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Joined: Jul 15 2007
The Boys @ The Panhandle 1991 I THINK!

The Boys at Golden Gate during the Bill Graham memorial. Walked from our house on Haight & Divisidero, smiled all the way and baby sat my mentor as he melted and sparked his mind. I rubbed my free B&J cherry garcia in his hair as he hid in the bushes from the blue meanies.



Joined: Jul 20 2007
life changing


Joined: Jul 19 2007

Although history will not look kindly on the performance, there were moments that remind me, almost daily, that the strong connections that are made throughout a lifetime can maintain their ties for decades. Jerry was on, at best, cruise control, the crowds were as disconnected from the Grateful Dead's communal mind-frame that is the core of their the band's greatness, and the entire scene had turned from Human Be-In to mini-Altamonts. And yet, through all the ugliness of the last tour, all of the missed lyrics, half-hearted performances and tragedies, there was still a light of optimism. Beautiful people, beautiful thoughts and the most beautiful thing of all, HOPE - these are the sights, sounds and feelings that I recall from that show. Phil Lesh roaring into Box of Rain after the melencholy beauty of Black Muddy River was a triumph of spirit that, to me, epitomizes the Grateful Dead energy that I went to shows looking for. That is what bouys my mood whenever I may feel loss. It reminds me that if my brother/sister/friend is struggling, I have the power to pick them up. WHEN THERE IS NO SONG OF YOURS, I'LL SING TO YOU!

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Joined: Jul 8 2007

Ive sadly never been to a dead show but probably one of the greater experiences of my life was the first time that I saw the Yonder Mountain String Band in
Columbia Missouri in the winter of 06. I cant even begin to describe the Uporia that I felt during and after the show. For a few hours I just loved everything and everyone. Ive been to every Missouri show since.

"You know the one thing we need is a left handed monkey wrench....."

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
life changing shows

From my first show, Landover 3-14-1990, I always got a wild vibe once I entered the venue for the GD. . . it was a sense of having returned to a place that I just could not remember what it was like until I arrived. I can write of it now, but I have not had the same feeling since from any other experience(s) that I got at pretty much every Dead show.

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

Joined: Jul 7 2007
Changed my life? Oh yeah!

My life with the Dead was bookended by unfortunate situations. My first show was Brent's last show. My last show was THE last show. But on one gorgeous late spring/summer night back on June 19, 1993, I found myself in Soldier Field in the 3rd row, "Dead" center. It was there, when I was given my most intense, most emotional, and most joyous moment I've ever experienced in ANY live performance (and I've seen A LOT). The first set was sweet, opening with a Touch, and closing with a Deal. But the second set - Oh the second set! Throw in a China-Rider, Truckin', Smokestack Lightning, and an epic The Other One. All good stuff! But my moment came during Standing on the Moon. Tender, soft, sweet, and loving. Notes from Jerry's guitar falling out of these huge amplifiers like a gentle summer rain. And when he sang "A lovely view of heaven, but I'd rather be with you . . . be with you", chills ran up and down my spine, and permeated my soul. Jer finished singing, bowed his head and stepped back into another beautiful solo - though it was relatively short lived. You see, he stepped back up to the mic, raised his head, locked his eyes on mine, and bellowed "Be with you, I'd rather be with you" etc. He repeated the refrain over and over, while singing some of Hunter's most heartfelt lyrics directly to ME! I became a wreck - a river of tears rolling down my face into my mouth - as the smile extended from coast to coast. I have no idea how I ever came down from that high. I think of that moment often, and every time I do, it lifts me up. Now, he has that lovely view of heaven, and I wish he was with us all! I miss him soooo much!!!

Joined: Jun 23 2007
Shoreline 89

I was out so I sat down next to what looked like a tribe gathering and partook of their splif. The GD came out and jerry was jammin but I all of a sudden I needed to get out of there. I thanked my benefactors and went to the beer garden area. I sat down to collect myself and slow my racing mind, One minute everyone was bustling around and the next they were frozen in step. Time had stopped. I stood and began walking around them. I barely bumped into someone but it was like we hit hard and the spell was broken and everyone started moving again, or more correctly - I shifted back into "normal" time. After that I walked up to where the show was going on and looked in at the crowd. Amazingly, they all, 20000 or so people, turned and looked at me as if to say "Did you GET IT?" I shouted back, I GOT IT! What IT was is that this space and time we live in is just a perspective and there are many other ways of looking at the world.

Joined: Jul 5 2007
9/16/91 MSG

I was first turned on to the Dead when I was 13 in 1988 - Uncle John's Band off Workingman's really grabbed me. I didn't get to attend my first show until 1991 Garden run and that was it. It was the first night I had ever seen the Dead and the first night I had ever done quite a few other things and I was hooked. From that point forward I saw them every chance I could get and it really shaped a lot about my values and personality. In 1994 I took my Dad to a show becasue he wanted to see what my brother and I were so excited about and where we were always going. It was a great thing to share with him and on some level the Dead brought us closer together. I went through a really bad time with drugs but the Dead stayed constant in my life and now I am 8 years sober...but I am still a fanatical Deadhead. I always told everyone that it wasn't about the drugs - it was about the music and the Spirit. I removed the drugs...but the Dead are still a constant in my life and are still at least 75% of what I listen to.

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Joined: Jul 3 2007
you all are lucky

Terrapin4203 is not me I walked into my cuzs room this was on,reading all of yaulls tour memories is great for a 30 year old like me.I never got to see the 6 on stage together,my first show was going to be on 10/15/95 in cali,was going to be the greatest thing I had ever done I just knew that in my heart.8/9/95 we all know what happened!The most disheartning thing people loved Elvis I know that but I dont think they had the passion like heads had for Jerry I wasnt alive when elvis died but still dont think it could hold a candle to barage barage of tears our community let out.{sorry side tracked}my first show was Ratdog 12/04/95,welnik on keys,Wasserman on bass,Kelly on the harmonica,Lane on drums,third row is were I sat and it was heaven but tears still fill my eyes,jerry is like a grandpa only seen on pictures fam tells ya he was a good man but never met him,but unlike gramps jerry left recordings {thanks
bear and dick}And I love all you heads who had the chance but must admit I enjoyed the futher tours and Phil and Friends and rat dog tours may themusic never stop Jase

Joined: Jun 25 2007
My first, Aug 6, 1967


I was a mere stripling of 16 then. I remember that show like it was yesterday. Me and my incipient-hippie friends decided to catch the Jefferson Airplane (who I was really into then, [as I am today]) and the Dead at a free outdoor concert, as the Dead were wont to give back in '67. We arrived about noon, when the free concert was suppose to begin. The Dead opened. I was intrigued by the look of this gang of ugly misfits. ;-D I was also intrigued by the music, though it would take a week for the music to sink in.

Man, what a scene!!!! Hippies as far as the eye could see, and as far as I was concerned it was heaven, for an incipient hippie!!! The gang I was with were all high-school buddies, and no one wanted to let on that the other was smoking weed! ;-) So I moved away from my friends, so I could catch a passing joint. I purposely avoided the passed jugs of Kool-Aid, though! ;-D The Airplane were throwing out small buttons that were marked "Jefferson Airplane Loves You". I got one, but lost it years ago. :-(

Man, what glorious memories!

For a young, eager incipient hippie, that was certainly life-changing!


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