Grateful Dead

Introducing Ourselves - Part 2

Since the original topic now has hundreds of introductions and is getting a bit hard to navigate, this seems as good a time as any to launch a new one.

The original is here, should you wish to catch up on the who's who since this opened up in May.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, please do! And if you already have, but have something new to tell us about you and your life, speak up!

(A bit of housekeeping business so we don't have to repost everything we posted before--izzie and I are the moderators here, and for our more extensive intros see the original topic.)

Thanks and welcome!


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Joined: Sep 11 2007

Name is Charles. My first post here...decided to join after some time lurking. I'm from Ottawa, Canada as well, so welcome to town Don!

Discovered the Dead in the mid to late 80's, and spent subsequent years seeing as many shows as I could, as well as gathering as many recordings as I could get my hands on.

I'm glad to join the community.

d_bridger, I'd be happy to help as well. I've seen a fair number shows in various locales.

Joined: Nov 7 2007

Hi I'm Don, this is my first post here, and I'm still trying to navigate the site.

I'm from Chicago and saw my first show at the Uptown Theater in '78.

I just moved to Ottawa area about a month ago, and I don't know too many folks here yet.

Dave I saw lots of shows, be happy to answer any questions. Contact me here, and we'll figure it out.

~I was concealed
Now I am stirring
And I will lay my love around you...~

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Joined: Oct 17 2007
Be happy to help

I think I can help you. Please check your message box.

Joined: Nov 4 2007
Hi guys My name's Dave and

Hi guys
My name's Dave and I'm from Canada (montreal). I'm actually pretty new to the Dead's music and only started listening to them about a year ago. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts and trying to build up a little library of live shows. I'm actually currently working on a project about Deadheads for a musicology class I'm doing and if anyone is interested in doing a short interview with me who's seen the band I'd really appreciate it. thanks

Joined: Jul 20 2007

That is some wonderful art work, what a grate idea on vinyl LPs.
Nice picture of our beloved Jerry.

Joined: Nov 2 2007
Paying Hommage

I don't make music, I make art. I paint portraits of musicians on worn vinyl LPs. I've got a gallery on my website, but what I'm excited about is my YouTube videos. I did one of Jerry backed by "Uncle John's Band" and I'm trying to get people to see it and talk about it.

It's short, but sweet, I think. Hope you like.

Joined: Oct 29 2007
Hello everybody in

Hello everybody in Deadville

First I'll say "Rock On" to Bob, the above poster, and also to the others who are involved in their communities and spreading the music. Without Jerry playing it takes a little extra to spread the vibe. Nice place here.
I began by listening to Wake of the Flood. in '72, and my first live show was Oakland '75, when the Dead opened for the Who. It was Sunday, and there were bagels and little tongue treats available. Mars Hotel decorated the speaker towers, the weather was mild, and Playing in the Band took me to a new appreciation of music. Of course the people were different too, you know-like an instant feeling of extended family. A kind of fantasy family that confided secrets and trusted you as a best friend. And with this trust was a respect for any member of the Dead Head community. A trust that was rarely doubted, and a common denominator raising the bar for all of us. Well, that's about as sappy as it comes today! Lets simplify by saying that I was surprised by the honesty and generosity of my neighbors at the 100 or so shows I attended.
The Dead played well, and the quality of sound was great except on rare occasion. When Jerry was smiling and Bob was screaming we had fun. When Bill and Mickey played alone some of us heard a symphony of hooves across the tundra and extra terrestrials exploring of atmosphere. When Jerry finished a first set while the audience whispered he returned with a vengeance singing "Take you to the leader of a band", later kicking of a furious pace of GTRFB while looking back at Mickey who was shaking his head saying "Yeah it's Fast".
When Jerry died a lot of things went through my head. Remorse, sadness. Jerry personified many things and was a uniquely popular musician who gathered many to a real but fantastical place where we could laugh, dance, cry and trust a stranger.
He sang... with a voice that could only be fully understood live. From his heart, to my soul.
A month or so after he died one night I kept waking from a dream of him smiling at me practically touching noses. Like right in my face, and I kept waking up. I picked up my guitar that morning and broke into a never before done by me Poor Peter.

Joined: Oct 26 2007
Nothin left to do but smile smile smile

Hi, everyone! So happy to be here! I've been hanging out and checkin the scene, Seems like a really great place to be. My name is April Fawn. I'm 32. I just moved to South Florida, from North Carolina, from Massachusetts. My baby girl, Samantha was born August 1st, 2006 (i didn't even try, it just came out (scuz the pun) that way!). She's my life & love (if i had the world to give). I live with my boyfriend who I'll have to tell my full story of crazy love about later. He's my #2 fave person in the whole world, and the reason i got into the dead at all.
I started listening not so long ago, only in 2001. So I missed out on the greatest trip of all, Jerry. But he's spirit so lives on in his songs and in his fans. It's crazy, cuz I watched this movie about a festival with all these awesome musicians like janis j and the dead and a bunch of other folks.... anyway they were on a train that took them from show to show, east to west. And (i can't believe I forgot the name of the movie), i cried so hard when there was this part where janis and jerry and sitting there on the train next to each other singing and drinkin and lovin it. It was like, god so freakin sad. but i thought, well, nothings over, we've all just begun. And moved on
Anyway. I'm siked to be here. Glad to meet so of you so far. And can't wait to meet some more!
peace & whatnots

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Joined: Oct 23 2007
Good Day One & All...

It all started for me when I was 13 and heard Ramble On Rose. Grew up with my loving grandparents who thought my taste in music was(is) the DEBIL, so no shows for me until '97 JGB- Richmond, VA. I'm an avid reader and the Dead can tell a story like no other. Really dig Pig and the early music. Maybe I'm a soul born too late. Jerry has the sweetest voice I've ever heard and the music just does something to me. So to all of you who were "on the bus" from show to show - right on. You've had an experience that can't be duplicated and I respect you all a little more for it.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
welcome aboard Dillon

Don't let the bastards grind you down!

I once read Bob Weir described as ' a rich kid run wild who had been thrown out of numerous private schools' . I myself was an underachiever in this respect having only been thrown out of one!

good luck!


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Introducing Ourselves - Part 2