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Joined: Jun 20 2007
hi kids, iam new here too!!

hey kids, iam new here, my first show was jerrys last show , i was just a youngin , then in 99 i turned 15 and have been touring ever since. the deads music has saved my life, and iam always trying to turn new kids on to that loving vibe.

lovin u all, and hugs to all

one man gathers what another man spills

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Joined: May 26 2007
non US heads

I have to admit that I'm surprised by all the heads here that aren't in the States! how very small my world seems to have become from when I was a military wife with friends scattered all over the world. so, one more time, Welcome!

Joined: Jun 19 2007
Hello I am new here

Hello Dead Heads

I am in Berkshire, England. It is my husband who is a big Dead fan and I was just looking for something for his birthday. The Grateful Dead sponsored the recording of the music of the classical composer Havigal Brian and he is my Grandad's cousin. But that is my only claim to fame. I am in love with Scotland and we go there on holiday whenever we can. We have a son who will be 13 soon. Just thought I would introduce myself.
Bye for now

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Joined: Jun 19 2007
Whats up

Whats up, Im an artist from NYC saw my first show @17 in 93. Was able to catch a handfull more the next couple of years. Still listen to the Dead on a regular basis. After all this time they still give me goose bumps. Im not much of a writer but you can ck out my artwork at

a lot of my inspiration comes from listening to the Dead

Joined: Jun 18 2007

For the first time I saw the Greatful Dead on tv at the Rockpalast Festival along with The Who in 1981. I liked the show very much. Besides I wondered why these guys covered the stage with carpets. But this eve I learnt that Rock and Roll music can be so much relaxing.

Later I saw them on stage in Essen in 1990 and I was enthusiastic about the show. Unfortunately it was my first and last show. But I still like the band.

Joined: Jun 17 2007

Howzit goin yall,

I'm a Deadhead from Texas, next generation. Never got to see Jerry, but how many people here saw him before they appreciated his contribution? I'd give anything to have seen him, but i have been able to see The Dead, Phil and friends, Ratdog, as well as many other collaborations.

Grateful Dead has been the most influencial band in my personal growth as a musician and music lover. Phish was my favorite show for a while, and no one can deny their influence by the Greatest rock band from America, GD.

I play mandolin and tennis for fun and am developing a collection of live recordings that is getting close to presentable. I'm sure many here can relate, and am looking forward to potential trading.

The site looks great, as well it should. Hopefully, i can contribute to this community during my time here.


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Hello from Ireland

The site looks great... its good to be back here again.

I almost saw the dead when they almost played Slane Castle here in Ireland back in 1990 but it wasn't to be but it would have been a great gig with the river behind the stage and the castle to the side of the stage and with The Hill Of Tara off in the distance.

I managed to get a few bootlegs of their European tour though back in '95 from a friend in London. Will the dead ever play again? I would travel to the States to see them if I could get a ticket this time round.


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Joined: Jun 17 2007
Me and You, my guitar too

My phriend Billy said " ITS BACK" and here I am. It was the summer of my Senior year of High School when Jerry died. My homiez and I thought we would be on dead tour after High School for the rest of our lives. THEN BAMMOM, August sucked!!!!!!!!!
Im over it...... I am now in a band and am trying to keep a dream alive. I run
Our band Z Kamp is goin on tour to BILLY'S house, and Billy is the guy that told me to get my butt back to Were playing Sancho's Broken Arrow and Terripan Station in Idaho.... Those are the 2 venues named afeter a dead favorite. I want to hook up with cool people that might want to party with me this summer when I come through with my psychedelic rock band. Or people that wasnt to discuss why Vince was so COOL!!!!
Pizza T luvs U.. ttyl

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Joined: Jun 17 2007

Glad to see that there's something here again and gladder still to see the improvements, which I've been busy browsing through for the last couple of hours. There may still be a few bugs to be worked out, but this is already looking like the kind of place that truly honors the spirit of what we all loved for so long. Further and more, once again we wander, stopping strangers, shaking hands, longer and stranger and trippier, oh my.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

WOW! #@**<?%!!!! What a great re-vamp on the ol'site. The best site on the web ofcourse..sporting the best folks..a species unto doubt.
What can I tell ya? I'm an old hippie. Got into the Dead while still in highschool..was in basic training(Army) the day Hendrix died got me wondering right where I was standing, near my bunk, in Ft. Campbell, Ky. Jimi Hendrix was in the 101st and at Ft. Campbell, could I be in "his" bunk...Time Trips.
After my tour overseas and exiting in 72 I began my Dead quest, caught up with them in 73, passed Jerry's Acid Test with flying colors by then, it was Jimi who got me "experienced" it was Jerry who took my "trips" much furthur down the dancing bear lane of life.
The 70's was where it was all happening ...the music exploded into a kalaediscope of expression brought to fruition by the mid and late 60's........I followed it right thru..riding on the wings of a Jefferson the cage with "White Bird"...yes, it was a Beautiful Day!... Time Trips.
Alas... it became time to grow and mature, oh why me. I hooked up with the Dead thru the mid 80's mostly in Fla. ...Time Trips on.
Well, I guess I had to become demanded...oh no, this sucks. The 60's 70's thing isnt suppose to end...what will become of me..of us... Time-Rips tears the past does not care and it certainly does'nt dawdle.
Well I got into being a Electronic Technician working Aerospace for many years after, getting laid off in 93 led to some self-emploment and also back to my native roots where I grounded myself in an older tradition....Time Trips.
Took up a prehistoric musical instrument known as a Native American Flute...created and released 5 CD's...the blessing that came along was enough folks enjoyed the music I travelled with it for 11 years making a living. If you would like to check it out, hear some...go to
That kind a brings it up to recent...I retired from the music industry to stay put...bought a 40 acre farm here in the hilly land of southwest penn., got my wolf, got my family..and by golly still got my mind........yes, it has been a long strange trip...for me, for you, its not yet over, we have each other, we still have what the Grateful Dead left for us..the wonderful music..the awesome memories...the feelings of passion for just enjoying life one moment at a time...yes, those of us who grew up "with" the Grateful Dead will take to the grave a majik that those who grow up "on" the Grateful Dead cannot know....Time Trips, people, Time Trips.
Theres but one goal left for move on to Arizona or New Mexico and find that grave.
What a great family we have in the Grateful Dead. Have a Grateful day!


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