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Joined: Sep 28 2007
Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City 1974

This show got short shfit in the liner notes from Dicks Picks so I want to set the record straight.

The day the concert was scheduled was a classic Dead day. Everyone was hanging out peacefully in the parking lot at 8 am waiting for the gets to open up for the 7 pm concert. The weather report was calling for rain but the tickets said "to be held rain or shine" and the vibes were good so no one cared.

Once the gates opened we all went inside the stadium and set up camp and spent the day relaxing and having fun until the first black cloud came over from behind the stage.

A flood of beach balls was bouncing around the stadium, lightening and thunder were everywhere and the rain came down like only an east coast storm can do.

By the time the concert was cancelled, we were in for a real inetresting trip getting out. The crowd was a typical Dead crowd so it should not have been on anyone's agenda to be driving and the parking lot was mud. We sat on top of our car for 3 hours and laughed. I didnt see any agression or fights.

When we came back the next week, Nixon had just announced he was resigning and the band came out with a vengance.

The single best dead show I have ever seen and the best crowd. The tapes don't even do the show justice and I'm still friends with the guys I went to those shows with. We never call it one show. It was 2 shows with the first set a week before the second and third.

Last time I ever saw the wall of sound too.

Truly life changing for me on a lot of levels. I wonder what happened to Riley?

"There are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those whose lives have a soundtrack and those lives do not. I have always found that interesting people come supplied with music."

Joined: Jun 8 2007
It was my first show

JFK - Philly 87' Dylan/Dead

- Outdoors, at night, with 100,000 dead heads.
- Many Dead, Phil and Rat Dog shows, Albums, Tapes, CD and MP3 players & 20 years later I have my kids listening to the Dead now. Out of sight :)

The punch line is I rarely, if ever, listen to the dead of that era. I love Dead circa 69-77 and that's all I play these days.

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sounds like a subject for the

Deadheads and Spirituality topic!

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Can't remember the date

I can't remember what the date or even the year, but it was at RFK stadium in Washington DC, probably in the late 80's. I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I went alone. I felt pretty scared, lonely, and discouraged. I had just broke up with a boyfriend. Throughout the show, my needs kept getting met. I wanted a beer and had no money, and some girl gave me hers. I had no lighter but people kept lighting my cigarette, and then I found matches. I wanted a J and there it was (this is no surprise, but fits in with the overall picture). I wanted company and found someone to hang out with. Toward the end of the show, I was way up in the bleachers and there was this red balloon floating around the crowd down on the floor, and I thought, "I want that balloon to come to me," and it did! It floated in a straight path right up to where I was, so that I got to hit it back to the crowd. I realized, even when I feel lonely and depressed, my needs will be met. That there's some bigger force in charge here. I

I went in depressed and discouraged, and came out hopeful and encouraged. I wasn't very religious at the time, but I got a feeling that God was watching over me, and everything was gonna be ok.

Why there should be a connection between a spiritual being (God) and the Dead, I'll never understand. But it sure seems to be there. Maybe the Dead just made God happy, because they made so many people happy, so He was there at shows sometimes. It sure seemed to me that He was there. I don't know.

Is it possible that God is a Deadhead? :)

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Red Rocks 83'

My 3rd 4th & 5th show. Red Rocks Amphitheatre Sept. 6th, 7th, & 8th, 1983!! 5 of us drove 36 hours straight in a 1980 Chevy Van from the Jersey Shore. 2 other friends from Jersey drove in a car and we all met up at Chief Hosa's Campground. It was a blast. I returned to the Rocks for the 85' shows!!!!

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I never got to see them

I never got to see them live, and really never came to know about them until I was17. I wish that I could have though. The Dead is about all that I listen to.

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My Life Changing Show was Las Vagas 1993

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how can this be?

His mother Donya reportedly was the one who introduced Jerry to Mountain Girl in High School, and they were backstage all the time. I went to his house, and we all went down to the show together

mountain girl was from poughkeepsie, ny and got on the bus w/kesey out there. jerry was well out of high school when the pranksters were wheeling around SF at the time the WARLOCKs/GD became their party band. i think there is an error there somewhere

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile

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Buckeye Lake, '93

I graduated on a Saturday from The Ohio State University in '93 with degrees in Economics and English. To celebrate, I invited The Grateful Dead, Sting, and 100,000 of my closest friends to Buckeye Lake. Can I throw a party or what?

At graduation, in Ohio Stadium, I had the Bear's 13 point lightning bolt logo on the top of my mortar board. Great day, gorgeous weather, lunch with the fam at the world famous (and now defunct) Kahiki, then off to the show, armed with two bottles of Moet that my mom laid on me.

