Grateful Dead

Introducing Ourselves - Part 2

Since the original topic now has hundreds of introductions and is getting a bit hard to navigate, this seems as good a time as any to launch a new one.

The original is here, should you wish to catch up on the who's who since this opened up in May.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please do! And if you already have, but have something new to tell us about you and your life, speak up!

(A bit of housekeeping business so we don't have to repost everything we posted before--izzie and I are the moderators here, and for our more extensive intros see the original topic.)

Thanks and welcome!


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Joined: Jul 20 2007
Hi George!

Welcome back deadhead!
Sorry for your loss,I lost my sister last year to metastasized breast cancer too after her 3 year fight :(
It's grate to meet you! :) Peace

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Joined: May 26 2007
Welcome back, George

Truly sorry for the loss of your wife. Welcome back to being a deadhead!

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Joined: Dec 3 2007
My God, it's been a long time

Hello people!

Hard to know where to begin my story. My name is George, I am a 59 year old American living in Amsterdam. I fell in love with the Dead in the very late 60's when I was living in London. I can't remember why (happens more and more at this age) but I missed my first chance to see them at Newcastle-under-Lyme and, like Sunshine-daydream, who has made me feel particularly welcome here, have no recollection of a Lyceum gig in 1970.

The first shows I saw were in 1972, the most memorable of which was the Bickershaw Festival, where Capt. Beefheart also blew my mind. The "festival" site was like something out of Dante's Inferno - cold, wet and grey with small fires here and there, and four hours of incredible music that took our minds off the misery around us!

I only managed one show in '74, then nothing till the Rainbow shows in '81. Ok, confession time - I then fell out of love with the music and stopped buying the records. I had left the country by the time the Dead were next in England and more or less forgot about them till I heard about Jerry's death. I downloaded quite a few wonderful old live tracks during the Napster era, but still remained out of touch with what the remainder of the boys were doing.

Everything in my life changed dramatically earlier this year. My Dutch wife, with whom I had been together for 18 years, and who had no interest in the Dead, died of metastasized breast cancer after an incredibly brave four year fight. I mention this fact only because if she hadn't died, the subsequent course of events which ultimately led to my 'return to the fold', would not have happened.

I think we all know that music offers solace in times of deep grief and despair. My road out of the depths of my misery started with seeing Joe Bonamassa at an open air blues festival called Bospop here in Holland in July. It was the first concert of any kind I had attended in years, since my wife had last been able to see our deeply loved Bonnie Raitt with me in the first year of her sickness. Joe's music rekindled a dormant flame within me and I started listening to all sorts of things again. Eventually, I found the cd with all the Dead tracks I had grabbed from Napster! I haven't stopped playing them since.

Thanks to joebeacon on the Bonamassa forum, I have already downloaded several shows, and thanks to Sunshine-daydream here I will be joining the vine circuit!

In short, I was as serious a Deadhead as my location permitted for roughly a decade till around 1981, after which I spent a quarter century in the wilderness. The realization that I have finally come full circle and found my way back to my roots fills me with emotion.

Hallelujah, I've come home.

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Joined: Jul 26 2007
Greetings, Well met!!

