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Joined: Jul 8 2007
Stab at a good introduction

Hello Im Trevor, I live in southeastern missouri, go to college, and work washing dishes 4 hours a week. I have sadly never been to a grateful dead show, I was born a little to late I guess but I discovered them a few years ago thanks to some friends and being in the right place at the right time and I have become obsessed with them over the past couple of years. I spend most of my time walking around searching for new friends in my small town or here on my computer. Im really excited about this new site, hit me up sometime id love to talk.

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Joined: Jul 10 2007
Hi i'm toqer

I'm 34 and have lived in San Jose California my whole life. My old man listened to the dead, but I really didn't start listening till high school.

I've been to about 5 dead shows in my life. Knew the world was going to hell in a bucket when Jerry died. So much has changed since then, the world is a completely different place than what it was.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi. Very nice drupal theme! I run a drupal based site at It's for a little karaoke bar in SJ, stop by and say hi sometime.


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Greetings my nickname was/is

Greetings my nickname was/is Sunny, my name is Karen. I live on the Central Coast of California. I have an amazing daughter who will be 12 next month, August 9th 1995 is her birthday which is a whole other story for another day.

My first shows were Seca 88, my last was Shorline 95. I still listen to the Grateful Dead everyday and miss it so much. I see a lot of live music, however as it has been said a million times before.. there is nothing like a Grateful Dead Show..

Blessings, Sunny

"The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began.."

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
hi there

hello amellowd: I live in Eastern Washington - back and forth between Spokane and Republic. I see we share some interests - bears, birds and the Dead.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Greetings From Roslyn

Hello Kind People! I live in Roslyn WA, some of you might know it as Cicely Alaska from "Northern Exposure." Actually the town itself is crazier than the show, some really interesting characters around here. I recommend a visit if you are ever in the vicinity of Central Washington. For years I used to spend my time in the woods and mountains chasing birds and mammals around for work, and then head out climbing or backcountry skiing during the weekends. However work has now more or less locked me to the computer, so I stream the Dead all day as I model our "virtual reality." I really can't remember a time when I didn't like the Dead, my older brothers influenced me at a very young age. I saw a small handful of shows from the late 80's to the end, but not nearly as many as I would have liked to. I always wanted to go on tour for a while but school and work always got in the way, I'm just to damn responsible (yea right). Well I guess that's enough for now.

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Another European Deadhead

Hi Gerdie

if you are interested in getting in touch with other european heads, this is a good place

Bob Witcher- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Another European Deadhead

Hi there,

I was born and raised in Germany. My first contact with the Dead was in 1973 when I listened to Sugaree. Ever since I love their music and enjoy the vibes.

Still need a daily dose.

They only made it a few times to Europe. Good for Europe!

Altogether I attended 10 GD shows here in Europe and in the US, plus JGB, Rat Dog and The Dead.

Thanks to Grateful Dead and the Dead Heads

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Sideshow BoB

does anyone know Sideshow Bob and his dog Danny from Dayton Ohio. Traveled a lot together and have many mutual friends that i have not talked to in years!!! If you know Sideshow Bob then we probably know each other!!!


Joined: Jun 13 2007
hello, i'm trippa! i'm 30

hello, i'm trippa! i'm 30 years old and i've been on the bus since the early 90's...i'm from quincy, mass. anyone else here from the boston area?

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Hey Now!

I am neddles and am glad to be here too!
I from a small town in So Cal and was introduced to the Dead through a friend just after Brent's death. I went to any show I could after that and consider Hunter/Garcia to be one of the best songwriting teams of the last 40 years. I play guitar and write songs, but not for a living. I go out on horse camping trips when I can with my friends and family. I've been riding horses since I was a baby and I always bring a backpacker guitar on the trips to jam out in the forrest.


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