While the show was rockin', it wasn't particularly the show itself that makes this one. That day was life changing for so many reasons on so many levels, and that's the one that comes to the fore.

"If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you'll always be seeking... But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer." --Kesey

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My Only Show

It was October, 1988. I had just started my senior year in high school, and just got my first job working concessions at the Houston Summit arena, where the Rockets play. I had worked a few concerts at this point and was going thru a major classic rock phase thanks to PBS showing lots of documentaries on the 60's, my so far 2 year subscription that a year earlier had celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Summer of Love. Pink Floyd was my passion at this point, but I had not heard the Dead yet other than "Touch of Grey". I was open to hearing them. As we were preparing for the show, I noticed a couple of hippies walking along the grass between the arena and the rush hour traffic of the freeway. "Wow, check it out! Cool! I didn't know anyone dressed like that anymore!" Most kids in my high school were punks, new wavers, heavy metalers, stoners, rap fans, etc. The hippie look was just starting to come back in the late 80's. I found it really cool, a nice change from the preps and suburban outcast looks. About five minutes later, there was an ocean of people who looked exactly the same completely covering the courtyard outside. I knew this night would be different from the other concerts I had worked.

An older heavy metal guy working with me told me that I would love The Dead if I liked Pink Floyd. Since I thought of the Dead as a San Fran band from the 60's, I was expecting something like Piper at the Gates of Dawn type stuff...really loud strange freak out acid rock of the old school. We didn't get to hear a soundcheck like most shows, so I was cool with hearing the music at the concert in full swing. When the doors opened, the crowd poured in, and I had my first glimpse into a new world. ALL ages. When we opened the concession booth, I got to meet everyone first hand. I had NEVER met a more friendly crowd of people. After 10 minutes of conversations, I wanted to join them. I had met people who told me to get in touch with them.

The music started kicking in, and it sounded kind of like country...I was a little confused. But I kept listening, and meeting people. I eventually asked if I could be let off early so that I could go watch the show, and my manager smiled and said sure. I took off my work shirt, went out in my Public Image Ltd. tshirt, and stood in the aisles at the top of the lower prom and watched the insanity. Here is the setlist:

Set List:
Cold Rain and Snow
New Minglewood Blues
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
West L.A. Fadeaway
Queen Jane Approximately
Stagger Lee
Music Never Stopped

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Built to Last (first time ever played)
I Need a Miracle
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Turn on Your Love Light

Black Muddy River

I asked an old timer (classic bearded hippie with california country-hippie accent) what was going on, and he responded "Drums and Space, maaaan!" I nodded and loved the red lights flooding Mickey and Bill as they pounded away.

One thing I didn't like was the way the cops were treating the heads. Not as bad as the rap concert crowd where they roughed up the crowd for no reason, but they were disrespectful and let it be known they didn't like them being there. One security guard who recognized me told me he couldn't wait for the crowd to leave. I couldn't understand why. I really enjoyed the show and the crowd. I was told later it wasnt one of their best shows for lots of different reasons. So many rumors: someone stole Jerry's guitar, the band got ripped off, the cops were too harsh, Jerry was sick, etc etc etc.

I never met anyone again who went to that show, not even locally. I started buying their music, starting with Live Dead after hearing "Dark Star" it on another documentary about the sixties. I went to Hightailers shows, a local band who covered the Dead and did their own jam band thing with a cajun flavor. I waited for the Dead to come back, seeing as how big they had become. I bought cds, got taped shows from Heads in Austin and Houston, read all news and interviews I could to familiarize myself so that I could know their music when seeing them. Years went by, and while in college, I planned to follow them with some friends, but school and work made it difficult. We talked about what an adventure it would be to follow them, since the closest they ever came to Texas was Atlanta or New Mexico. We finally settled on Fall 1995.

As I was packing for a trip to Dallas to go to Lollapalooza August 1995, I turned on MTV and saw them playing "Touch of Grey". Wow, I haven't seen them play this video in years! Then I got worrried...I hoped everything was ok. As soon as the first couple of letters started to crawl from the right side of the tv screen, I knew what had happened. I couldn't believe it. At Lollapalooza, Cypress Hill dedicated their set: "This one goes out to Jerry Garciaaaaaa!" B-Real yelled out in his nasally voice. Even Sonic Youth gave their condolences as they closed the festival. I read later they hung out with TC when the tour hit Cali.

I was hurt that they never came back to Texas. The closest since then was the Willie Nelson Picnic in Austin back in 2004. It was too painful to listen to them off and on. But I would talk with those who did get to see them. I hope to see one of their incarnations, solo or a new Dead tour someday. I'll never forget that last Houston show. It opened my mind to what concerts should be like in terms of the audience.


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