Grateful Dead

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gone now...

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Wow...this spammer's firsat show was so good...

it made him type in hieroglyphics....heeheeeeee!!

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The first show in Paris

The first show in Paris 1990. In college at the time, I ran into friends from high school I had not seen in years (I am from Huntington beach, california). Met Parisians who were into the Dead and wanted to know more about America and how popular the Dead were. Enjoyed some really strong goodies and wondered the streets of Paris afterwards in a glow. Had an epiphany during Saint of Circumstance- details not important, I just remember I had an epiphany.

Something about that show and experience made me embrace my love of the Dead more than any other.

J.T. Gossard

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My First show

Most life changing thing was my first show in Chicago.
My mom and dad took me to it..
They werent dead heads but i wanted to go.
We sat in the upper deck and it was amazing..
After the show my mom goes to me and said " you will never go to one of these again"
Too bad for her... i went for the next 5-6 years..
And listen to them today..
Wow what a good time in my life
Thanks everyone

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goes to show

you don't ever know. Wonder whose album it was!

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It wasn't even a show ...

I'll start out by confessing that I blew off what SHOULD have been my first Grateful Dead show - Syracuse, 10/27/71. I was a freshman at Colgate, and a whole bunch of guys from my dorm, including my roommate, were going. Damned if I know why I didn't ...l I thought it was for a World Series game, but the Baseball Almanac tells me that the '71 series ended on 10/17, soooo ...

So if I wimped out on that, how did I catch the bug? Sophomore year at Colgate, I was living at a frat house. I was assigned to clean the house living room on the Saturday morning after the first big Friday night party. I found a copy of Europe '72 - musta been damn near brand new at the time (9/72). I took it back to my room, wrote up a bunch of 3x5 cards describing the album, where I found it & where to contact me, & posted them on the bulletin boards at frat houses, dorms & the student union (1972 ... NO INTERNET!!). Nobody ever got in touch, or asked anyone else at the house about it.

Still, I was oddly reluctant to listen to it - at the time I was into Beatles, Stones, Who, CSNY, & other stuff that they call "Classic Rock" today, but was sorta new back then. Liked the Airplane, but they didn't play any Grateful Dead on WABC or WMCA-AM, y'know? But after Thanksgiving break, I began to feeling that I now owned this album, & figured it was high time I listened to it.

The initial feeling, listening to that mad Cumberland, was "where has this stuff BEEN all my life??!!", and so began a beautiful lifelong obsession.

The simple fact that the "new right" has consistently been wrong does not mean that wrong is the new right.

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3rd times the charm

I saw two shows at the Uptown in Chicago (11-16-78 and 8-19-80) before I caught up with the boys on a crazy Saturday night in Paris, 10-17-81. If there's such a thing as a deadhead, that's the night I became one, meaning it all came together for me there: psychedelics, music, dance, and community. I had just turned 21 then and I'm 50 now; the journey just keeps getting longer, stranger and trippier.

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I've never seen the Grateful

I've never seen the Grateful Dead with Jerry, on account of only being 19. But I literally just got back from Furthur at the UCF Arena and it was amazing. "Strawberry Fields" > "When You Wish Upon A Star", "Truckin'", "The Wheel", and so many others. Now the old expression is cemented in my brain, "There is nothing like a Dead concert." I loved the people (they were polite and awesome for the most part) and the music was incredible. I'm going to go to every Furthur and Dark Star Orchestra concert I can from now on.

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I never got to see the band with Jerry as I was still a kid... But I saw them at the Forum in 09 and that was ORGASMIC!

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I was 20 yrs old and it was

I was 20 yrs old and it was 1985. Dead were playing Hampton-3rd night. I was listening to the studio albums and--- "Dead Set" during my teenage years--enjoying it immensely but still not "getting it." I was into the concert very much but then at some point I was close to the stage on the left side of Jerry looking directly at him right as they kicked into "Terrrapin". I'll never forget that feeling of hearing that beautiful song rendered so soulfully by Jerry himself. Right then and there I was a Deadhead for life. A few months later and I was on summer tour for the Dylan/ Tom Petty/ Dead stadium shows and Jerry's subsequent diabetic coma.


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