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Joined: Jul 23 2007

My first show....Feb 69 Fillmore East...Just a tot..4 years. Memories are foggy as are the shows & days between..The deal..Braddah & Sistah babysittin' me...not to miss the show...almost lost me out the back of the jeep on the Brooklyn Bridge(carseat-no such thing back in the day)..back popped open (old army jeep style with chains to latch hatch) My sistah grabbed my arm as my braddah continued drivin' as they were hysterical laughin' (hhhmmmm wonder why)..Petrified bouncin' round n round...My bro pulled over off the bridge and latched the back. The show memoirs...No Jerry No Dead....Cloud filled smoke in the room (SRO) everyone dancin' n Gregg Allman jammin'...his long blonde hair and the pakalolo smoke filled room...Yup Allmans' opened up for the Dead...I just remember the ride on the bus(jeep) the smoke(made me ill feelin' so thick) and Gregg...wierd but fond that somehow stuck with me after all these years...Now another first for me...Coney Island...Furthur....woo hoo....Brooklyn Brooklyn Brookly...great excuse to visit da family......................Aloha from Paradise...........Stay healthy & Stay hippie

Joined: Aug 17 2009
life changing show?

all shows were life changing really.Of course,i`d have to say that my 1st show changed things that only Jerry knows how to do.It was 6/25/93 R.F.K,i will never forget the way Jerry`s guitar sounded that night,it`s magical,to say the least.But out of the 23 shows i attended,the one that holds a special place with me would have to be,8/1/94@The Palace in Auburn Hills,Mi..Just to be able to be there and wish Jerry a happy birthday in person is reason enough.Not to mention,they played the one and only Scarlet>Fire of summer tour`94 that evening.That ticket was one of the easiest tickets i ever scored.I traded 4gms of hash for the Jerry b-day ticket and still had 4gms for my head! I ate a 10strip before the show and another 10 at intermission,so the night was very colorful and wavey.Thank God for the Grateful Dead,i miss Him soooo much.He changed my life that 1st night in D.C. and there`s noway of thanking Him enough!

Joined: Aug 26 2009
Day-glo,dancin' in the rain....

Nice picture Bayedog....

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Joined: Apr 14 2009
Glenno's Back yard

I was 17 and an angry punk rock kid. My buddy from school gave me some doses and some tickets to a party called "Earth Ball" the coming weekend. It was 1986 in Hearts Desire just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in Glenno's back yard. His folks were well to do and had a goodly amount of space. The folks in the local dead scene were throwing a bash. I showed up just as it started raining. I ate my goonie bird dose so it would not get wet and some kind folks called me out of the weather to smoke joints in their VW. Some time passed as it will and as I started to trip the sun broke out. I thanked my new friends, got out of the van and walked to the back yard. There, dancing in the mud to Sugar Magnolia, was a beautiful blonde deadhead girl in a skin soaked batik Indian cotton dress with dayglo paint on her face....that is when it happened for me. The band was called Longbottom (like Longbottom leaf the hobbits smoke in Lord of The Rings) and they were great. The image of that girl dancing is still so clear and the golden road opened before me. It was a year before I saw my first Dead show but I already knew.....

Spent A Little Time On The Mountain, Spent A Little Time On The Hill

Joined: Jun 4 2007
that would be Richmond.....


My 2nd show. Had had a chance to do a little more homework by then, including watching Dead Ahead (meaning I was totally psyched for Lost Sailor).....

General admission, we ended up standing right in front of Jerry, just a few standing rows back from the front. All our heroes took their places, and I had nearly a Dead Ahead view of their interaction (and even of a soap bubble momentarily floating into Bob's view mid-jam). I was blown away. Even songs I'd never heard were burned into memory that night. That's really when it all began.....
up next that Spring: HAMPTON!

Joined: Apr 26 2009
"......but the one that blew me away was two years later."

...ha ha ha. Excellent. I took a buddy to Cal Expo in June of 90, and messed him up a bit so to speak.

I told him "Just watch the Jerry and everything will be all right." Hilarious, Those were really fun shows. (he later told me that was the trick- "..........just watch Jerry").

Hallelujah! nothing like sending a new recruit down the road.....

It didnt change my life a whole lot, but he still talks about it 20 years later

Joined: Feb 20 2010
Laguna Sea 1988

My second show, I'm barely 15, and just in a trance at the colors, the heat, the dancing. I ditched a bud to get close and was right up there when they started Crazy out of China...the C.C.S just was incredible, like being in the Benefit for Mr. Kite, riding a marble stallion and looking out for the ring. I kept looking at Jerry playing while he was singing and wondering how the hell he can solo licks and sing at the same time...I remember Bobby had a ponytail and a bright pink strat.
I was in a new place and I never wanted to not visit it again..and I did 88 more times. That show made me a head. But the one that blew me away happened two years later at Cal Expo, but that's another topic altogether.

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Joined: May 26 2007

happy Valentine's Day, you lovebirds!

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Joined: Jan 12 2009
At Cornell 77 (continued)

...and the postscript was even played at the show...They Love Each Other...forever and ever and always...

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Joined: Jan 12 2009
At Cornell 77

It wasn't her first show and it wasn't mine. Her first show was Watkins Glen '73 and mine Detroit '76. It was for both of us our second show and unbeknownst to either of us it was our first and only Grateful Dead show "together". I stopped going in the early 80's and she did not see another show until the early 90's's. We were not destined to meet until 31 years later, in May '08.

So we first crossed paths at Cornell on May 8, 1977 and took different life paths from there. In spite of our vast common interests which could have easily put us in the same place at the same time, it never happened again until the magic of internet dating brought us together 31 years later. We are just two dead heads / yankee fans/ avid golfers / best friends / lovers and soulmates.

Without harping on what happened musically and cosmically at the show, I do remember seeing one girl on a guy's shoulder as I mazed myself through the crowd during Scarlett Begonias. It turns out that girl was my solemate and we were destined to be together - forever and ever and always, albeit not until 32 years later.

And now we are heading back to Cornell to see Bobby and Phil again, on Valentines Day this Sunday, on that magic stage which changed our lives 32 years later.

I wonder how many of us in the crowd Sunday will have been there on May 8, 1977 at that special that special time...


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