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Folks, we are very aware that many of you bought the lovely Winterland set only to have a defective disc. Some reported that Bertha was unplayable, some that the tracks couldn't be loaded into iTunes, some had both problems.

While we're working on a more comprehensive solution to this, we wanted to pass along this info which we think may be a short-term band-aid to the iTunes problem. We encourage you to try it if you've had the problem, and if you'd post here whether it worked for you or not, well, we'd appreciate that too!
If you are having problems ripping tracks from your Winterland boxed set into iTunes, please try the following:

-          click the "Edit" button on your player and select "Preferences"
-          once in the "Preferences" menu, select the "Advanced" tab
-          once you've selected the "Advanced" tab, click on the "Importing" tab
-          from the "Importing" menu, check the box which reads "Use Error Correction When Reading Audio CDs"

This should help you import tracks from your Winterland boxed set successfully.

Interim Update - Defective Winterland Discs