, that is. Don't worry - I'm going to order a new book . . . although it must be added that that book was my original from the New Acid Test in the late 80s. My deceased guitar mentor (Scot "Liquid" Lacy) is probably turning in his grave right now.

If I ever have a big show, I'm going to play that hellicopter music as the band comes on stage. There I'll be with the fameous Uncle Sam Jerry hat. I'll toss it out to the crowd, then say, "Hey, just fill it with money, man" . . . and when everyone is a tightwad as usual I'll just say, "Hey - this is symbolic. I'm going to give the money to Greenpeace so - really - put a dollar in the hat or we don't play. It's only a dollar. If you like the air you're breathing and if you like the lack of radioactive waste in your drinking water from a leaking, unlined nuclear dump site next to your major river . . . you SHOULD feel obligated to fork over at least a little bread, pilgrims. Cough it up, now."

And we seriously would not play if we got no dollar.

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Day Glo Louisville

So it actually looks like we agree, I am with you on the above post and I have a pickup and drink beer too, though I tend towards local microbrews. You don't have to just live in Kentucky to see your point, we get the same crap on the airwaves hear in Eastern Washington.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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I Drive a truck and I drink beer

But, i dont want to hear about some dumb ass like Toby Keith or Kenny Chesney tell me about it, they have no talent other than to preach about Ford Trucks and the war in Iraq. It makes me sick to hear this shit. It is frankly a disgrace to put Cash, Nelson, and Hank Williams in the same category because those men are musicains not a bunch of candy ass circus preformers out to make a buck. If any of you live in Kentucky you might see my point, bc they really don't broadcast much else other than this new noise with a country pop twang.

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There would be more acceptance and giggles. Fire! Fire on the mountain. I learned to duck. Since the end is never told we might as well might, well well Love the site/sight! I've been threading through the threads for three days in the saddle. Dead Heads are the BEST rulers! are you kind? There's some satisfaction in the San Francisco rain. settle down easy. They love each other. No chance of losing this time. :)

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Just for the record....Phatmoye

the song you're referring to is Hank, Jr.......Here's a you tube on Hank, Sr......... & btw Hank the 3rd (grandson) is really good........ok-getting off track on the subject so maybe tie it back into OLD country music rules.....GD did "You Win Again" in about 1970-can't find the show now....I'm likin what jstrawjay is saying- no one rules! that'd be like too cool..........xoxo Gypsy Cowgirl

Joined: Feb 7 2009
Ruling the World is hard work

Yes to the whole country music issue, its hard to argue with Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins ( I've always been dissapointed that the perfect Big Iron>Me & My Uncle never materialized) as pillars of how it should be done. As for Dead Heads ruling the world lets face it might be more harmonious and peaceful but not a hell of a lot would get done, except for the dancing and the spacing. We would just rather have a good time rocking than much anything eles. Actually that attitude might do the world some good, better than blowing shit up and such. Hell, the music is making just writing this almost impossible. So let's rule the world, or better yet no one should rule. Ruling means making rules (and working) and if there is one thing Dead Heads don't abide by is rules, way to confining. No one rules, we all get to party and dance. Cause after all nothing left to do but.... you all know what I mean

Joined: Jan 11 2009

"Why do I drink?
Why do I roll smoke??..."
ROCK ONE......
"You can never stop learning,"

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no prob Marye

thought I screwed up somehow & Mr. Pid-YOU ROCK w/ those parts of the movie.....there's the laughter 4 ya ......xxo Gypsy Cowgirl

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sorry, GC

spam filter ate your earlier post; should be up now.


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If Dead Heads Ruled the World...