Hey Now!
I've been a member for a while, but I haven't made it over here to introduce myself yet! Hi, I'm Andie B! Assorted hobbies: Harp, Guitar, Mandolin and assorted stringed things, camping, hiking, biking, my motorcycle, laughter, good friends, good music, good wine, travel and lively conversation. I was born in Wales, UK, but grew up from age 9 in Massachusetts. I come from a musical family (my mother was a concert pianist, and my father played sax) so grew up with a wealth of musical diversion. I have been playing the harp since age 5 and the guitar since age 8. I graduated early from HS and went from struggling musician to signed artist to someone who plays mostly for her own pleasure. I'm also a mad scientist of sorts and work as a PharmD in research... I saw my first Dead show in the late 70s. I was just a kid getting dragged to a show by her best friend. I can still remember my brother teasing me as we drove to the festival "there's going to be HIPPIES there!" I had no idea what a hippie was then, but God bless the hippies. God bless the Dead. Since then between school and various other adventures, I have seen over 250 shows, met a lot of nice people and wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I used to travel a lot for work having lived from MA to Alaska, San Fran, New Mexico and even Denmark for a while. Now I'm settled in Florida, but still return to New England when it gets too hot down here. I love to catch live music when I can and was able to see quite a few Ratdog shows this tour. Great music, but there is a lot of it everywhere. Thanks to everyone out there who has sent kind notes to me either here or via the Ratdog site... Strangers stopping strangers. I live for this!!
~Honest to the point of recklessness~
~~~ Andie is Althea~~~

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Joined: Oct 18 2007
welcome sjbutler

make sure and make ur way over to th Forum entitled The is a haven for obtaining and sharing some schweet music...keep the vines alive!

stay safe and feel good!
>><<<< :>

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Joined: Nov 27 2007
Dipping my toes in the water...

I have lurked around these forums for a while, and have (finally!) started posting.

About me...I'm a 30-something living in the Chicago suburbs. I grew up in Illinois, spent a few years practicing law out in Seattle, and then spent a few years down in San Jose, CA. I moved back behind "The Corn Curtain" a few years ago to be closer to family again. I just got married this spring. :)

I was a latecomer and didn't really get into the Dead until 2000. I had picked up American Beauty and Hundred Year Hall in '96 when I was in law school. I liked AB and the 1st disc of HYH, but (for reasons now beyond my understanding) they didn't get more than the occasional spin.

By 2000, I was living in Seattle and happened to see a few of the "floating ticket" series of Dick's Picks at the store. At this point I had never heard "Dark Star," so on a whim I bought DP11 just to see what it was all about. WHAM!!! Fast forward to the present...between Dick's Picks, vault releases, the Golden Road/Beyond Description box sets, DVD's, and about 30 shows burned from Archive before they clamped down on the good stuff, I'm sitting on over 200 discs worth of bliss.

For a long time my favorite years were '72 and '77, but I have recently gotten into '73 and '74 big time. The bulk of my collection comes from these four years, but I've got plenty of 60's shows, and a few from the 80's to keep things interesting. I also have a few shows from the '90s rarely see the light of day...I just can't get into the Vince/Bruce era.

I'm currently listening to 2/24/74 streaming on Archive, riding out the end of the workday, and looking forward to reading and writing many future postings!

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Joined: Jun 14 2007

Hi i am Les Gibson i hung out on dead tour from 1989 to 1995 getting and feeling really old sure would love to talk old times,well not that old but would like to hear from some of the old road dogs...

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Joined: Nov 22 2007

Just want to hi. We recently saw Bob Weir and we love Rat Dog. The Dead were wonderful and definitely the concerts were very magical.

Joined: Nov 19 2007
Hello, I found the new

Hello, I found the new spruced up site..... Nice! My 1st Dead show was Jan 11 1978, my last was Vegas 95. My only regret during that time is that I only saw about 50 shows, mostly the last 3 years. 3rd generation Californian, I live in Ventura, Married an artist, we created a son age 12, I wear a suit for my day job, but I like to play guitar and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Here's a video of me playing "I need a Miracle", I programmed the drums n Bass the rest is live :)


Joined: Jun 14 2007
Hello, great to see everyone

Hello, great to see everyone stopping in to introduce themselves...I currently live north of Boston and I went to my first show in 87 or 88, Started on tour in '91 - was on tour for most of 93-94 would love to hear from others who were there :-) I did mostly Easy Coast, but was out in Oakland for some New Years runs. I was Michelle from Boston to many LOL (I often had a small indian drum with me and sold jewlery and did hair wraps, etc...
Went to school for Anthropology, then switched to Massart and combined them into some interesting performance/experiental art. Now I am at SAHM, have some health issues that prevent me from working a FT job, but allow me to be home, so it all works out. Looking forward to getting back into the pottery studio soon, it is one thing that being home with 3 little ones limits...I have a 3 week old, 2yo and 4yo! I love music, reading, forensics and my family. Would love to reconnect w/ old tour buddies, esp Mike Harris of Pensacola Fl and Bay St Louis MS and Jarrod Tanney from Montreal, if y'all are out there somewhere


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Introducing Ourselves - Part 2